A Scorpio Man's Advice to Anyone Who Mates With a Scorpio

I am a Scorpio man in all areas. My wife calls me the perfect definition of a Scorpio. Strongwilled, intelligent, passionet and domineering.  Heh, she also says I am the apotome of an Alpha Male. There is another side to being a Scorpio as well, faithfull, spiritual, loving, great Father to my kids, musically inclined, creative and yes, sometimes dark.

We will save the physical aspect (SEX LIFE)  of a Scorpio for some other occasion.

We Scorpio's tend to mate for life, and during that time, our spouses KNOW that they are the center of our universe. Their appreciation of us feeds our already capracious egos, making them indespensible to us. As a result, we tend to turn all of our attention and passion  on our spouses , which can be a bit intimidating at first for them. The fire of a Scorpio's passion burns hotly indeed. Many women have felt scorched by the flames of a Scorpio, only to come back for more, because intensity like that is addicting.

Where some people say that Scorpios are "domineering", I say that we are passionet.

Now, for the downside of the equation...With passion comes an innate sensitivity to the other person. You're every mood, feelings, appeareance, facial expression, everything, we notice.  We have been accused of being vindictive, of harboring Machavillian intent,,,,Ok, I'll give them that one, but... with a provision. Exuding that passion, caring and loving someone as much as we do. comes at a very dear price to a Scorpio. We invest heavily in the person we love That person becomes an extention of our highest ideals and values . People seem to think that just because we are so confident and domineering (justifiably so of course) that we also dont have feelings. And there in is our downfall.

It's impossible for a Scorpio to invest so heavily in passion, and in love, of our spouse  without having to pay the price of that Passion. When we get hurt, and we actually do, our response is either flames (anger, yelling, acting out) or, much much MUCH worse, Ice.

Have you ever been swimming in nice warm waters, on a beautiful day, with the shore close by, feeling safe and secure, and maybe a little buzzed from some afternoon wine,  when all of a sudden, the water becomes ice cold, clouds cover the sun, and the temperature drops 40 degrees in an instant, and you feel cold clammy things pulling at your feet? Thats what it feels like when a Scorpio shuts you out.

To protect ourselves (and we will, the statement from Douglas Adams comes to mind..."if there is an ego out there greater than mine, I want it found, shot, cut up into little pieces, resurrected, set on fire, and shot again"), we build a shell around us. Passion and fire comes at a heavy price, to us, a very heavy price indeed, and, to protect ourselves, we freeze our spouse. Sorry, I know it doesn't reflect well on us, but its true. Just ask any Scorpio spouse.

In conclusion, to love a Scorpio requires an abdgenation of self. The rewards however, are for you to decide.


ps Heh, trust me, it is totally worth it



When I first wrote this in October of '08, I never thought it would reach so many people in so many ways nor did I imagine that it would be interpreted in so many ways. For the most part the comments have been very positive with most people being able to balance the good parts with the...less than good parts. Some even chose to write essays on their love life which is like going up to a Great White Shark in the ocean and suggesting he try eating kelp for a change. All in all, I have been very pleased with the input from all here. To those who only seem to be able to focus on the negative, Allow me to give you a little background on being me and the heart of a Scorpio man.

I tried relationships until I was in my mid twenties when I found the woman I was supposed to marry. I had just moved to the Washington DC area from Denver where I had been a welder with a degree in computer programming.At the time, I was more interested in working with "things that were real and had substance". Shortly after arriving in Washington, all my gear was stolen and I had to resort to my wits to get by. I became a very successful street vendor selling hot french stuffed rolls and hot coffee. This role helped force me out of my self because the more outrageously I flirted with the clientele or talked finance with the businessmen passing buy, the more I prospered.

I had been working this area of town by "K" street when I saw her. One look was all it took for me...it took another two months before she would go out with me. Three years later we were married, three years after that we became parents. During that six year period, we loved, fought, quit smoking, quit drinking/partying. We also learned how to fight fairly. If I have any real advice for everyone out there, and it does not pertain just to Scorpios, is to learn how to argue. It tends to drop arguments by 90% simply because most arguments are circular and never progress outside that circle. See a professional about this please.

Having a baby in the house changes everything in your life. It's one of those, if you haven't experienced it, no words will suffice, and if you have experienced it, no words are needed. Your entire focus is on that little person that was created as a conscience act of love. Life as we had known it went completely out the window. Like many parents, we went through child raising courses throwing away the garbage and keeping what was valuable. Heh, during one of the courses, I innocently asked the instructor, "Yes but after feeding and changing the baby, what do you actually DO with them"? I figured that one out pretty quickly and haven't been the same since. There is something so honest and pure about looking into the eyes of a child, and seeing the unqualified love flow right back at you......Women, never use getting pregnant to keep a Scorpio man. We will feel cheated. We will love the baby forever, but we also recognize the dishonesty that you used to "keep" us and will despise you forever for it. 

