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Some people think Scorpios are control freaks and many of the profiles I read say this. It is not true. Scorpios don't want to control anyone and they hate being controlled. We tend to isolate alot. We like some people but are very selective and are content with few friends and sparse social engagements. I have all the passion, jealousy, honesty and loyalty of the sign and am very investigative. I am also private although it may not seem like it on EP. I keep a lot of who I am and what I really thing to myself and there is always a sense of mystery about me. I have the penetrating riveting eyes of a Scorpio and unfortunately, the blunt honesty. I hate the jealousy and possessiveness. I am threatened by any woman my Gemini husband talks about or encounters and need a lot of affirmation to assure me I am the only one for him, in his soul and on his mind. Deep down I know all men think of other women, but it drives me nuts and I can't help trying to find ways to be the only one he thinks of. Like all true Scorpio women I gave him my soul and I am not satisfied with anything less than all of his heart and soul. I am learning to keep my options open and plan ahead for a rainy day though. My ex left me suddenly for another woman and I have to be realistic about the possibility of this happening again. So I save money for starting over...and I do something I never would have done before...flirt with other men, lightly, to keep my options open, see what other guys think, keep in circulation. I guess after getting burned so bad, this time I really am keeping a small part of my heart safe from total destruction by a new husband. My favorite colors are red and burgundy, typical of my sign, and I love sex, not just sex, but real lovemaking, the intense intimacy. It isn't just a physical act but a blending of souls. It is a real need.
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I'm sagittarius rising sign taurus my scorpio woman abandoned me I think, because she blocked me from whatsapp,facebook and the others!
the reason she forgot my birthday. I've waited all day and changed my status at whatsapp about 22.30 at night to remind her it's my birthday to day.A few minutes later she sent me 5 messages to congratulate it,of course I was disappointed and complained a bit and told her she broke my heart couple of times!
this is my last message I sent her because she blocked me I saw it the other day
''you broke my heart but anyway I always want for you the best because I love you...''
it's been 14 days I'm still blocked and I can't reach her to ask what's wrong!
anyone can give me advise what to do?

My mom is a gemini... I wouldn't dare marry one... They are sneaky... They need to be free... And they are crazy!! How did you even get a Gemini to marry you??? My mother refuses to get married she turned down several proposals after dating long term... She is 44 now and still will not settle down!!!

I hate being a scorp... I'm 23... I cannot control my feelings... I hate getting attached because I'm so fuqqn sensitive.. I'm in love with a cancer of all the signs in the world... We both run away from each other abs then back to each other... Constantly... When we're together it's beyond intense... I'm mad jealous and super crazy... I spazz out!!! I think I scare men... But they love me though... Most men try to get me to commit... But not this frigging CAAAAANCERRRR!!!! and he's the one I might xl cooperate with... Someone save me from these Scorpio traits!!!

Get out scorpio cancer won't commit you'll get hurt in the end. Went through same exact thing cancer will bring the worst it of you in the end. I was in and out a relationship with cancer for nine years! In the end he just resented me for being and doing what he could not. Good luck and get out!

I know..the sad part is it's hard to let go because by the time we've been hurt we already poured our hearts into the relationship. I found out my ex was married but eventually I let him move away for a job and I didn't go with him. Best thing I did. Take a chance and find true love. It's out there.

I forgot one last thing we are comedians and we love love love to laugh. We absolutly love music and love family time but sometimes we get in a funk and we need to isolate ourselves at times, when this happens just let us be because we are heavy thinkers and need that time to process everything going on around us. Hope these post help anyone looking for a scorpio female.

I'm also a scorp female I relate to everything that is said about scorps other than wanting to controll people. Scorps have this six sense about people, we don't have many friends because we are able to see right through people especially BULLSHITTERS... we are not very touchy feely unless we want to be touched. We have VERY short tempers and will stop at nothing if you cross us in anyway. If we let you in our lives as a friend or lover you can best believe we got your back, we are loyal to the MAX to those we love. Some people say we are arogant but that's not true we are confident more confident then most. We are passionate about life and love very hard workers and don't mind hard work. We love a challenge but we are not sore loosers. We know if we like someone or if we will get along with someone just by looking at them. We do love sex but only when we want it lol (sorry) but one sexual encounter with us and your hooked. We have these eyes that most can't resist and if we stair at you long enough its a DONE DEAL!!! last but not least we hate and I mean hate a sloppy kisser or a guy who is not confident... so after reading this post every guy should go out and find himself a scorpio female...

