Ten Tips On How To Date A Scorpio Male

These rules may seem a little standard for most men, but they are EXTRA important for dealing with a Scorpio.

1. Be Prepared. Read everything you can on Scorpios, there is a good chance that you have never met anyone like him before. (I got this a little to late).

2. Be Gentle. We all know that the male ego is fragile, but they are extra sensitive. Make sure they REALLY understand that you respect their opinion and you are not trying to change his values. No matter how much you may really want to.

3. Show Your Loyalty. He is going to give you "trust tests". Let him know that you have nothing to hide. If there is any other zodiac sign that might do a complete background check on you it's a Scorpio. Do not be surprised if he interviews friends, family, coworkers, and ex-boyfriends to find out about you.. I would not engage any male in any form of friendly conversation in his presence they are jealous and possessive. But remember he is going to keep his secrets.

4. Set Boundaries. This is tricky because they are always suspicious and you don't want them to think that you are hiding something. But you have to let them know what you will and won't accept and stick to your guns. If he is intent on violating those boundaries, you had better find out why and do not accept some non-chalant answer either like " I just wanted to know" trust me, there is a method to his madness.

5. Praise. Do this every time you catch him doing something even remotely pleasing to you or any small accomplishments that he has.

6. No Teasing. This includes making general comments that you notice about his habits, personality, and values. He may do it you, but do not expect to have that same privilege back. Do not tease him in a playful manner either because I guarantee at somepoint it will be misconstrued. This leads to number 7.....

7. Negative Comments. If they make to many negative comments about you, then run do not walk away from this relationship. Scorpios either like you or they don't.

8. Communication. Even when speaking in general conversation, make sure they understand this is not personal about you or him. You may even want to start the conversation that way, "This has nothing to do with you or me......".---see number 2. Plus, they think they are psychic and understand everybody's motivation, so if they guess your motivation wrong, let them know, but remember to be gentle. They hate to be disgareed with. Since they are so emotional expect their opinions to change often.

9. Withhold Sex. The sex with a Scorpio is great. I mean really great. I would really hold off on this until you know if number 7 has been fulfilled or if you are the type of person to get emotionally attached after sex (which most women are) I would just say no. Plus, they have a reputation for being easy to sleep with and you want the commitment.

10. Let Him Lead. They don't like to be controlled by anyone especially a female. Feminine tricks do not work. Tell them straight what you want and why. They play by their own set of rules, so let them make up their own mind.

Bonus....They have a temper like no other. Be careful what you reveal and say to them because it can be turned around and used against you.No matter how mad you get hold your composure and your ground.

If you succeed here is your prize.....
A Scorpio is extremely loyal and will go to the length of laying down his life for his loved ones.If you are willing to deal with a Scorpio man, then you will have a loyal friend. If you are the right type of woman, then you can keep a Scorpio man in a relationship and have one of the most intense loves ever and do not forget the amazing sex. They are very protective. They will do all of the little things in the relationship that they care.

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Being a Scorpio myself; I would be happy to give you some suggestion. Never.. Ever.. Ever..cheat a Scorpio. Scorpios are loyal & down to earth when in serious relationship. In case of cheating, they are like Investigation Agencies. First, they try to figure out the matter. Second, they confirm the rumour with physical evidence. Third, they will create a scenario to bust you red handed. And you are gone. This is a typical way how we deal with such issues. Still if this guy picks you up after a battle then I would say that he is actually in love with you. Now when it comes to his feelings for you, I would say that Scorpios are sensitive and expect an Emotional Bond with their partner. Now don't ever think of making fun of him when he is emotional. The only thing he expects form you is the True love & care we usually find in Romantic Movies. The man you are dating is a warrior, he know the ABCs of verbal & physical combat. In bad times he can be like a King Cobra (Poisonous as well as Dangerous to confront). He has no control over his body & mind when angry. Temper issues & over disciplined principles have spoiled our reputation. Ok then, Last words, "Be Loyal..!"

