Perfect Match: Cancer Woman - Scorpio Male

First the disclaimer: I am happily married to a Cancer.

Now the info:
Do you want someone who will mirror what you give to them? Do you want the ability to share thoughts with someone and be so aligned mentally that messages are communicated and received between the two of you without a word being spoken? Do you want to be able to physically feel each other's pain and by your connection, heal one another? Want someone who will be your personal cheerleader, always supportive, yet a truthsayer, not a yes person? Do you want someone who will help you be a better you? Well, man, you need a Cancer :)

1. Of course, being Scorpio, I love deeply and passionately. I am also intense and desire to truly be one with my mate. I am transparent, laying my cards on the table in advance. No separate bank accounts for me; I want to be as close as possible and I like to be possessed. I thought after my various relationships that i wouldn't find someone who could be my match, my soulmate. I found my match in my Cancer. She loves me in all of the ways I love her, no more, no less. Our exchange is a mirror reflection, substantial and real, never vain.

2. Tip: Who are your closest same-sex friends? When are their birthdays? How about your best friend's birthday? Find that out and you may have the key to finding your soulmate. My best male friend, who was once my roommate, was a brother to me. He knew when i was hungry without me telling him. I would come home from work and there was a pot of spaghetti and sauce waiting for me with a note that said, "I know you must be starving and I also know that you probably won't cook something for yourself, so here! Don't say I never did anything for you!" :) He also supported me being an artist and we did my first art show together. I said to myself, "IF I can only duplicate him as a woman, I'd be set!!" Jump forward several years later - I'm coming home from work, thinking that pizza would be good for dinner and in front of my house, is a pizza delivery man with my favorite pizza! My Cancer is in the doorway, paying the guy and smiling. I never told her I wanted pizza...she just said, "I was feeling you." That is the Cancer/Scorpio connection...

3. Being Scorpio, i am an empathic lover. When my Cancer was pregnant with our first child, I had morning sickness and threw up often :) During both deliveries of our children, we were able to meld with each other to the point where I knew when the drugs should be administered and I was able to receive the pain from her pushes and give her renewed energy by placing my forehead on hers and being present with her. When I am sick (a fever and sniffles), making love to her clears me right up. The doctor's prescription is right - get some fluids (kissing and tasting one another), stay under the covers (smile) and get lots of rest :)

4. My Cancer makes me look good. I mean, she is an awesome mother and makes our kids think I'm Superman (i can do no wrong). My in-laws love and respect me and take inspiration from our marriage. My parents love and respect her and also know I am fiercely loyal and protective of her. We don't need these things from each other...but we want to love each other in these ways: nurturing, supporting, encouraging. Even when we have disagreements, we choose to talk about the issue, not slam one another. We create a safe space between us where there is no need to lie, just the want of clarity and restitution (sometimes we agree to disagree). In all, I know i can count on her, whether I'm up or down. It never matters because she has my back, sides and front. I cover her and she covers me :)

5. So much of my development into a man has been enhanced by loving my Cancer. By building a life with me, I now know my worth and value as a husband, friend, lover, father, provider, planner and implementer. The give and take of the relationship has fostered such growth that it almost feels like another life (you know, life before her and life with her). I am so much better now than I was then. I know my Cancer's input into my life is a major reason why...

My Cancer is indeed my soulmate. I am not a super astrology person but this seems to be true...most definitely in my case :)
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I am a Cancer woman and have just met a Scorpio man. Well, re-met in a way. We were around the same people growing up but never held a conversation, never said "hi" or much of acknowledgement at all. We actually became acquainted semi closely by becoming friends on Facebook. Now I am 28 and he is 31 both of us I can truly say are a lot more mature at our age, to be honest I don't know exactly why but nevertheless. So we stayed in touch just by being apart of discussions and sharing links to certain interest, common interest. But from the moment that we became social friends I knew I wanted him and even more so needed him in my life. Never really knowing why, because I didn't know him. What I did find out very quickly because of my liking was that he had a girlfriend. I left my intrigue alone. I didn't push forward and kept my interest in him to myself. Fast forward about 6months later, he gets my attention by offering me to go shooting. Now he is the guy that you'll see in rallies about gun control and the rights restricted in our state that need to be uplifted. And THIS turned me on. Besides just having a feeling of needing him, my sexual attraction to him went sky high once I knew he was passionate about SOMETHING!. I wanted to know what his uproar was about, and as he filled me in, I couldn't support him enough. We aren't exactly a couple but as it has been mentioned here more than once, some things between a Cancer and a Scorpio do not have to be spoken. I actually tried to make it clear that I wasn't looking for a committed relationship but growth in a friendship. I believe that that was what made him pull me closer. Yes exactly what I said...made him pull me closer. I believe he knew and knows that that is not the complete truth of me but rather a protective instinct to keep from being bruised or hurt. Long story short (because he's asking me to come lay with him) he knows, and I know. I'm falling for deeply and quickly and he is allowing me to do so..with a comfort and assurance that...its okay.