Four years after our first baby was born, things had settled down, we felt we were ready for another one. There were some difficulties during the pregnancy with Doctors telling me privately that ALL women complain about pain when they are pregnant. Well, that said, 5 days after our second daughter was born my wife was diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer. That diagnosis changed everything. Suddenly I was the one swimming in the ice cold lake with rubbery things trying to pull me down. Here I was a thirty-five year old man with a newborn and a four year old that I absolutely adored, and the love of my life given a death sentence of six months or less.

It really wasn't much of a choice. I could shut her out and prepare for a life without her, just me and the girls, or, I could throw all my love and passion into....not so much keeping her alive, I had already accepted the reality of her death, but rather making her remaining days helping her deal with her situation, and letting her know that we were married "until death do us part" It took three years instead of six months, and the beauty of what we went through at that time outweighed the horror of what we were going through. Her parents were very supportive during this time, really very good Christian people. Their daughter was dying, and you are never supposed to have to bury your children.

A few days before she passed, we were talking about having all the arrangements that has been set up. After going through everything I said there was just one thing..what did she want to be buried in. Her response brought me to my knees, "I want to be buried in my wedding dress, so that when you pass away I will be dressed to marry you again" 

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Your story brought me to tears... I'm so sorry that you had to go through that (big hug). Now I'm sitting here and wondering how you are now, have you met someone else?, are you married again? are you happy? Please tell me good news because my heart broke when I read your story and I need to hear good news about your life...

My life is good in the areas that matter most. I have remarried, my girls are now women with full lives.
There is always room for improvement in any life of course.
How are you?

Thank you for responding, I'm glad you're doing well and that you remarried, it gives me hope. I'm great thanks and you're right there's always room for improvement otherwise we'd have boring lives!

I have to ask, why would you need hope?

Hope that I'll meet someone, fall in love, have kids and continue to do work that I love. (It wouldn't hurt if the person is a scorpio)

Sounds like good positive reasons for hope. When you least expect it, your life will change in an instant.

I'm sure it will. Thank you for the encouragement. All the best in all you do and God bless you.

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I have read your post a few times ..so sorry about your wife. That was a beautiful story about the two of you. I have a problem with a Scorpio male maybe you can enlighten me on...Iet him over a year ago and we talked he kept asking to meet yes it was an on line thing finally we did and then lost touch then started talking again things were going fine and then poof he disappeared again..so out if the blue I messaged him and to my suprise he responded we talked all polite and when I asked what happened he said I had lied to him. ..I asked him about what he said he wouldn't tell me ...I am lost why if he thinks I lied would he not tell me and then respond all polite and what not..

Love this! Thank you :) I have a hot and cold Scorpio... I hear Scorpio men like to be pursued, so I'm inclined to keep reaching out to him to keep his attention. I'm very intrigued and think he could be the one, any recommendations to win him over?

Absolutely none, as all people are different, so good luck there. I will say that we do enjoy the hunt of an alluring prey.

My experience in life has made me tougher and somewhat unemotional to a lot of things that normally elicited emotional responses in the past. What I just read now did something different to me. Your story is too touching and brought me to tears. My prayer is that God gives you wisdom, resources and strength to take care of your lovely children. You are an amazing husband and I know that you will carry your wives legacy for your children. God bless.

Thank you

how do you handle a cold scorpio male?

Thanks a lot for sharing your story may your wife rest in peace I couldn't help crying ! I m really sorry ...it's hard to lose your life partner as if life had ended at tt point ! Stay strong after all you are a Scorpio :) my husband is a Scorpio and one important thing you missed that they are very sacrificing for the ones they love .

