Myself As A Scorpio

I find that I am quite intense in loving people. It is either all or nothing. Which tends to scare people away. I have this instinct that I just "know" when people are right for me or not. I have been single for the past year and have tried online dating. It has been quite a trip. Just recently I met a Libra man who I immediately connected with. It seemed he did too. Then nothing. Maybe I got too comfortable with my Scorpioness :-) and let my guard down. I have been obsessing over how to fix this for days now. I do not want to bother him.

I tend to hate this part of myself....the lack of control.
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I don't know a lot of Scorpio women, but we do tend to be a little hard headed, and not really care about other peoples opinions

Trust me I'm around a lot of libras. Libras and us scorps don't really work out togather. Libra always have stict plans and see things in there own way. They love guilting you into to doing what they want even if you have something else plans because there plans a at the forfront of there mind. Don't get me stated on if you change plans or change your mind, which we scorpios do a lot, as we tend to go with our feelings. And the biggest problem libras ALWAYS think they are right and if you dont agree with them they think you are dumb. Oh and if you ask a libra if this is true they will say know but don't worry you will see in time. I am friends with a few libras and it is extremely difficult.

It is said that libras love to argue and will flip sides if they are losing an argument. Scorpios won't argue unless we're right...or at least have a solid logical foundation to hold up our argument...aka, we rarely lose on grounds of logic. I dated a libra woman and it was her inability to see logic and the need to be correct even when her argument flip-flopped that tore us apart.

I have such an issue with you Scorpios and your intuition. If your intuition was so strong, how come it didn't tell you that this man was going to bale after getting to know you.If your intuition is so accurate you would not be debating on whether or not you should call him. Shouldn't you just know? Scorpios do love intensely, to the point I think you all forget that relationships take time to cultivate. I say call him, for your own piece of mind and try to start with being this man's friend. There is a lot more I can say, but as woman I think you already know.


You mistake a scorpios intuition with a womans intuition. We scorps are known for our intuition of being able to tell when someones lying to us or trying to trick us. Of couse we won't always know scorpio's have that ability more naturally than others but sometimes it depends on your upbringing. If you live a perfect little happy life you are going to beleive people more easily but if you were deceived, abandoned, and always having friends move away as a child along with lots of people hating you as a child like me well then you learn to grow suspicious. It's nearly impossible to lie to me because now if someone I don't know well comes to talk to me I basically have myself trained to assume they have a hidden agenda. An intuition for love is something, ironically, scorpios have trouble with. We do love deeply and sometimes get overly happy Ideas of love and fail to see whats going on. It has been said a scorpio in love is more blind than a black hole

I often let my pets determine the quality of a new friend. When my 16 yr old daughter brought her new beu home. I watched him interact with my dogs, one is blind and she lets me know right away how she feels. They were good to go with her climbing into his lap practicly, he reacted favorably, without a word, I nodded to her and said it's good. <br />
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In explainig to him later how this works, he was scratching his head on what had just happened, but was glad it worked out.<br />
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Im just stuborn this way about things. You will find yourself a soul mate, when you do you will know it long before they do. I had explaind to my now wife early on that I knew she was the right one despite her being confused. Now that I am at a turning point in life I hope this holds true, time will tell.<br />
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I like that you were patient with your wife while you were dating and giving her the time to realize that was what she wanted to too. I am terrified of dogs I don't know, I doubt I would pass that test you gave your daughter's boyfriend. LOL.

You are who you are. Still, it doesn't hurt to know your strengths and your weaknesses. The intensity is a big problem for me too at times. I have found that very few people can handle it, very few. But those that can handle it are usually keepers. I think other water signs blend in well with the Scorpio. Not advocating that you should ask someone what their sign is, just making an observation.<br />
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It's difficult trying to be something/someone else. You can only do that for a short while. But when the real you surfaces, you risk shocking your partner because you kinda deceived him. So I would say, still be yourself, but be a calmer, more relaxed version of yourself. Easier said than done. :-)<br />
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Good luck.

your scorpion instincts can't be wrong in foreseeing that you can comfortably get comfortable with him without any fears, so relax and cherish these blissful moments of your life.... :-)