This describes me too except, I am not a control freak, I am pretty secure with myself but the blunt honesty hit me dead on. ask any of my friends. straight from my mouth to your ear...LOL

Deep down I know
all men think of other women,
but it drives me nuts
and I can't help trying to find ways
to be the only one he thinks of.

Like all true Scorpio women
I gave him my soul
and I am not satisfied
with anything less
than all of his heart and soul.


Just want to ask you something:

Maybe you feel like everything is more female than male.

Mother earth, mother nature and so on.

Women like flowers, why?

Maybe because flower are like them, female.

So my question is:

If I as a man give me heart and my soul
to feminity of nature?

Feminity of time, energy, math?

Would that bother you
or could you agree on that?

I'm a Scorpio woman married to a Gemini. I married the man because he was the most honest, loyal, trustworthy, kind man I'd ever met. It took 15 years to realize that he is completely the opposite of every thing I thought he was. To all Scorps out there, watch out for those Geminis.

I too am a Scorpio. I love the comment about the blunt honesty. oh boy, do I have that. I also have been hurt many times but I do not flirt when I have a mate. I ALWAYS have an exit plan.

Reassure me and tell me i am the onlyone you dont have an exit plan for
xoxoxo chantellette

i know what you mean, it is indeed very hard to go through a separation, especially knowing that the one you love prefers someone else. what i did was to punish every man afterwards. sorry gentlemen, i;ve changed a great deal since; and now i just acknowledge that this is still possible to happen, but i dont think about it anymore. I feel much better and enjoy every moment with him:)

Wow, everthing she said is soo true.I love being a scropio girl

yhu better say that. I love this. yhu descri ed us down to tha T

This story speaks true to me and who I am. It is tough being a Scorpio woman. We choose what we say and how much ppl know but when it comes to ppl we want to know their deepest and darkest secrets. We are jealous and possessive and that scares me I hate it.

Yeah, I upset my husband prying into his mind and soul to get the secrets I knew were hidden there. He said I was picking his brain. Others have said that of me. We have a strong intuition and can spot out lies like no other sign. I have to restrain myself from delving into people too much.

Yeah thats always the issue with me. I know believe that our keen sense of intuition is there to protect scorpios from getting hurt or being taken for a fool.

I hate the fact that I get so jealous and possessive too. I really don't want to be, that's just who I be. People don't seem to understand the need for total honesty and communication that the scorpio requires. If I don't receive that I just shrivel up and begin to die. And affirmation? Need it in spades. I think scorpio asks a lot of his/her lover or friends because we do not keep a large circle of friends. Those that we do have we treasure and give everything to. When they don't give back it is very disappointing.

Very astute observations. You know yourself well. I think we are demanding on our loved ones too , but only because we give all of ourselves to them and expect the same I need total honesty and with my Gemini mate I'm not getting it.I wish he wouldn't hide things just so I'll think he's respectable. I'd rather know the truth and hear that he isn't doing those things anymore than a flat denial. Thanks for your comments.

Thank you, and you're welcome. Gemini. I have heard about their apparent two faced nature. They tend to hide a lot and never tell you what they are really thinking. That is really frustrating. My brother is a gemini and he always hides stuff, until it comes out and it's too late to resolve the issue. I don't know how many times I've told him to tell me stuff before sh*t hits the fan, yet still he chooses not to. They seem to be very insecure and have trust issues.

OMG, you describe my husband to a T. It is so hard to get anything resolved with him. If I try he accuses me of nit picking. I just want the truth and I know a lie when I hear it. He also says outrageous hurtful things and totally denies having said them later. It is really like dealing with two distinct personalities. He is honest when he says he never said a thing. I can tell he really doesn't know he said it. I am planning to get a recording device. HE says others have threatened to do this with him. My friend suggested it. I was warned not to get involved with a GEmini. But I fell in love with him at first sight.