I agree with what you say on how scorpios shutting u out cold. I'm going through it as we speak. This male scorpio of mine is very vindictive. He always shuts me out for weeks at a time. And It bugs me how he temporarily abandons me. We have a 6 month baby boy and he is good to our child. But he has a very dark side of him which scares me greatly. He has a drinking problem...of course try telling him that. He doesn't believe he has a drinking problem. His family know he does. It got so bad last weekend on 4th of July I almost had to call the police. He is just a negative person who gets off on negativity. That's how I see it as. He stopped complimenting me over a year ago. How can someone live like that....? We broke up once and 2 months later we got back together. after that break up he has never been the same with me. He's taking full advantage of me and my kindness. I feel he thinks he has full control of our situation because he knows I want this family to work. And now I'm getting the s***ty end of the stick. How can we go back to the way it use to be? How can his family and myself help him to understand he has a drinking problem and to seek help? He won't go and he is such a negative person with me. If he wasn't such a negative, disrepectful person all would be so good to the point where I would say yes to marriage. Another thing I would like to mention is how does a person that wanted to marry, move in with me, always wanted to be around me and have a baby together, telling me he has never loved a person so fast like how he did with me to being sulky, rude, unforgiving, vindictive, disrepectful, always being sarcastic with me and always showing me by his body gestures that he doesn't care wut I have to say when I start a conversation...? I don't get it... all this time I thought it was me but I was told he's always been like this even with his ex. How do we help a scorpio out with his problems?

The question you really need to ask yourself is why are you accepting his behavior. If your answer is "because I love him", then your wrong. Love doesn't mean being a doormat. If you really love him then quit accepting his behavior. Right now you are enabling him every time you put up with it or give in.

look at my post below....i need your help

Thank you for sharing your story. It is inspiring. And I am sure not something easy for you to do. Blessing to you and your girls.

hi! your life story is really touching...may ur wife rest in peace, n may Almighty grant you with her eternal companionship..amen! i want serious help from you as you are a mature man+a mature scorpio. PLEASE HELP ME SAVE OUR RELATION! m a virgo woman being in a very serious relationship with my scorpio man from 5+ years...been through huge ups n downs, he and i connected on a spiritual level...he was so young,21, when he proposed me, waited for more than a year for my answer.loved whole heartedly, n i fell hard for him.when i agreed for marriage, his mother wudnt accept me, and he cant marry me without his family's consent.slowly he became more serious and short tempered, we used to fight alot in the start, as time passed, we fight less and more severe, but after every fight i always felt more and more connected.he has a habit of avoiding me during all that period, always insults me very badly n later when i confront him, he says it was anger. gifted me alot in start but has stopped gifting me that much now...he has issues because of her mother, and now its ALWAYS me who has to ask out...he is happy n connected while be with me, but always try to avoid seeing me ar calling me....never had sex because of religious restrictions, n he understands that also, but enjoys n sometimes forces me into some intimate acts which we both repent later... i am soooo much into him that i starve for his voice n his time, n he always gets angry about this, we had a row after me complaining and insulting him about this, since then he is constantly insulting on my apology after apology and has said that he doesnt love me anymore, he was just keeping his words from 3 years(its a lie cz before 2 yearz he was fighting his mother for me) asked me to marry somebody else. he KNOWS how much i am into him, and cant survive this but still. now he has stopped replying me at all.... i am soooo much in pain n confuse about his acts, its umpteenth time he has crashed my self respect by calling me ugly n useless n wh----ore n what not... what shall i do??? any suggestions??? he says he never loved me, it was just a childish crush he had, but crushes cant last for yearzzzzz....or am i being wrong??? i just want to know whats inside his head. i always encourage him for his family's pressure, he asked me to wait until they agree and i am doing that from 5 yearz. now what,is he just being angry and tense because of his family not letting us get married or is he giving up really????? can he marry somebody else after sharing all of him with me??? i cant! what shall i do??? please DO HELP ME! PLEASE SIR!

please help me....raisingwolves

In response to your post I just have one bit of advice. Dump the bastard. Pick up the shattered threads of your self esteem and move on. If he actually loved you he would treat you like it. He is playing power games, and you are letting him. Love does not mean being a doormat, but rather respecting each other so much you can't live without each other.

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OMG that sent a shiver up my spine x

I'm a cancer n my fiance is a scorpio july 27th we will be together for a year... Yes we moved a lil fast but it was love a first site... Everything was perfact till he went to of town for work n i made the mistake n went to my exs house n didn't tell him n he found out threw my fb i left up one his phone... I almost lost him that night but he gave me another change... He hangs it over my head though... But then a couple of weeks ago his sis needed a ride n i gave her one n I took her bu a guys house n instead of staying in the car n waiting for her i went in... That caused more problems... Now all i hear is where did u go? who were who with? Who was all there? Your lying? Who are u sleeping with? All i want is for him to trust me again n for him to stop downing me n but now he is looking for a reason n waiting for me to mess up again... Can you help me???