I made an account here just to tell about my Scorpio man. I'm a Sagittarius woman, and this is the hardest love I've ever had. Just to clear things up, though, I'm quite a different Sagittarius in the fact that I am super stuck to him all the time and possessive. I've been with him for over three years, and it's been a RIDE. He is completely sex driven. I've been cheated on several times in a small period of time a couple years ago, but we moved past it. He hasn't cheated on me since, but it's been a difficult road to recovery. My heart has been thrown in the dirt, spit on, and crushed, picked up and patched up by him so many times I don't know which way is up anymore.
He has ZERO communication skills. He likes to tell me NOTHING about what he's doing or who he's with at any point in time. I could ask what kind of sandwich he's eating and he would act like it's an interrogation and that I'm prying. I can't joke with him or tease him because he will be so hurt. I can't curse at him playfully because he will be hurt. He is extremely brooding a lot of the time and it's a weird cycle. He will be quiet and only answer texts with "idk" and act like he doesn't care, or he will be super sweet and like Prince Charming. It's never in between. I've been through so much emotional trauma but it's like I'm addicted to him. The sex is so adventurous and I understand deeply that that is the way that he shows his love. It doesn't matter how low things get with us so far, we will always come back with FULL FORCE. I know him so well, and I've been trying to delve into his sign in order to understand his mind. I think he knows I understand him more than anyone. I've even been to the point where he's sobbed in my arms and spilled his heart. I feel like I am permanently his.
It's been comforting to read these other comments. I would like a little advice though. Sometimes I want to escape, but I can't. Deep down in my heart I love the challenge and there is no one in the world I would rather be with. I tried to leave a couple times, but it's physically and emotionally impossible for me. Am I strong enough to handle him?

I am in the same situation as you! Can't leave him, I have tried so many times. It's emotionally and physically aching when I leave him- it never lasts more than 3 months.

As I know Sagittarius Woman the bravest woman in the fire sign, you can do it when you believe. I recently fall in love with Scorpio too, tender, sensitive, and gentle, all these attractions, qualities that you are hardly find in some other signs! Best wish for you. Ting,

It sure sounds like you know us well. What you wrote is so true about us.

This whole article is telling women to be people pleasers... Your Scorpio man will either want you or not.. Don't change yourSelf to please a man... Be yourSelf and he will love you for who you truly are .. if he wants to be in love..

I'm a Capricorn woman newly getting to know a Scorpio man. I must say, this has been the most confusing 4 weeks ever. However, I really like him. And I'm not quite sure, why. He started off slow, then made a move. And was warm. Now he's on and off detached. Yet still seems interested. Not aggressive enough for my liking, honestly. Or consistently warm. I've been weighing my options. Stick it out, give him the opportunity to come around on his own terms. However, I lack patience and with his hot/cold behavior, turns me off. You either like me or you don't. You're into me or you're not. The guessing game is not for me. I can drop him and turn cold, but that's what I'm wanting to avoid.

I am a Taurus woman. I never used to follow horoscopes until a little over a year ago when I was telling a friend about a guy I'm involved with and she told me to look it up. Then I realized that every guy I have ever been crazy about since I was a pre-teen was a Scorpio. Every single one was torture, it still is. Currently I'm involved with a guy I was friends with for 5 years before anything happened. I never knew he even saw me that way, I never saw him that way. Then he made a move and even though I wasn't into him, it had been such a long time since I had been involved with anyone, 4 years, that I figured I would try being in a casual arrangement. This was a bad idea on my part. My vagina seems to be very connected to my heart. So anyway, two years later and it doesn't get better. He's gotten more and more closed off but he won't let me go. I think I'm finally over the physical stuff. Every time he calls me I give in again, but he's made me hate myself for putting up with his crap. I am not a weak woman, I spend years alone because I won't settle for someone who isn't good enough for me.
Run away, it isn't worth it. They think they're so great but they're dumb little hos that flirt with everyone and take themselves too seriously. He probably still cheated on you again, just got better at hiding it. No one is worth this much work. No one has the right to expect someone else to deal with all of their **** without giving a little. Let his scared little *** be alone.

easier said than done. But, I am slowly getting stronger, it's been 4 years of emotional torture for me. Just like you- my "vagina is connected to his heart". I just pray I continue getting stronger.

I'm a 42 yr old Pisces woman who just started dating a 46 yr old Scorpio male. It hasn't even been a month and this guy is off the chain jealous. Is it Scorpios nature to constantly try to dissect you? I feel like I'm constantly being analyzed. He has MAJOR trust issues and it drives me nuts! The sex is phenomenal and we really connect in conversation. But the jealousy and doubt is making me want to run!!!


