The Phoenix

The phoenix burns itself up in a ball of fire. Only to be reborn a new creature. It is the image that symbolises the death and rebirth of the being that is man. A journey that we must all embark on at one stage or another.
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It does not surprise me that you are a Scorpio (said by a fellow Scorpio)

We are awesome creatures aren't we? :-)

Yep, we are the best :)

Indeed we are. Nothing like a bit of self adoration. :-)

I wrote a long rather "rhyming essay to my mom in the early 1990;s ...calling her a "Humming Bird Phoenix" I think is great. she I don't think finished reading it. So I only write short ,'I love you" stuff now, she Loves. If was not incenerated in our house fire I will give a post to see if anyone might wish to finish reading it and Tell me anything at all. Try to leave out cruelity, critizium(sp?) is perfectably acceptable (whether I have spellcheck or not). When I feel confident, I know people all have personal taste that may or may not be my own.

why do people get that confuse some call the phoenix scorpio the eagle scorpio when it's clearly not the eagle....but anyway they say it's two other types of scorps the snake and of course the scorpion

I don't really know. I thought it was just symbolism. Does it really matter as long as we get the meaning behind this symbolism?

they say the phoenix supposed to be the goodist kind thats what people say and the snake is the baddist that's the one they says has all the bad traits....i say look them up you'll see

I have read that it is the eagle that is the evolved Scorpio and th snake being that lowest form of the unevolved scorp. The eagle represents vision, a solitary creature soaring above the troubles of the world. That is the proper symbol of the evolved Scorpio. The phoenix only represents the death and rebirth aspect of the Scorpio. It is not the symbol of the evolved scorp. So it would be correct to call the more mature and balanced Scorpio the eagle. I think I wrote a story about that. "Scorpio Ascendency - From bottom dweller to soaring above the clouds". I think that's what I called it.

In ancient astrology Scropio Was depicted as the Eagle.
Then as most of earthings understanding of Truth fell from there own grace due to the mis-use of Power of all sort. The Scorpio had landed. Honest but ouch!

this is exactly to be say what I just said ...I wanted to check the "get back to me box" is all. RE; what would have been a good title, "Eagle upon Ascension Only"

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