I've never cheated on him. I am fully committed n loyal n i don't know how to prove it to him

Beautiful story. I was searching the net to figure out how to get a Scorpio man back to the sweet side. I'm a Pisces and also a recovering alcoholic. This Scorpio man approached me three years when I was taken. He said his first time seeing me he fell in love with my beauty and energy. Well he came back around during the detox phase from my horrible relationship. I was a horrible drunk spiral downward. He stepped in to help me get better but me being drunk everyday didn't take advantage of it. He would visit me at world, compliment me, make love to me, do whatever he can to help me and I in his word "sh!+=d" on his help. Once I began to get help and became more sober I began to fall hard for him. We considered each others soul mates. He was the first man that ever mentioned marriage to me and my heart dropped. I wanted him more and more. But by this time he was backing away because I was pushing him away with my bad habits. He seemed controlling after a while. Wanted to know where I was, who I was with, who I've been talking too, etc. Keep in mind we were never in a relationship and all this started back in October 2013. He mentioned wanting to change my look, what I wore, how I had my hair where I hung out, etc. He hated all my friends, Co workers, and family. He didn't think any of them were good for me and that they were the reason I was so damaged and began a drunk. He wanted me to hang and be with him. He would tell me all the time how no one else cares about me but he does. Tell me how all he wants is for me to get help and get better and how perfect I was for him when I was sober. I love him so much even though everyone I know hates him and he hates them. I've been sober since March 2014. I've relapsed 5 times since then. That burned his soul up. He would tell me I'm nothing but a damaged, coward, emotionally needy, attention wh○? €, with low self esteem a victim mentality. I'd hear this daily. Yet he would still say he wants me to get help and that just because I'm his soul mate doesn't mean we will be together. He mentioned he always want me but I need help. He told me he was going to erase me out of his life and I went crazy and he sent me to jail. He then decided not press charges. So I'm out and he's still saying how he wants to help me and continues to contact me. But not like before. He's just nosey about what I'm doing who I'm doing it with and if I'm drinking. He believes nothing I say and I feel like he doesn't see my improvement. I caught both ends of the scorpio. And during the process I fell in love. The way he reacted to me was like no other. I may sound crazy for wanting him still but I do. I just don't know how to not contact him. He wants me to better my life and I just want him in my life
Along side me while I get better.
Sorry I typed so much

Keep coming back, it works if you work it. As you gain strength through your recovery he may see this growth in you and respond positively. You know the things you need to do and the steps you need to follow. Give it time and keep working the program. Good luck to you

Thank you.

i have lot of queries, kindly send ur email ID, i wanna talk in detail.

Hi...my hubby is scorpio too...to make matters worse I am an arien...we"ve been fighting all through our first date, courtship, marriage, pregnancy, baby, phew!!...Jus wanna stop fighting now...I am a psychiatrist and so is he...LOL...but i just felt lyk surfing the internet to kno if i can find a solution to this problem....read your story, really touching...god bless your wifes' soul...tc

Hello, I am a Aquarian/piscean woman who is dating a Scorpio man who happens to be younger than me. We've been together for almost 2 yrs and have been fighting a lot recently and I'm just at my wits end on how to communicate my concerns or issues with him without him getting defensive or completely shutting down from me. Thus my search and read your story - which is truly heartfelt!

Would truly love some guidance on the best ways to communicate with a Scorpio man.

Your thoughts are greatly appreciated!

well trying to figure a scorpio man and aha GOOGLE. lol. Your story is so sad.. but your wife will guide you from beyond. Just let her. Such a beautiful story. I like his qualities and am trying to understand him. I know he has to be the boss, I am a Leo.You sound like you have the same qualities as him. My heart and prayers go out to you.

<p>Your insite was inlightening. Im married to a scorpio man. We have been together almost 8 years. I haven't cheated on him or anything like that but when we argue im super nasty. My mouth has hurt him one to many times. I so sorry but not sure how to express myself. Dont want to push him further away. I'm a virgo and im usually thinking about winning. Not necessary thinking how bad I sound or how deep I go. My husband has expressed that he is no longer in love with me but loves me still. I too am not in love like I once was. I do love him and DON'T WANT TO LOOSE him. I need him, he is my greatest supporter since my Father. We use to be best friend and i miss him so much. I've never loved a man like this before. We share 5 children and 3 together. He has talk about divorce and/or a seperation. I dont want either. But he has agreed to try once again. I Just want to fix it with him and most of all make him happy again.. Can't eat, can't sleep. Sick!! Please help me if you can.</p>

I posted this on my main post "Learn How To Fight", You said yourself, you don't care what you say as long as you win. If you keep on the path you are going, you are going to be one lonely woman.

