Are Most Scorpios Bi?

I always wondered this. I've come into contact with more than a handful of scorpios in my lifetime, and other than the obvious scorpion traits, I notice all whom I have encountered have the tendency to swing both ways. I am not immune to this myself, but I just wondered if it's just that I have attracted like-minded scorpios or if this is a true phenomena.

Me, I was always the tomboy as a child. I am increasingly more and more bi-sexual by the minute, but "sexual" being the operative. Have had plenty experiences with the same sex though I can't say any of them were with someone I was in love with. I could see myself switching teams altogether if I went for who I was really into. But fear has held me back. Hopefully not for long.
Anyway just wanted to get some feedback.

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I'm a scorpio, and I could not be more straight. Not a homophobe, but just no feelings sexually for women. Oh I'm a dirty bird all right, no church sex for me (lol), but I spend all my freak tricks on the menfolk.

You know, the more I read up on the various characteristics of Scorpio's, the more I believe in this zodiac sign stuff. I'm a scorpio and have many of the traits of that sign, including being bisexual. So yeah I think there's something to it. Just be yourself and do what's true for you.

I am a Scorpio and I think I might be a bi too. :D

Omg yeah I've felt that way before, I thought I was bi once upon a time and the majority of scorp girls I knew had either been bi or bi-curious. I guess it has to do something with our sexual nature or our ability to understand the female and male dynamic's and learning to appreciate human nature and it's quest for love therefore not minding if we were to find true love from either of gender.

Interesting".... I think we love sex, and are interested in excitement during sex. I can be dominant or submissive but I don't like to pick I'd rather someone else decide. I love to see the other satisfied and I'll do anything to do that, if my wife wanted me to suck a **** to excite her, someone is going to get the best blow job I can give, if she wants to sit on my face I am in. If she wants to embarrass me with her friends, whatever pleases her, but I got to feel loved and wanted and respected, if not I'm a ***.

LOL... Scorpio female here and I think you might be onto something! My female Scorpio friends also enjoy other women, myself included. Scorpio is a very sexual sign. To the best of my knowledge, my male Scorpio friends are not bi.

Please. You are thinking of nothing BUT...

No! I believe alot of people assume that scorpions are bi, because we have natural sex appeal. There is nothing another female can offer me sexually.

Scorpio male here. Experimented at a young age. Definitely not bi or gay - jus not my thing.<br />
<br />
But I'm VERY attracted to bi women. Does that mess up your findings?

Why are you attracted to bi women ? What about bi women is attractive?

Not gonna hijack your thread here, an I'm not allowed to contact you. Hope I haven' upset anyone.

So I'll jus say I've never seen anything more erotic than 2 females wrapped together.

why would you have upset anyone?

I'm a red dot, an there's allays a momentary embarrassment at rememberin not all folks here care to have contact with red dot members.

Oh haha I'm still new on here. Just figured out what red dot means. Well as far as I know you haven't upset anyone.

can you tell me what a red dot is

If I tol you, I'd have to shoot you. =)

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I'm a male straight scorpio, I like women too much to find men interesting hehehe.

well you see in us what you want to see. thats just your way of thinking.

I don't think I "want" to see that pattern. I just attract other scorpio men that voluntarily admit this. That's why I'm asking this question, because its interesting to find that I attract certain bi scorpios. :-)