Hi I am Pisces too, if you love him. Let him lead! I think nowadays not many guys are loyalty anymore. I wish one day my Scorpio man can do the same as your BF.

Aries girl/Scorpio man

I really wish someone had mentioned this to me before? Just, damn. Everything said was spot on. I've fallen in love with the most unexpected person and It's slowly eating away at my sanity.
An old classmate of mine has literally chased after me for the past 7 years (I never could take him seriously in HS). I eventually gave the poor guy a chance... I thought we could be friends. The moment I put my shield down, he swooped in and ran off with my heart! I really think that he wants to have his revenge, or simething. Too many games. Its maddening. I can't ever be on even ground with him... I'm totally IN LOVE with him, but fear his intentions at times and never really feel safe with him.
Scorpio men are dangerous. I should've ran when I had the chance, but I've got myself entangled in his mess. He's just playing with my heart. If I go, I know the worst will come... But it's hard to stay. And I really want nothing more than to be with him. But I don't know HOW.

Haha. Anyone else feeling lost in their scorpio relationship?

I've been dating Scorpio man for 5 months. He recently said he is getting to close. " it's not you it's me" he said. Yet he is as attentive and loving as always. Cuts my grass helps me all the time shows up at my house just to say hi. What's going on??

I am a 16 year old female cancer and I like a 18 year old scorpio male. We CONSTANTLY make eye contact. I always could tell that he's staring at me so I look back and he keeps the gaze until I look away. This has been going on for a month or two. Everybody notices him staring at me. I added him on Facebook but he never messaged me. I feel like he likes me but he never does anything about it. Do scorpio men generally look at girls they're interested i!? What should I do?

I have been seeing this boy almost every other weekend and in the beginning he always talked to me !! Like 2 weeks after always talking I sent him a message on snap chat and he never answered me , so I didn't say anything back . he finally sent my a pic of his friend and made a joke about him but I was mad so I said I'm going to sleep . later on his friend sent me a picture of them making brownies but I still never said anything.one day I decided to text him and he took hours to answer from there it was always the same so I asked him why and he said he dosent like to take pictures. So I started texting him and he still took hours . so I asked my friend what to do she told me to block him and not talk to him so I did that. I haven't seen him and hadent talked to but , but we finally got reunited . I saw him and didn't talk to him for a good amount of time but when I pasted by him he said hi and asked why I ve been ignoring him ? I told him he dosent talk to me and walked away. That day he was asking me a lot of questions and we hung out for a bit but he always keep leaving . after that it was the same thing ! I once again saw him again and he was just staring at me a lot ,I think it was because I wasn't talking to him again . later that day I was holding the door open for people and he came out went behind me and nudged me and said hey ,so I said hi and looked away . he keep coming around people I was around that day . finally I added him facebook becuase I felt the need to talk to him . he will talk to me in the beginning I say something back he'll look at the message and never say anything back. One day I just got tired of it so I asked him does he have a girlfriend because he never mentioned her but people were telling me that . once again he looked but never said anything so I told him how I felt about him . he said he felt bad ,he did mean to get me upset or hurt me and yeah he does have a girlfriend . so I haven't talked to him on social media for 12 days now and I'm gonna try to make it to 27 days 😢 its so stressful ! He told me that he thinks I'm cool which hurts a
lot !!

Hy friends, I am a scorpio and my friend is also a scorpio. I am 19 and he is 22 and a minister,we attend the same church. He always stares at me in the church,he likes to go through my phone. He asks me whether i have a boyfriend,he wants to knw many things about me and as i am a secretive person i don't divulge much. He asked me if i had feelings for him,i said 'no'. And he has been pestering me to tell him why i do not have feelings for him. He now wants me to always attend all the church services,and he wants me to join the choristas and i said i don't want to join. He is just controlling and suspicious. He is easily hurt anytime i do or say anything that is contrary to what he wants.