I am a canceria women and am in love with a scorpio man. At first my scorpio man had a crush on me for a year i didn't know that at first then he asked me out but i rejected him and told him i didnt want a relationship.. then the next year i met with him again, when i saw him i regretted rejecting him and i was thinking did he move on? does he not like me anymore after i rejected him?? then at that time i realized that i was attached to him without even knowing it! i kept seeing him around the university but only from far away and every time i saw him i wondered if he still liked me. after a short while a girl who knows him came to me and told me about him and that he really likes me and that he couldn't stop thinking about me, so now am in a relationship with him and it has been 6 months since we are together..i found out that we really get well along together he is sweet, funny and caring...and his personality is great just like how i dreamed of my soul mate to be... i really do love him so much and he loves me alot too...but now i have to make a decision due to life circumstances to stop seeing each other and that if he wants to continue with me has to make a quite hard decision...and am scared that he wont be able to do it and that i would lose him for ever...hopefully this relationship would last ..i really love him and i keep wondering would he be willing to make that decision for me

Wow. I hope I find a Scorpio man like you. I met a Scorpio man online and when I saw his pic I immediately felt a connection. Then I read his profile, and it was as mirror image of myself. We chatted for a few days then he gave me HIS number. I love the sound of his deep voice and I'm filled with such anticipation to have him call me. I hope that this feeling will continue and I can't wait to meet him in person. May God smile on this friendship and hopefully it will blossom into something beautiful. Cancer woman

i am a cancerian woman who, in october met a scorpio man who remembered meeting me 7 years ago. from early october until mid november, we experienced a comfortable, familiar, full, intense, loving, passionate and telepathic connection. your sharing of your relationship with your cancerian wife really speaks to me because i feel that if the relationship with the scorpio man was to continue and develop, we would experience similar joy and strength. logical brain kicked in and he seemed to have frightened himself with his feelings and his honesty. we are now "giving each other some space to see how we really feel about each other" though we both know how we feel. sigh... i pray that i write again sometime in the future to let you know that we are being bold and full of faith about where our relationship can go. thank you for sharing your story. it gives me joy and

It's a beautiful story.I was in tears because it is everything I've ever wanted from my Scorpio man.I wish he had kept his eyes open to see what all I did to keep the relationship alive and what all I could have done if he was little patient with me.My Scorpio was also younger to me but only by 2 years.I think we both were immature to understand what it takes to be husband and wife.It has been 4 long years of separation but I haven't stopped loving him even for a single day.I now feel that may be he would have never done those things if he was with a Cancer woman.I hope he finds his true love and stays happy.But...I still wish it was ME with whom he spent whole life.I would have loved him like no other woman ever can.

I think this its true...not big on astrology but I am a cancer woman in a relationship with a scorpio man and this describes us to the tee. Its like we are complete with each other.

I am back again (I forgot to say earlier, I am also a Cancer). I met a man recently and the same feelings of "knowing" and the telepathic connection returned with a vengeance after only knowing each other for a day or so. I don't know this man's star sign but I can give my right hand that he is either a Scorpio or has a heavy Scorpio/Pluto chart. How do these two signs connect so quickly and deeply? How, how, how? Please someone explain, it is like circumventing all the built up walls and going straight for the gut/soul. I miss him terribly when separated, so much it is painful. He is always on my mind no matter what I do. I know what he is doing and feeling even though we are not in touch daily. It is awakening my spirituality, too, I started praying regularly since meeting him. Oh, the sweet pain of it all. I'll keep you posted...

Guys, I found out! He IS a Scorpio! I knew it, I just knew it from the first moment I looked at him! LMAO! Cancer and Scorpio, an unbeatable connection, so much passion....too much sometimes. Ladies and gentlemen, if you can read each other's mind, talk to each other even when silent (and at distance!), miss each other painfully and want to jump each other's bones all the means you are in a Scorpio/Cancer relationship. Bring it on, baby :)))))) Hope it is forever!

I married a Pisces but I get along better with Cancer and Capricorn...i can so relate to what you write.

Inspiring story, and very resonant with my own experience. Knew one Cancerian at age 18, very close connection, but I was too young to appreciate it. Blew an opportunity with another Moon-daughter in 2009, and she never forgave me for it. Third time, as they say, is the charm. We met earlier this week, and we're hooked. I regret that I missed out on Cancerians for so many years, but at my phase in life I can truly appreciate and treasure it.

ooh so hear you!!
I am a Scorpio woman in love with a beautiful, sensual Cancer. He is incredible, we accent each other, and yes sooo have to agree, we are a beautiful match, yes we may have a few things not the same, but soooo much in common, I have never met anyone like this before, and it just works, we just flow together so well, and yes your comment, we mirror one another, it is incredible to have such a connection with someone :)

wow this is an amazing story. thank you for sharing this. I love cancer women! they truly are the most loving women in the world. I hope maybe in another reincarnation, i could be born during these months. So lucky!! You're so very fortunate and i'm so happy for you both.

