Career And Money In 2012

Scorpios rarely enjoy being an underling. They view themselves as smarter than anyone else at the workplace. They don't, however, rub their skills in other's faces. Their supervisors and co-workers are very much aware that they are clever people who don't mind hard work.

Scorpios don't mind working overtime, and they are rarely late for work. They mean to get their job done, and they almost never really mess up. This year is no exception. You can accomplish career feats you never expected if you put your serious work ethic into full throttle.

The Scorpios of this world pass on too many breaks and get on with the job. Sometimes colleagues who like to go to lunch together wonder what their Scorpio co-workers think of them. You may find yourself alienated or isolated at work, so make an effort to be a bit more social if you want to fit in better. You can climb to the top and make friends, Scorpio!

18-21, F
2 Responses Jan 25, 2012

you know what I feel when I'm at work, I'm here to get my money I'll talk to you but i'm not going to waist my time on someone who doesn't understand that AND we can only be aquaintences if we work together. You have to earn alot of trust to be my friend and we work together because I like to keep my work life and home life separete i don't want to hear shelly who came over last week discuse my home life with jamie who i've never met that would definitely not be good for shelly...

Your story is so true, I am a scorpio.