All of my relations have been with Scorpio men. As a Aquarius with a Scorpio rising its is always exciting and electric, and completely frustrating. I am currently in a relationship with one that is younger than I am by almost 12 years. Although he is younger is is by far more tuned in, but his quiet times and shutdowns are intense. He does not like me to give advice even if he asks for it. I'd really like to make this one work. He has been begging me to marry Him for months and when I finally agreed he panicked, ha! But he is by far the most intelligent man I have been with (as well as manipulative) yes it is like a drug, but I'm not prepared to let this one go. Advice ??? .

I am a Capricorn and had numerous scorpio dates. I have intense relationships with them but I am always a step ahead,I like playing with their minds and when they catch me and try to sting I crush them with my stubborn foot. Capricorn is the only sign that can deal with a scorpio. I can be really cold with them and for some reason that makes them fall harder for me.to me it's all a game,Capricorn can flip from being in love today to being in hate. I still love scorpio as they entertain me and are so funny. They believe they are psychic and all,Capricorn plays on it,loves it and no wonder they could make a great match..

They do love to play games it's true. They are defiantly physic. But when they transcend from Scorpio to Phoenix it's game over. I m lucky enough to have Scorpio as my rising. I too love the way one has to 'stay a step ahead' but I'm now with one in the midst of his transcendence, it's amazing to watch. And the one thing my guy likes is my honesty. However he feels the need to pic and choose his. I can see it when he fluxes from Scorpio to phenix. And it's the phenix that loves Aquarius' need for justice, independence and freedom. I think this is exactly where I need to be.

caps are soooooo BORING, as anal as virgos minus the sex drive, zzZZZZzx

Hey, I'm a scorpio man, i used to ridicule these horoscopes ****. But, I find the traits of a scorpio man coming to life in mine. Being self-centered is one weakness we have. But i have overcome this. Just tell yourself, not everything is always about you! The world does not revolve around you. Stop being too much of an introvert, open up sometimes. Sometimes, I feel sorry for my wife who has the patience to ride my mood, my interests. So in return, I give her autonomy to do what she wants (as i do not want to be controlled either).At times, i see myself too controlling, i loosen up. Sometimes, you have to in order to have a happy life. Not everything is about control. A lot of things happen beyond your control.

I've been dating Scorpio man for 5 months. He recently said he is getting to close. " it's not you it's me" he said. Yet he is as attentive and loving as always. Cuts my grass helps me all the time shows up at my house just to say hi. What's going on??

typical Scorpio men.

you are an awesome husband. Happy for your wife.

I am a 21 year old AQUARIOUS and I am dating a 28 year old SCORPIO. We met in Aug of 2011, at a family beach trip, my cousin brought his neighbor (my SCORPIO) and we automatically fell for each other. It was electric, like magnets... we talked for about a year and when I transferred colleges to be close to my father (who developed cancer) I began to date my scorpio. It started out where he would drive the 2 hrs to come see me, show me a fun time, take me to dinner, be in me home and then drive home. He never pressured me for sex but I pressured him, I wanted it bad because of how electric our relationship was. Not three months in and he was visiting so often I started to spend the night and he made it difficult for me to leave his house (very convincing in what made sense). He convinced me that he could drive me to my classes if I stayed the night and eventually I stayed the night so often it "made sense" to just move in. So I did. And like dominos I lost people in my life very fast because of reasons stated already lol very jealous and possessive. My scorpio is very manipulative. He convinced me all my friends were being rude not because I was blowing them off for ti me with him but bc they were jealous and "disgusting people." Then once I was down to one friend (one whom still sticks with me despite how much hell my scorpio puts her through...) I started to drift from my family. He is so egocentric in thoughts my mother is a crazy who does drugs (bc he thinks he knows everything and knows the method to everything even tho he couldn't be further from the truth... my dad "looks at me like im a piece of meat" according tk my scorpio which is so wrong on so many levels bc it is the FURTHEST from the truth. But he has developed this theory and is sticking to it. My scorpio lives three houses down from his parents and thought mh only friend should be his mom and his sister... until I needed to vent about him and now he doesn't think I should talk to anyone. He has limited my job opportunities and school bc he doesn't want me driving far away bc it is our of his control. Im in love but I hate loving a scorpio... lol and if anyone knows an aquarious I am FAR to sensitive to handle him sometimes.
So here's a note: dont do it. Lol I love him and wouldnt trade for the world but it is WAY too much work.. lots of give not a lot of take. I take anyways but it ends in argument. Be worry of a scorpio lol

hey that sounds so delicious. I love being possessed.

you are not worthy of his attentions and affections. And you claim far too much importance on what others think, including your friends and family.
if you love him, be with him.

anyway i am an aquarius woman and married a scorpio. yes he is possessive but that's the only way i wanna be loved.

