Do Not Understand A Scorpio

I do not understand a scorpio man. We were together for about 5 months. The reason I broke up with him is that the passion was not there anymore. For the last two times in bed we did not finish. I asked him about it and he told me that it is totally his fault, he still has an ex-girlfriend in mind. So, I desided to breake up as I do not want to be with someone who is not 100% with me. He started to talk me out of the break up, told me that things may change for better and he likes me. I did not let him talk me out of my desision. We ended it with him saying that I should let him know if I want to be together again. It was 5 days ago and now he has restricted me from seeing his timeline, photos etc. in Facebook, but did not totally block me. As it hurt me, I did the same.
I do not understand why he still wants to be with me if he does not have feelings for me and the sex is not good anymore. I thought that maybe he is just bord and does not want to be alone. But he is a handsome man and can get a sexy woman easily. I do not understand, what goes on in his mind.
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yeah if he's thinking about his ex, he still loves her and wants to be with her. You're just a rebound.
move on and find someone who will give you 100%.

if you can't ease his mind away from his ex, you're not the one.

I'm a Scorpio, it seem that most Scorpios have this problem. They like to be hurt and usually get broken into pieces. Scorpios love with a passion and are faithful like dogs with our feeling's. It's really up to you. I wouldn't give you advice because, I'M Not a *****.

He obviously cares I'm a scorpio female I would restrict my ex of 6 yrs on and off just so he knew there was something he was missing. I also find myself thinking of him when I try out other relationships but the fact that he was open means that he obviously cares about you and you are worth trying to move on for so maybe you should reconsider and try it out one more time. We are great people especially in relationships w. a partner freinds and family. Prove to him that you can work through it and he'll probably stick around forever.

I agree I think he was trying to be honest and tell you what was causing him to under perform in the bedroom and you cut him out of the picture listen him being a MAN how hard do you think it was for him to discuss this issue (bedroom issue) I am a Scorpio woman November 20 and everyone tells me I am too honest too bold and too blunt I think he WAS thinking about her and wanted to tell his woman what was on his mind because she is "understanding" and would talk with him about this issue "his feeling" which backfired and now he is single he's hurt and he wanted to hurt you back not too bad but just a little however there is always two sides to a coin this depends on how much he cared for you 5 months to me is not so long could be as simple as an ego trip cause he likes you and can't believe you broke up with him but that's your call if you want to know ignore his mind "f" he'll try to put you on and call him on his bs bring him back down to earth be blunt

The restricting you is him showing what you're missing, we scorpios love making people think and work for us and those that earned our trust have it 110% when we feel betrayed we do whatever it takes to get revenge. Try meeting with him and ask what makes him think about his ex, if you can put that out of his mind then he'll be everything and more.

more scorpio man head games...some scorp men can be cruel..

Not just males, scorpios are vendective when wronged and will go to any lengths to feel justified.

i am a scorpio and i do not go to great lengths when wronged....the most i do is cut the person off and move on.