Scorpio:the Sign Of The "oldest Souls" :)

Reputed to be the "most powerful" sign of the zodiac, Scorpios lead fate filled lives and have intense and dramatic personal relationships. Even as children Scorpios are often found to be wise beyond their years. Many astrologers call this the sign of the "oldest souls". Old and wise beyond the average, Scorpios often know all the answers, except sometimes; they too often have difficulty finding what they need to develop their own happiness.

Passion, desire and power go hand in hand for Scorpios. Their biggest challenge and test in life is choosing between the power of love and the love of power. Coming to grips with their extraordinary emotional depths and sensitivity isn't easy for those around them. They are different from all other zodiac signs and this difference has them walking, working and loving to a different beat. Others can often live with a Scorpio partner for years, but not really know them. Much to do with a Scorpio remains ever secret. Their eyes often blaze with feelings that words never express, and beware on the days or nights they hide their feelings behind dark glasses, there is likely to be a storm of some kind brewing. When you deal with a Scorpio you have to always deal with them on a psychic intuitive level. They often wear a mask. Too often they say "no" when they really mean "yes". They have contrary natures. Once they find true love they can be the most faithful dedicated of all partners but fall out badly with a Scorpio and you are likely to find they will never forget or forgive.

Most Scorpios are winners. The main thing they have to worry about is their attitudes, which make up their mind powers and can either make or break them. When they are negative about something or someone, or critical of themselves, they can tend to get in their own way.

Scorpios operate on three levels of soul evolvement; adding up to three distinctively different types of Scorpios. The first level is the Scorpion. This is the least evolved and most drawn toward using their powers the wrong way. The criminal element of Scorpio comes under this level. Then there is the eagle - the highflying, entrepreneurial, successful Scorpio, who seems able to rise above adversity and transform bad-times into good. Then the highest expression of this sign is the Phoenix Resurrected. These Scorpios are detached and extremely powerful. They are wise beyond their years and act as leaders and are an inspiration to others. Quite frequently a Scorpio goes through the three levels of evolvement in one lifetime - but the levels can operate out of sequence.

If you were born on the first or last day of a Sun sign, in astrological terms you were born on a cusp. If that's the case, you will probably benefit from reading your own Sun sign and the Sun sign that ends or begins right before or after your date of birth. For example, if your birth date is 22 December, your Sun sign is Capricorn, but you probably have some Sagittarian traits as well

Hmmm .........Interesting! :)
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Hmm...that's ok? Hmm...Oh Gee, thanks.<br />
Typical! LOL LOl LOL


I didn't mean all Scorpios are like that. My Dad was a Scorpio, Nov 3rd and he was a great guy. Also, good friend of mine is Oct 31, a Halloween blessed lady and she's the best!.<br />
Good luck to you &amp; be blessed Scorpio You have every right to be proud.<br />
One bad apple, as with my former friend, never spoils the barrel.

Hmm......that's okay :)

I'm a Scorpio n proud of it (: xxxx

cool :)

I had a "friend", more a friend/enemy, and she was manipulative, jealous, greedy, selfish and self absorbed and suspicious. One day she told me that her husband told her that if people really knew how she was, they wouldn't like her. He was right! LOL<br />
We are no longer friends!


im a scorpio and in my last year of primary school, i had a 6c in maths. yay me!

haha!Girl!Grades have nothing to do with the "zodiac sign" !its only your work that brought you the result;) :P

Hmm............any zodiac sign represents different natures....but ultimately is our attitude towards life ....that I give more importance to attitude :)

I'm a Sister Scorpio my friend..nice post..we sound fabulous!!!!


I completely disagree.

hmm...ok! :)

thats cool but you may want to do research. young Capricorns are usually more serious than any of their peers. Also, they are way less self- indulgent and are considered harder working than the rest of the zodiac. You can spot them by the melancholy look on their faces and forehead lines. The young ones tend to look more aged. When I was 16, people who met me insisted I was 27. ill quote some sites. "Serious Capricorn is ruled by Saturn, the planet of tough lessons and wisdom. As a result, many Capricorns are "old souls" who play by the rules and follow tradition" "They have a maturity to them, regardless of their age. I think of Capricorns as the ‘old soul’ types. As children they can be little adults, who prefer to converse with grownups than play those silly children’s games. " "The Capricorn woman is intelligent and sensible. Her humor is legendary, but is often dry and delivered with a deadpan expression. It's the humor of a wise old soul with no illusions, perhaps an influence of her ruler Saturn." but I love what they said here: "The speculation goes like this:

Aries are so full of power that their horoscopes are engineered by self driven old souls who know what they are all about. Capricorn has such a grasp on their overall purpose that they must be old souls. Scorpios just know it all and feel it all, they must be old souls. Leo is so grand and looks like they have a whole bunch of past, and must be old souls. Pisces sum up the whole human experience, they must be ancient. Actually, with some imagination, you can make these kinds of statements about every sun sign." Which is true. How would anyone know how old of a soul they are for sure? but almost every explaination I have heard about Capricorn mentions th "old soul" thing. . .

Actually, the oldest souls belong to capricorn, ruled by saturn, the planet of limits and responsibilities. No doubt on my part that scorpio is the most powerful though.


i love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


LOL...I love being a Scorpio; it's my core entirely and has always been so accurate. If you find this interesting, you should get your birth chart looked at by an astrologer (if you haven't already). Fascinating stuff.<br />
<br />
Oh, and never pay attention to newspaper horoscopes... it's usually generic fluff. (Still entertaining though!)

yup!entertaining! ;)

many of it true :)


So True this is me... I think Im in my eagle phase

hmm...nice!Good luck!:)

Excellent post!! Always strive for the Eagle. If you work hard, the Phoenix may come your way. <br />
<br />
Good tip for the Scorpios born on the cusp, as I was. Yes, definitely look to the next sign for a blending of attributes.

Thank you! It's fun to know about ourselves in my opinion:)

Yes! We are complex creatures. Intense is our middle name. :-)