:-/ Yeah I have heard scorpio's don't get along with gemini's, for reasons that are now obvious to both you and I. It's a tough one because as you know, you cannot resolve an issue if the issue is always side stepped, and this seems to be your husbands way of dealing with things. He just denies there is a problem and carries on, trying to make everyone see him in a positive light. It gets old pretty fast. i sometimes get tired of asking my bro questions because I know he will promise one thing, and then just act as if we have never spoken about that particular thing. He does acknowledge it when it is brought to his attention, but he does nothing to rectify the situation. Knowing is half the battle they say. If you can't get your husband to admit to what is wrong, how much can you actually fix? Does he want to fix it? I don't know about your husband but my brother just hates hard work. If something is too difficult to change, he would rather settle for the status quo, no matter how unbearable that may be. It's sort of the attitude that says, better the devil you know, than the devil you don't. They CHOOSE to remain helpless because that is a comfortable position for them. Change is uncomfortable and often difficult. i think our gemini's hate that. They would rather keep up the facade and continue to be adored, not just by us, but by themselves as well. There is something very narcissistic about their behaviour. I don't know. It's just a thought...

Oh yeah, my Gemini loves to be adored. He can act so bored by all kinds of topics and 90 percent of what I talk about but I know I can get his full attention and all of his enthusiasm if I start talking about how great he is and how I am so amazed by all he has accomplished in life. Gemini's get bored easy and Scorpio's don't . We can be happy watching the grass grow as we tackle inward or mental issues. Gemini has to be doing something all the time. And my husband often does not do the very thing that will fix a bad situation. I think he wants to leave it bad so he can complain and feel miserable. I hate to say this, but I really don't know how long my marriage is going to last. Some very heavy lies came out in the open just after we married this past December. I am still trying to come to terms with it. I will stick it out and try to learn how to bring out the best in him. If it can't be done I'll have to reconsider my options. I give him tons of affirmation and recieve next to none. I have to go to others for encouragement. So I'm forming a support network of AA sponsor, thereapist, pastor, friends, etc. Gemini can be a lot of fun, though and when they want to, there is nothing too big for them to achieve. And my hubby is very affectionate. I love that.

Well, I believe that you should give people time to grow to an extent. So long as theyre not being abusive or destructive and you can maintain your health and well being. being supportive but not becoming an enabler or causing them to become dependent on you. If you can maintain some level of love, respect and honesty, trust can be developed, and that may be the thing that helps someone to grow as they receive your words with trust, allowing you to have a positive influence on their lives. But remember, it is not your responsibility to try to "save" someone. You can easily get caught up, thinking you are helping someone but eventually becoming codependent yourself. Its kind of like when you love the feeling that someone needs you to survive, it gives you a sense of importance and purpose. Codependence is always going to occur to an extent, but it should never become part of our life's work to keep somebody else afloat.

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aren't you a keeper of the castle.

When reading this I thought I was reading something I wrote myself.

Im a Scorpio man and I am very happy I stumbled onto this sight. Anyone have any advice on a relationship involving our sign with pieces? I share an emotional and spiritual connection with her like no other, but I can seem to make her understand the reasons behind my needs of communication.. She thinks there is another motive. Im stumped. Please help.. D.Scorpio Houston

I have a really hard time with Pisces. No matter how pure my motives they seem to dig for some impurity in me. I hate having my loyalty and motives questioned. My mother and most of her boyfriends were pisces and I always ended up getting abused. Pisces feel very deeply and seem to be paranoid about not really being treasured. No gift is enough. They seem dissatisfied all the time and it made me feel unworthy. I just couldn't do enough to please my mom. Hopefully it will work out with you and your Pisces. People say a scorpio and Gemini can't make it but somehow me and my husband are going strong. Misspretty1 is right. Trust God, we are all unique. Horoscopes give some insight but there is nothing like really getting to know a unique individual. Good luck!

Run, don't walk, away from Pisces, Scorpio!
They are charming and it is so easy to fall in love with them but they will hurt you like you have never been hurt before. They love mind games, and before long you will begin to wonder if you are with Dr. Jekyll or Mr. Hyde.

Thank you. You describe my Mother to a T. She would go so far, and often did, as faking a suicide attempt to guilt me into doing whatever she wanted. I was just a kid so I thought it was all real and of course I believed her when she said they were all my fault. She rejected me two years ago, said she is no longer my friend. I was hurt at first but then felt liberated. Then two and half years later I get this letter where she says " you know you're my best friend don't you?" Hm. She is looking to lure me back so she can hurt me again. Cat and mouse. not this time.

Hey I relate to all of the above...yes we give a man we love our heart and soul but all we want in return are his eyes on us only fixated on us:-)

I agree with all of it. I hate my own jealousy and possessiveness too.

Agree to all!!!

Well said. I guess it's true what they say about a Scorpio scorned... ;)

A Scorpio Woman scorned...Medea!!!!