Scorpio Full Moon ;)

This year’s Scorpio Full Moon arrives during Beltane (May 1-5), the Celtic earth festival that celebrates the beginning of Summer.

btw...I'm a Scorpio!

"We have the biggest FULL MOON of the year arriving on May 5th, during the Celtic festival of Beltane and known as Wesak Moon which is an auspicious day that celebrates the birth, life and death of the Buddha and Christ Consciousness. The word out is that it’s going to be big and powerful. I’ve gathereed some of the best insights from the best readers of the stars so we can tune into the energy coming our way…"
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5 Responses May 4, 2012

cool im a scorpio to

And I would have immersed myself in it if I wasn't dead on a freaking lunar cycle! Yarrrrr!

I was out on the beach and got pic's of it rising 2 nights ago right on the very edge of the east coast. It was HUGE in the sky and grabbing pics of the clouds like fingers veiling the moon in strands that gave it a creepy and yet very cool image.

Anyone has seen the moon it yesterday? it was super overcast yesterday here in London... anybody has picts to share? xxx

its actually the closest the moon has been to earth in 100 years!=3