Am in a relationship with a Scorpio man, like no other relationship I've ever had. He's unique, complicated, soulful, passionately moral yet dances to his own tune. Has pushed me to the absolute limit many times, has brought me to the edge and forced me to look at myself and life without my rose tinted spectacles. Ive been stretched and almost broken by this man but as a result am twice the shy, timid and fearful Cancerian woman i was. He has grabbed my hand and shown me how life really is, rejecting all that is fake and insincere. Despite his ill health he is my inspiration and my hero, my love and truth. I cant imagine life without him.

Your story brought home to me how true love should be: fearless, even in death, loyal to the end, facing everything life throws at us with love and a steely determination. You inspire me, as does your beautiful angel, your late wife who loved you deeply. May your daughters keep you strong. I pray you find peace and love again in your life. Your story is compelling and moved me to tears, it took a brave man to share that with others. God bless.

Talex- that brought a few tears right there very heartfelt I am with a Scorpio and I am a Capricorn I adore him he loves me I am sure of this but it's hard maintaining a long distance relationship but through God I keep the FAITH we both went through the deaths of our spouse's and we love each other very much he drives trucks I drive buses he visits every two weeks but when he's here it is so hard for us to leave each other so I oved ur story of ur life and I pray all is well u thx for this inspiring story.

lol... everyone's always so hard on us poor misunderstood scorpys.... if they would just read our minds, they'd know exactly how to make us happy... come on.. it's not rocket science here people! *wink wink*
so sorry about your wife... i know this was several years ago.. but it was a great read.. and i had to comment. *smiles*

I am a scorpio eoman dating a scorpio man. The ththings that you said about the men, ring true for the women. When i first meet him. It was so intense and unexpected. But we i hear him speak so powerfully, and that he was scorpio i almost set out to have him fall in love with me. Because i know how we love. If the men are like the women... I love hard, im faithful, im honest, im good to who i love and totally want to hecome one with them. My love.scares others too at first. But i felt he would or.could appreciate it and understand it in ways other men cant. Hes like riding a wild bull with a gentle heart. Lol i have to hold back my topical scorpio ways and learn when to be submissive to him but im a fire.cracker too. For the first day we meet we have been like two peas in a hot pod.lol but i wanted to thank u for your story. You know i cried only a scorpio man could endour so much pain and love at the same time. Im sorry about our wife. But she seemed like a blessings... Your a.good man. And thats why i kust had to grab my Scorpio man when i met him. Thats the kinda love ive wanted. The same love that i give as a scorpio woman. We.are still new but i thinking we are falling in love. Good luck, great story

I was married to a Scorpio for 9 years. He slowly became a mean psycho and was really subtle about it. When we met he seemed like a genuinely nice man and I was very picky about who I spent my time with. But verrrry slowly, over time, he became very manipulative, sneaky, started using substances in secret...like he'd sneak out to the garage to take something, or get high in the horse barn and then hide in our den for HOURS afterward. really pretty weird. Every nice thing that was part of the relationship was ruined by him whether it was intangible or some material item. He literally had no respect after a while for my body, my feelings, my family, his family, our home. He even let stray "friends" come to the house and they'd party, with no regard to his children or wife. And mostly, he turned on me and started criticizing me up and down, all the time, saying the most cruel things, things that anyone would feel hurt by. I dont think that that is some cute, scorpio trait - like everyone says - i think he was just an a------------le. Most Scorpio guys I know think they are all special and understand some mystical gypsy aspect of life...they think they understand the secrets to the universe better than anyone, when really they are just childish blowhards.

I've been on and off with a Scorpio for about 4 years he fooled around at first but i caught him and dumped him and i don't think he does it anymore , it took hard work my problem now is that i can never trust him anymore , he's a liar and he can't stop it he lies about the silliest things and when i confront him he gets angry , however he introduced me to his family and told me about his exes and says he's never been in love with anyone like he is with me , i feel like i can't rely on him to be there if I'm upset and need him around, i don't get it ,I think that he never knows what to do to make me feel better and it scares him but i don't know, also other women have seriously thrown themselves on him and he didn't flinch , he even told me about it but I've also witnessed it and i believe it he's very attractive, and i love him so much , i don't want to fight anymore , but I'm afraid of being betrayed by him and i also get really jealous i don't even want him around other females, as for the sex he says he's never been attracted to anybody as much as he is to me and that he only wants to be with me, we live in different countries now and I'm not used to a long distance relationship with him I don't know how to deal with it but we seem to fight every couple of days , he asks me to do stuff on Skype camera and i have a couple of times for him but I get really uncomfortable doing them and I'm a very suspicious person so I'm always worried he might record it, How should i deal with everything? please help me ,, Your story made me cry and I'm so sorry for your loss , i hope you're doing better now <3