OMG I felt the same way! But again everyone is different.

I love my Scorpio man, but he is such a pain in the butt sometimes. I've been on and off with him for 5 years. You have to know and understand the true meaning of unconditional love because these men live life on their own term. You cannot change them. You will never figure them out. You need loads of patience. You have to learn how to deal with their silence and Scorpio disappearing acts while they brood and try to process their own complicated emotions. You have to get used to the feeling of being possessed or owned. It's helps to be in touch with your own intuition and be able to anticipate his needs. They don't like questions, they don't like talking about their feelings, and they don't like giving you straight answers. Mine is the most intense man I've ever met and I can feel the full force of that intensity in bed with him. And that's what keeps all of us girls hooked. That deep intense love making where you don't have to tell them what to do to your body because they intuitively know. Mine is psychic. However, I think the majority of them are. They are incredibly high maintenance, but the path of the Scorpio is THE hardest path to walk so have some sympathy for them. They appear calm on the surface, but these men are highly emotional and experience life at a deep deep level. They are moody and they feel everything. That's challenging in a world where men are taught to be tough and emotionless at a young age. It's one of the toughest relationships I've been in, but I've grown leaps and bounds because of him. Soulmate Scorpio love is not for the faint of heart. If you are truly serious about settling down with a scorpio find an evolved one(an eagle or phoenix). It's worth it in the end. . .

i need you advice i am dating a scorpio man since 9 years and i am facing many problems i don't know how to deal with him, when he loves me he loves me fully and when he is angry he doesnt even care about me weather i am ill, facing a problematic phase, he cant control his anger.
and in good times i feel like everything is going in a smooth way, he never let me know if my behaviour or any thing distrubs him or hurts him he keeps on stacking those little mistakes of mine and keeps them in mind and brust like a volcano after few months, and when he is angry he sounds like i am the biggest enemy of his life, everytime this happens i have to struggle a lot to get him back, and it takes 2-3 weeks to settle him down i am so distrubed i dont know how to deal with him i dont want to loose him ...please suggest me somethings

Very true!

My husband is a Scorpio and if I had to do it all over, I would not ever pick a Scorpio man. They think sex is romance. They're completely clueless about other people's feelings. It's all about them. UGH!! They feel that opposites are a challenge and won't ever let you go no matter what. Extremely possessive. I'm stuck! They are very hard to mingle with others, especially other men if they think the man is interested in their mate. They are like lions protecting their cubs. They desire all your attention, but only if someone else is getting your attention. They are entirely too much work!

So on the money!

You are so right. I've been dating one of those crazies for a little over a year. Its boiling down to where I can't take anymore of the psycho babble logic he comes up with.

spot on...

I have heard and red about women who just go crazy over the Scorpio male. I have met many, but loved only one. The others were great friends. I think too many people get caught up in the sexual-hype of Scorpio's when in truth the Venus or Mars in Scorpio is where the intensity lives. Otherwise you've got Sun or Moon in Scorpio which has far less to do with sex or sexuality. By the way, a Rising Sign Scorpio of the Pluto-Scorpio decan puts any Sun, Moon, Venus, Mars in Scorpio not in the Pluto-Scorpio decan into total runner's mode. A Scorpio is not a Scorpio is not a....okay?

This is so helpful because I'm a Taurus so we're opposites but opposites attract. I don't know if he likes me or is interested but I hope he is. We haven't known each other for long but . . . I REALLY REALLY think that I like him!


Hi! please help me i'm also Taurus and yes i believe that opposite do attracts but my boyfriend is mad at me and i can't handle it. Please advice me how. It will help a lot. Thank you

Well I don't know what to say since I never got into a relationship with that guy. But I do recommend looking up Scorpio and Taurus compatibility and such on Pinterest, I know that I've found some things in the past. I think it always deals with trust and them feeling hurt because their really sensitive people.

Interesting... :)
Love to read this.. I am dealing with one know (not in a romantic way).
At least it gives me a clue when is the right time to run away..

