A Scorpio With A Splash Of Fire.

I'm a Scorpio male and until recently never knew my moonsign as all the charts were too damn confusing, but I found a simple one while visiting home for the holidays and discovered I'm a Scorpio as my sunsign and a Sagittarius as my moonsign. This makes for a combo of very intense thought, planning and dreaming and others that shared this combo have been leaders, poets and builders. So let this be a lesson, you may know your sunsign, but if you don't know your moonsign, then how much do you really know? Food for thought.
Zurea Zurea
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thanks for the info. I don't really believe horoscopes but then you never know...

oooh I'm leo + gemini

"Communicative, easily adaptable, agile, curious and changeable. Likes to read and meet new people, hates doing same stuff for ages.".....lol i just thought that was the ADD

ADD just bolsters the desire even more. And trust me, I've seen others with not much faith in astrology, but the stars aren't like humans, they have no reason to lie.

hmm well that's interesting...gemini induced ADD

There you go! ADD from Gemini and the commanding pressence of the Leo.

I wish it was commanding lol...i will try that more often. "you there, pick up that litter!"

Commanding doesn't mean just telling others what to do, it can also mean that you walk into a room and everyone notices or even speaking in a calm, relaxed tone you get respect. There's other ways to be commanding without ordering, that's a leo's stick.

hmmm neato

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