Usually, Well A...

Usually, well almost always, I could careless about this type of thing, except for the amusing time you might check out your horoscope every once in a while. Than I dated a man (Libra) who was obsessed with Astrology. Well being obsessed with it is *odd* in my opinion BUT if you are well DARN it follow it!! lol

Apparently Scorpios and Libras should NEVER be together, we are each other's worst match, well HE was the darn astrologist (lol) he could have wiped out 5 years of ups and downs IF he only followed through with his own obsession. If he was obsessed (as he said he was) than he NEVER should have dated me, grins.

For 5 years we proved the dumb Astrologists RIGHT, we were each other's nemesis, NEVER should have spent an hour together let alone FIVE years.

Well there is TWO thing I agree about when they make huge generalizations about each sign. As a Scorpio, YES, I LOVE sex and two, yes I can be a vengeful person, but my choice of vengeance is to be happier than the people who have hurt me.

Now, ONE thing I COMPLETELY disagree with the Astrologers on this sign. I am a woman and guess what I HAVE NO HIDDEN DESIRE TO BE A MAN. If i REALLY wanted a penis I would buy one, and since when did astrologers cloak themselves as FREUD?????

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Huh...I'm wondering the same thing about your ex. I don't consider astrology to be all that dumb, but unlike most folks, I know it's more than just finding compatibility and it's more than what's in the papers. What I know is more than what I feel you'd care to know. But I DO like your frame of thinking about getting revenge by being happier than the ones who persecute you. They're unhappy anyway, by choice.

And while you're not into astrology, I appreciate that you're honest about it.

but ya know libra's can get along well my aunt and cuz are both libra and i get along with them just fine I mean I can see how we could bump heads (lol we just grazed lol) because both are very outspoken but in all honesty don't mess with a Gemini all i've met are two faced bad people not one of em i've ever had a good experience with and i wasn't like I was looking to see if they were Gemini but we met (girls and guys as friends) we talked for a while got to know each other then i hear they said something about me different from what they expressed to me so I don't trust the lot of em. that's off experience not astrology.

hello, i claim to be obsessed with astrology also, but i keep my mind strangely open to all beliefs, so thus i would connect with any sign of astrology, just in case my perception changes when i die.<br />
<br />
Read my story and you will know why. <br />
<br />
Im in this scorpio group also!^^

hey ar, i really like your take on this one :)