Yes l am involved with a scorpio man, he is very jealous, and so true, they either love or hate you,, if this man loves you you can never be just friends... It's all or nothing,,,he can't handle the only friends part...he likes to be in control, but l will tell you a little secret... My scorpio loves me with all his heart..when we are together, the world disappears... We live in our own world, behind closed doors...ther is no other... We are ONE and we are both on the same page, love Harley's,Peterbilt ,camping,travelling,and our log cabin in the mountains..

Sounds wonderful and it is nice to hear that someone is happy and in love!!!

Admire, Wish someday my Scorpio can love me as yours... Glad for you...

I am a capricorn female and here's my story.

Back during the summer of 2011 I was going thru a very terible time with my spouse ( now my- ex-spouse yahoo). I felt unloved, undeserving, unappreciative, and unwanted. I was miserable in my house, my life, my love I felt was all like BEING IN A HOLOCAUST CAMP about to be tortured for the umpteenth time lol.

Now most evenings and all day on the weekend I would go to the clubhouse pool, to relax and enjoy myself, by myself. But this particular day a tall, disntinguished man sat at the pool listening to my convo as I talked on my cell.

He complimented me, told me how beautiful I was and made me feel desirable. We would meet during June and July almost daily at the pool. I let my guard down with him and soon I found myself liking him.

His swag was good and you guessed it.............he was a Scorpio male.

Suddenly the meetings we had was turning lusty, steamy and I was galvanting around the city finding quiet spots to indulge with him. His finesse was awesome, but the reality soon set in and I found out some disturbing things about him that quickly drove over the edge and I had to somehow remove myself before it was toooooooooo late and I would fall overboard hard and loose control.

This scorpio was gentle, loving, candid, funny and when we had sex it was TNT (explosive!)

The bomb soon went off and I found out his world was not my world and I needed to let go! I DID!

So I placed a crazy ad on CL one day after breaking up with my summer scorpio lover and got something more off the chain than you could imagine. I placed the ad 10/29 and the person who responded to me, responded on 10/30 ( his birthday date).

Yep, another scorpio. Now this scorpio has made me goooooooooooo CRAzY!

We met in November, and he seduced me like a scorpio man would almost off my feet. The sex was sooooooooooooooooooo raw, volatile, intense I could not suppress my feelings afterward of how he made me feel. The first two times were on fire, but the third time became HELL.

After driving for over 4 hours back & forth to a nearby city, he abandoned my heart, gave me a 6 minute touch n go and left me for the WOLVES.

I cried, telling myself I would never go back with him ever again.

Let's fast forward to today, since my break up with Scorpio back in Feb '12 I moved on to have another rebound encounter with a Cancer male who left me feeling insecure and unloving.

But guess what? Scorpio has since then continually texted me on the past months to tell me he LOVED me, take him back, he would do better.

I can not be mean to men, men are my down fault to life. I love men, I am a girly girl who loves men- the smell, the essence, the vibe, the swag, shirts, cologne the fiber of a "man".

So I could not be hateful or be mean to Scorpio and somehow he seduced me again with his words, his voice until I was back at it again- tryin to give it another chance. Why?

Hell, if I know (right).

Something about a scorpio man that draws me, chases me, interest me, challenges me to want to give him some - lol!

And now I sit at my desk today, pondering if I will meet him again in the next few hours to rekindle my heart.

I don't know?

only time will tell,

These same rules apply to a Scorpio woman. Trust me. Reading this was like looking in the mirror.

Damn, you really have figured this out huh? Interesting. I honestly dont like the idea that something such as zodiac has pretty much keyed in to my personality (majority of it), but ecen that feeling i have, is a scorpio trait

She's giving away all our secrets. Everybody, deny all the information in this post. Say it's all false. We must protect the clan. Lol.<br />
<br />
Naa, that's a very good desc<x>ription of how the scorpio male reacts to situations. I see you have done your homework.<br />
<br />
Very good indeed. :-)

Thank you and I really do what to know what an evolved Scorpio looks like?

Look no further. Here I am. Haha... I have written an article on the subject of the scorpio's ascendency. Look it up, it might be of use to you.

I am a scorpio male and every bit of that is true plain and simple

After over a 100 views, at least someone is brave enough to admit it.