He remains my first love after 27 years. Our breakup was based on not having children. At 19-27 I was not ready. However, during 13 years we were together married for about six years we never got pregnant. That was a deal-breaker for him. I will always love him but will also wonder why he did not love me enough to not make my presumed infertility the straw that broke our camel's back. Oddly though, I did marry again about six years after that divorce and gave birth to two beautiful sons, so perhaps my Scorpio husband and me (the Cancer female) were just not meant to be together based on unconditional love? In other words would you feel so strongly about your Scorpio-Cancer relationship had your condition been an inability to have children together?

Having children is a serious decision for a couple to make. They should be on one accord about it. It is a hard discussion to have. In my life experiences, I have only been able to have the tough discussions with my Cancer.

Before we entered into our relationship, I put all of my issues on the table so she could make a sound decision about being with me. It took her the next three years to do the same thing or as she would say - "see me through the seasons to assess if we could make it."

Pregnancy was a big deal for us. My Cancer is 10 years older than me so she would be having her first child later in life if she decided to do it. That could endanger the child and possibly her as well. We prayed about it and faithfully tried to have a baby. It took major surgery and miracles for the two healthy children we have.

While we went through those trials, we looked into adoption. We also became guardian parents for a nephew of hers. We gave our love and resources to other children in our families. While this was happening, we communicated. We talked about each and every step and made united decisions to move forward. Yes, I loved her and still do...that doesn't negate the fact that we must be on one accord. We have to be able to put it all on the line and invest in each other, support each other, grow with each other, talk together frequently and LISTEN to each other.

Before we got married, we had marriage consultation with our Pastor, we got baptized together, we dated for three years and didn't rush things, we did our best to mesh our families together...we also got married as older individuals (I was 27, she was 37) so we both were mature enough to make sound decisions. Even with all of these good things, we were still tested and our marriage has been a beautiful garden to tend for 13 years (like you).

I guess, all relationships that stand the test of time are miracles and thus very fragile and precious (listen when you get a chance to "Fragile", a beautiful song by Sting). It is a wonder that any couple makes it. I'm happy that you were able to find love again and have a family. Perhaps it wasn't meant to be with your Scorpio. There are so many wires that must connect for a relationship to begin and to thrive. If one of those connections doesn't happen or dies later on in the relationship, there could be an issue/issues in the relationship.

I am a praying man and believe all things will work out eventually if there is the will and the faith to make it happen. You could be an atheist in a relationship, making the commitment that you and your lover have a joint will and determination that says "We are ONE."

The short answer to your question is yes, I still would feel strongly about my Cancer, even without having children. No, it wouldn't be easy but I chose her and she chose me. I honor those choices and deem them worthy of my life's dedication. I will die loving this woman...and she knows it! tears from the sun, like tears from the sun

This story really brought home what I felt for one Scorpio many years ago. The level of unspoken, telepathic communication was actually supernatural. We sensed each other and knew what another was thinking and feeling at a great distance. I have never known a Scorpio before meeting him and the intensity literally took my breath away. Actually, I don't know if I could deal with that kind of intensity again, it was too much, it made me put my the other things in life on hold which wasn't very healthy, I guess. Ah, but the memories...

You are right...we are intense. I've been intense since I was a small child. It's not personal, it's just the way we are - our soul, our being.

Sorry, if you felt compromised because of that intensity. Please know that as a Scorpio, my intensity flows for my lover meaning that I always give her 100% of me (sometimes to my detriment - I don't mind that because I live from a state of abundance and my Cancer has the capability and passion to give what I need and "heal" me.)

I too have fond memories of past loves (of other signs as well). I'm just happy that I found the right one for me :)

Thank you so much, you are wonderful! I hope and pray to meet another Scorpio as I would like to experience those feelings again. Merging together without words, being one, unrepeatable. Perhaps one day...

i am a cancerian...your story literally inspired me..i am about to get married..i just hope i get a lovely scorpio man as my soulmate

I'm most infatuated with cancer sun signs. They're in my dreams and intrigue me to no end.

Cancer women are the best. :)))

I am a cancer woman :( i broke up last year with my scorpion bf bcoz of my stupidity, I have let him down, i was soooo stupidddd.. Now what's left is only regret.. half a year since that day but i still could not let him go out of my mind.. I am suffering.. I dunno whether i can get the same kind of love again..

I'm sure deep down, he'd give you another chance, if you let That transpire. I know I'd always want my cancer back. But I get that Life prevents such things

:( I have tried, i told him but he said he couldn't accept me anymore and now i bear my own suffering and couldn't stop blaming myself for what i did.. i am lost..

