We Tend To Be A Bit Hard Headed.

I often let my pets determine the quality of a new friend. When my 16 yr old daughter brought her new beu home. I watched him interact with my dogs, one is blind and she lets me know right away how she feels. They were good to go with her climbing into his lap practicly, he reacted favorably, without a word, I nodded to her and said it's good.

In explainig to him later how this works, he was scratching his head on what had just happened, but was glad it worked out.

Im just stuborn this way about things. You will find yourself a soul mate, when you do you will know it long before they do. I had explaind to my now wife early on that I knew she was the right one despite her being confused. Now that I am at a turning point in life I hope this holds true, time will tell.

Alasandra Alasandra
51-55, F
May 7, 2012