A Rule that I have always lived by is "if a person fools around on, me, they will do it again". From reading your post its pretty clear that your trust in him doesn't outweigh the hurt and the fear that you will be hurt again by his actions. Now the two of you are living in different countries, raising the trust issue even higher.
You already know the right thing to for you. You sound like you are smart enough to work things out on your own. Please don't turn into one of those who can't make decisions for yourself, you have way too much strength and self respect to be that way.
Do me a favor please. Let me know when you have done with him.
Thank you and God Bless.

wow.. m married to a Scorpian man n he is exactly the way u described youself on behalf of others.... yr story touched my heart and i am really sorry for your loss. I would like to know, when u ppl turn a cold shoulder, its impossible to even get them to look at you leave alone talking.. its v difficult to pass or rather even breathe during that time.. how do u convince them to talk n make it upto you within an hour. coz your cold shoulders are like 2-3 days long which injures the relationship without u ppl realizing it.

Your story is amazing and I can totally picture the scorpio man I love doing the same.
Well there are 2 scorpio men in my life..
When I was in college, he and I became best buddies.. Then after around 6 months, I got engaged to another scorpio who seemed socially and mentally compatible ( it was an arranged marriage.. As is a custom in my culture)
When physically I did not feel much for my fiancée, (but he seemed to have made me his in his mind from day one) I tried to break it off but he cried and well he seemed so much in love with me that I thought we could make it work and we did..and now I do feel it with him physically too. But there was always a sense of loneliness in my soul ....
On the other hand there were always underlying vibes with my friend... And just his 'look' could n still can make me loose my appetite and give me butterflies in my stomach.
Nothing serious happened physically with the friend except emotionally, mentally ...we were very connected, I know we loved each other but could not really admit it to each other then as we were not socially or financially compatible.. My friend and I went on with our lives n lost touch for almost 14 years.. Then we sent friendly emails once in a while and finally met up after 17+ years..
Henceforth we are still in touch though we have met only 3-4 times.. In the oast 6 years as we live in different states. The strength of what I feel for him has blown me away.. He says he loves me too( in such a matter of fact sort of way...like it always was n always will be) but we are both committed to our lives and spouses and love them too...we video chat once a month and it is as if sometimes this tide of emotion flows through which literally leaves me speechless! It's like he has the key to my soul!
I am looking for an antidote to this irrational feelings of love without loosing the friendship bit of it... We are very honest with each other and even share the same birthday!
He wants me to keep a check on the intensity and says I am strong enough to control it when I told him that my feelings for him are getting out of hand n distracting me too much... And when I told him tht I sometimes tend to love him like a wife would, he said, with a lot of raw emotion in his eyes,' not to for both our sake'. He is too busy with work , n too disciplined, so does not get as much time to ponder n this automatically keeps him more grounded. Whereas I am stay at home mom. He says like his family n friends, he tends to take me for granted.. N he doesn't miss me like I miss him. We both stay away from our spouses for work reasons most of the month n when we r with them, then the intensity of feeling is dulled...

I so want to make out with him but will that not be totally wrong.. ? Need help to stop the chemical rush I get when he is on the horizon either physically or mentally...

I am a Taurus who thought was ins stable relationship with a Scorpio man untill weeks ago. We met had a whirlwind romance and got pregnant within 3 months. I guess bells should have gone off as he didn't seem keen but was supportive in his way. Before u know it he wanted to meet my family and asked me to move in with him. 6 months of meeting we were living together. We seemed happy however he had a rule every Friday he said it was his time to go out recharge is batteries and I was ok with that as one needs space. Within 2 months of living together he said he was going away for a nite to see a friend however I had a Suprise I had arranged which I had to reveal and he turned me down and went on his way. Baby was fast approaching by we weren't physical anymore. I started getting suspicious but had no evidence of cheating. Baby was born and he was involved and happy ... Well so I thought. Then alas something happens. It meant living the house we shared so we were homless. With a newborn I ended up at Ma parents and he at his relative ... That was his version. Months later I receive a call from the other woman who told me he has been living with her and that he says I trapped him to have a baby he doesn't love me blah blah. In fact she said will put him on the line as proof but line died. She called to say he hang up. Also mentioned there was someone else. My world came tumbling down. First thing in the morning he called I told him I didn't want to know and I put the phone down. He said he would come see me tell me his version. He turns up at Ma door step with the 3 rd woman that was alleged to break the other two up. She said she wanted to talk to me woman to woman. Told me the other woman been calling her for months asking her to leave her boy friend ( Ma partner). The 3rd woman said she was married but her and Ma partner were friends although he had mentioned her in passing I had never seen nor spoken to her. I listened and my partner admitted he had been seeing the other woman but they broke up hence her calling me to hurt him.
He denied telling her about trapping him.
I told him I will think about the reconciliation. We have been trying to rebuild the relation ship but rumours are now rife about him with other women and just using me to take my money ....
I don't know what to do as I love my partner and I want my child to grow up in a two parent household.
My question is can this work ??
Do u think he feels I trapped him although he says otherwise?

