Will Scorpio Man Get Offended If I Offered Him Money?

I have this scorpio male friend that I dated for a few weeks and then he broke things off bcuz he had so much going on in his life. we are still friends and yes, he still keeps some distance. Not only do i care for this man but i also love him as a friend too and want to help him out a little. i know he is in need for a few hundred dollars for something that is important and is part of his daily stress. I have money put away in a savings and I dont mind helping someone i care about when i know for sure they are helping themselves. I want to give it to him and dont want repayment but dont know how to go about it. I dont know if i will offend him or if he will take it the wrong way???? please help scorpio males on this!?
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5 Responses Apr 24, 2012

Simply yes.
Most true Scorp, men are extreme in what they are it's in deep us deep I feel. Strait guys are very male don't give money give him trust n loyalty above all.
Good luck NJB.

I would give him the money. But on cautionary note: if something goes wrong don't ever throw it in his face. Scorpios have issues with women and control.

I just dont want him to feel obligated to me in any way

Thank you, I just might have to do this cuz i really want to help him.

Leave it for him in a card, or send via fedex, with a really short note from you. something like, "I care about you, this is a gift. Don't say a word about it, I hope it helps." <br />
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This way you have a few outcomes, 1) he is too embarrassed and takes the money, but can't confront you about it. 2) He comes to you and gives it back, but he now knows how much you care and are willing to help him. 3) He takes the money and thanks you for it. perhaps not right away.