Yes, A Scorpio

I am the epidemy of what a Scorpio is said to be in horoscopes. I have heard horror stories, even lost friends because of it, but have never done any of those things I've heard about. I know what I want and won't settle for less. Is that so terrible?

I know I can come across as intense, but I'm reasonable above all else. I am only moody when I'm having a bad day, and it takes a lot to go wrong for it to count as a bad day. People who offend me aren't worth a second thought. I knew a Taurus man once who was worse than I am in that regard. That's self-respect.

I'm good at everything I do because it's important to me to do my best at all times. I know when I'm wrong, and am not afraid to admit it. My grandmother was shocked to hear me admit I was wrong once - I was 13 at the time. Pride can ruin you if you let it.

I am intelligent, talented, beautiful, and everybody loves me. That's my name, Amy, it means beloved. That is, everybody who doesn't view me as a threat.

I refuse to lie, cheat, or steal to get ahead or get my way. I won't walk all over someone, and I am not intimidated by anyone. This has gotten me in trouble in highly political work environment more than once. Who cares, they're just people!

How can we remove the stigma that surrounds the word "Scorpio"?
Amnibo Amnibo
31-35, F
5 Responses Sep 11, 2012

I have stopped trying

The thing is that the negative traits about Scorpio gain more publicity. We are brooding, vengeful, secretive, etc.

What doesn't go as well-noticed would be that we are:
-generally in good health or quick to heal

I should also add that it actually probably causes us Scorpios more emotional distress planning revenge against someone or shutting them out.

I don't think there is a way and to tell you the truth I like what people think about us.

We Scorpios, have a very particular skill set that allows us to perform many many roles to their highest. I embrace my Scorpio traits.

i don't think we can. people just assume they the scorps are bad without knowing the truth