Ps reading your story made me realise what I have never experienced. I am envious but at same time given hope that such love is possible between two people. Be grateful u shared that feeling albeit for a short period. Stay blessed

9/4 I'm so lost! I'm a scorpio woman. Scorpio and scorpio, I know not the best mix... I have been when this man for about 11 months. We started out great, but ignorance is bliss! We could say he's the bad boy type. This was a long distance relationship. We've had A LOT of ups And downs. He has cheated and lied before but now that I think about it its partially my fault...

9 months ago we had broke up, just a few months in and I started dating someone else right way. Even though we were still communicating with each he told me I broke his heart. He told me this after we got back together. Every since then he wasn't the most faithful. I think what I did triggered that, I know scorpio men like revenge, don't like their egos bruised. I didn't believe him when he told me I hurt him, that probably hurt more. Sorry if I'm talking in circles!

I'm coming to realize that I may have Not been the best girlfriend, I usually disagreed with him, didn't value his opinion, ignore him, we'd Always argued, I didn't compliment him enough, I just completely did the opposite of what a scorpio guy needed. I was a little younger and hurt so I didn't realize what I was doing. But at the end of the day I Always knew there was love, I can't trust him but I love him. He is currently in jail, when he gets out I want to apologize to him for my wrong doings. I really love him a lot, and want things to work but trusting will be hard.

He has been through a lot in his life and I've Always to help him see the good in self, that's why I usually stayed, I Want to better him, make him be the best man he could be. Maybe that's why I critized him. Please share your thoughts and advice!

Also, your story is amazing! I'm proud of the decision you made to stick by your wife!

Oh believe me he knows! I\'ve told him many of times, I think the thing is he never really gave me an apology. Like you said, he needs to take responsibility for his actions. So until then, I\'ll continue to leave him alone!

I agree with you 100% and although after that comes days of silence right is right and I think they respect it at the end of the day ,

So it is 8/16 as I feared... he hurt me. Even worse I LOVE HIM & have to see him everyday at work. I started thinking something was not right... he started sleeping over less... I asked him to just tell me if he was dating/sleeping with anyone else. Told him I would respect him more if he told me then. He went silent, work was unbearable for a week. I broke the silence as has been our track record.. He said sorry for going ghost I was embarrassed for going silent sorry for locking my vault. Then 2 days later I told him I want things to go back to the way they were but a better version. If he wanted to try again or be friends. Just for him to let me get to know him more. His exact answer I happen to cling to good and positive energy and vibes. No doubt I cherish the friendship we've found and & would really enjoy to keep n also grow that friendship. Then asked me to come to his house for a BBQ.

That was 7/26 after that things were amazing everyday we flirted at work he brought me food or energy drinks. Sent me texts all day and night almost better then it ever was. 8/2 he texts me that he has been beside himself& a lil depressed lately. Must be his irregular menstruation s. Said he would enjoy my company sometime soon to chill and chat or just speculate about random things. Hoped I was keeping myself together. I asked in person or phone and if he wanted help with work sales.

He said he preferred to have me as a confidant when I was available. Then sent me a pic saying I just want you to be happy and naked.
All was bliss until this Saturday 8/10. We are all out and his GF shows up. This is how I found out he got back with her. Then I pulled him away from her and he was like come on. You saw all the signs and we have not slept together in a while. So I told him to leave or I would have him kicked out. Then I texted him I hated him for 2 days straight. It has been a week and all he does is stare at me all day long. Help me GOD I LOVE him. I want to ask him why? I want to know everything every detail... I do not know what to do... Someone tell me, is there a chance.. oh his on again off again GF of 2 years is 13 years his senior. Also supposedly she just will not leave him alone according to all his friends.

Rule number 1: never date a co-worker. Period.
Why is there any question about getting back together. If he loved you he would not treat you this way. You are being used as a tool. Wake up, look around, then dump him. Emotionally he has already dumped you.

