A Female Scorpio - All Experienced

Scorpios are known to be the darkest and most mysterious of all zodiacs. It is a type of zodiac where people can't say anything about being a Scorpio unless they are one them self. Scorpios have a way of connecting with other people, always wondering what people are thinking, always trying to read someone. Scorpios are very good at relating to how someone is feeling or what they are thinking, and they seem to be very attractive and appealing with their mysteriousness. Scorpios are very good, however, at hiding what they are truly feeling. Scorpios have a very solid exterior, or outer cover, and it is very hard to determine how one is feeling. They could be very sad, but look plain on the outside. They could feel intimidated, but just don't show the emotion. Scorpios are known to be winners, and they are a very determined zodiac that will get anything done if they set their mind to it. Scorpio women hate show offs, and can literally see them a mile away. Scorpios are very good at detecting weakness and uncomfort and are quick to take notice. Scorpios don't, however, always admit to knowing, sometimes they just simply play it off because they want the individual to feel comfortable around them. One of the best jobs for a Scorpio is a detective, because of how well they take notice to things, and detect anything suspicious or wrong. Scorpios are very deep thinkers and the phrase "Thinking outside of the box" has never described Scorpios in a better way. Sometimes they over think things, but it rarely causes problems, it mostly comes in handy. Scorpios do love impressing people, but they try not to brag too much, because Scorpios like being appealing to everyone. Scorpios are a very unique zodiac, and nobody around the corner could exactly pull it off. It's something that your simply born with, and in my case you should be proud of.

Born November 6th,1999 under the great sign of Scorpio
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13-15, F
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love it :)

Just what I always seemed to think about my zodiac! Wasn't trying to brag or anything, just wanted to give my full opinion on what I've done research on and what I'm based off of being a Scorpio and all. None of the information is unaccurate, its all based on research and personal experience!