What made him break up?? I thought he accepted all flaws?

This is so beautiful. Thank you for writing this, I needed to read this.
BTW, this is funny; you wrote this on my birthday. :)

I am a cancer woman starting a relationship with a Scorpio man-and your story is made me tear up! It was literally love at first sight for me and our relationship is only 2 months old, but we have that unspoken communication, I am trying to make sure he's taken care of in every way possible, I think of him all the time...and our intimacy is beyond passionate-it's intuitive and erotic, but yet very pure. It's hard to "go slow" when we both spend so much time together, although I have been good about allowing him space-because I can definitely be clingy. He's the first man I've been with where I feel like I completely trust him, I feel safe with him, and it's so natural and fluid that there's no nervousness or anxiety. It is definitely a magnetic pull that draws us together. I looked at him the other night in his eyes and said (with my eyes) that I loved him-not aloud, silently, and he drew me in for a deep hug that engulfed my body. We stayed like that for a while, and then he told me how he felt about me. Keep in mind, I'm not trying to pressure him by telling him that I love him, I am really trying to move slow, for his sake. He is divorced with 2 kids and I have no kids, never married. There's more going into decisions he makes since there are children involved, so I am giving him the space and time for him to be sure of his decision to be with me, although I feel in my heart that we are going to be together. Time will tell. Thank you for your story, it reinforces the astrological compatibility reports.

Scorpio/Dragon and my wife is a Cancer/Monkey...a perfect match!

I reciently started seeing a scorpio/dragon and I am a cancer/monkey it was supposed to be a fling but its much deeper than that I feel complete and like hes my soul mate I dont know how to let him know how I feel or if he feels the same and its killing me do you have and advice?

I reciently started seeing a scorpio/dragon and I am a cancer/monkey it was supposed to be a fling but its much deeper than that I feel complete and like hes my soul mate I dont know how to let him know how I feel or if he feels the same and its killing me do you have and advice?

Scorpio and Dragon separately are the most passionate and most extreme of their respective zodiacs. Combined, it can be a volatile combination. That said, if he's going to fall in love with you, he's already done so. Take a chance, tell him how you feel. Worst that can happen is you find out now that it wasn't meant to be. I knew within hours that I was going to marry my cancer/monkey...a few hours later, I knew she was going to be pregnant twice. First would be a boy and the second pregnancy would be twins...however, I did wait 2 days before I told her that I was falling in love with her. I didn't have time to screw around with that whole dating thing, it's a waist of time. You don't know if you're really compatible with someone until you get into the comfortable around them relationship part. Why date for months only to find out you can't stand their bathroom habits or whatever. When i met my tobe wife, I had her practically living with me within the first week. That was 13 years ago...if you know, you just know. You know?

The crazy thing is we've been staying together since day one and im more comfortable than ive ever been around someone and I told him I really care for him and he said he does for me too but I dont know if its the same way I do to be honest I feel like hes my other half..

I'll warn you of this now, regardless of signs, of there isn't trust, there isn't a relationship. Trust him when he tells you he cares about you and loves you. If you ever doubt it, you'll subconsciously push him away until your fear becomes reality. I've seen it time and time again.

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:) I'm a cancer woman.

ppurcracker848 - I'm so glad that my story touched you. It is truly my experience, without embellishment or brag, just my simple truth :)

Thank you caaby - 13 years and still going strong!

FBLCA - A big part of why my relationship got traction in the beginning was I (the scorpio) got confirmation that although we both had busy schedules and lived apart from one another, she was faithful and serious about making our relationship work. She and I also made Friday nights our date nights, no matter what was happening in our lives. We became each other's refuge. The idea is to keep on connecting and fortify your connection. Always communicate that you are all about him and if he is truly into you, you will see him reciprocate in copious amounts! :) God bless you!

Am a cancer women,my boyfriend is a scorpio..we onli together for 4 months now ,at the beginning he was so supportive,caring and loving...and then after the 3rd month he started giving up on our relationship and I who's so attacted to him forced him 2 work it out with me because the thought of loosing him brings tears 2 my eyes because his wonderfull,I don't know what to do because my heart is telling me to not give up and my mind is telling me to let go

Scorpio men need passion and adventure, sometimes cancer woman's pragmatism can get in the way...not sure if this applies to your situation, but it might.

Sometimes u have to back up to bring a man to u...for some men its the thrill of the chase...give him his space..because being clingy can push a man away..and most of the time they just need a glimpse of what life would be life without u and it reels rite back me i know

awesome!!! its the type of connection scorpios and cancer crave for. you are lucky to have found one. cancer women rocks. they are the perfect mate, our soulmate, for us scorpios. gud luck :)

that was beautiful u got me crying :)