I Am A Scorpio

Funny both my late husband and i were/are scorpions ...i think thats why we had so fun together ..we were two of a kind ..
crazy funny loving and smart ...and we did wildest of things ..like we belong to the mile high club ...we were like rabbits never could get our fill of each other
we traveled the world ..but we were never happier than when we were in each other company ...once you find what really makes you happy there is never enough time to enjoy it ..being scopion makes you a wild card ...nobody knows for sure how and why you are ..look at me ..i'm hard headed ..smart ...and i'm loyal ..but i also have a bad temper ..and hate to be controled by anyone ...Will used to say I was wild just like the horses i love so much ...but i'm not really wild ...i just don't like to live by the rules ...because most rules are meant to be broken ..i enjoy living my life by the seat of my pants ...i always cover all the bases ..so the rest of it is all fun ...and no i don't drink or do any drugs ..i have always been High on life itself ..he was too ...
which is why love between two scorpions is so great
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2 Responses Jan 4, 2012

its so nice to see someone so positive. i hope i can come to be like you.

A great story; I can feel the love you had for Will and i know how you feel....I wish you the very best and hope you can find some peace and happiness thru your writing..I enjoyed reading this one.<br />
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I love your profile pic also...very uplifting.