I know you are 100% He has started communicating with me again trying to talk

I for the first time in March began dating a Scorpio. It was a whirlwind romance as I was going through some very difficult issues at work, my scorpio stood beside me and I fell very quickly. I am a cancer and I don't open up that fast to others. But I was such an emotional mess and he let me cry, wiped by tears and even put my shoes on for me one night. It didn't come without obstacles and later on I began to make up some lies in my head about how he felt about me and played a few games with him. I did tell him how I felt but later I realized they were some of my own trust issues. In a rant I just broke it off with him. Later, I realized how much I missed him. He never came after me. Part of the issues is that he is separated but not divorced. Its been almost 3 months since I have seen him. We have kept in touch off and on and its mainly because I make the first step. I have asked and pleaded to see me again and he won't tell me no, he just says not right now.
I have shared with him the revelations that I learned about myself during that time. And I even asked him if what we had was real because at times I didn't believe but later I knew that it was. He said that it was and he doesn't say things he doesn't mean. I knew that. I hurt him and I have apologized. Right now he is like Ft.Knox. He will respond in email or text but most of the time it is fairly formal although the last few weeks he was flirting a little and joking around with me which was really funny. During this time of absence I have also done alot of soul searching, basically is he the right man for me. I have had a fear of getting involved with the wrong guy. But this was so different, I think I got scared and ran. I really do believe now that we are meant to get together. Do I just do nothing now or do I continue to gently pursue him. Even when my work thing was finished I asked him if I could still ask him some questions or if he would rather me not contact him anymore, He assured me it was still fine.
Raising wolves, thank you so much for sharing your courageous story. It is heartbreaking. Thankyou for being open and sharing with all of us.

To the COURAGEOUS man that wrote this... I applaud you. You are the definition of a true man, father, and devoted husband. Words will never express how I felt as I read part 2 of this blog. The part that brought you to your knees... my heart warmed and tears came to my eyes. You found the l love that we ALL desire and you honored your wife without abandoning her. Her loyalty to you even in death is beyond what human love is. Thank you for having the courage to share something so intimate with the world. May you find that agape/eros love again. God bless youmy brother, my friend.

I am in love with a scorpio man, and I am a taurus woman. I'm very stubborn and I disregard alot of the affection he shows me considering the piles of women that magnetize towards him. I know he loves me.. What can I do to get past this phase of us both hiding these intense feelings out of fear??? (you're story is beautiful and it's one that gives me hope to hold on to him)

Are you sure you want the answer to this one? If no, then close the link. Usually when people ask for advice the last thing they want is the truth.

As long as you are being "stubborn and disregard a lot of the affection he shows me".....Ask your self this question. Why is he still with me? From your words, you are a cold fish to him and you don't return the warmth that he obviously feels for you. Get off your butt, let him know you love him before one of the "piles of women that magnetize towards him" reflects the affection and love he so clearly has to give. Quit playing with his feelings in this way. Your comment is one of the most selfish I have ever seen.

Hi there,

Your story brought tears to my eyes, and a deep feeling in my heart. I can imagine how difficult the situation was...heart breaking. You may also just feel more freedom and liberation from death now. I had a past love commit suicide....while it was one of the most painful, gut-wrenching experiences, it brought me closer to myself, and connected to life. I am grateful for this, and for feeling the loss of someone so dear to me...it gives me a whole new appreciation of what love is.

As for scorpios...I am dating one, with two scorpio brothers, and a scorpio mom. Hello scorpios haha :) In my experience, scorpios are very intuitive, and pierce through any facade. They appreciate realness, and sincerity. They can be quite secretive, and have a 'smooth' approach to getting what they want.
I've never felt more loved, unconditionally, than by my scorpio sun/virgo moon guy. He supports me, he is the rock I need, if I fall. I show him I love him, in so many ways, that's what he deserves. He is the love of my life. :) <3 love to everyone

Im a capricorn woman and although for the majority of my life I have hidden my heart behind a wall that would put Jericho to shame.. I have fallen madly and completely in love with a scorpio man. I have learned to deal with his hot and cold flashes because I love everything about him, even the sting of his not so sweet side. But this last ice age has completely devastated me... he recently broke up with me after a fairly big fight. I said some pretty harsh things, all of which I regret and have apologized for profusely. He agreed to work things out and said we had a lot to talk about before we get as close as we once were. He wanted to talk in person always to "see my facial ex<x>pressions and look into my eyes" we began seeing each other again, and at least to me it was far more intimate, passionate and amazing than it had been before the break up. Well... he has a history with the law and one day as I was packing a bag to go to his house as we had planned, he told me that something was wrong but he couldnt talk about it. He wished there was something I could do but there wasnt. I told him I loved him and I was here for him no matter what... then he disappeared... Ive kept an ear out for any kind of news of how he is... worrying sick.. cant sleep cant eat just praying he is ok. Then I see a picture of he and an ex of his smiling with the caption "he completes me" I just about died.. in fact, I almost did. I couldnt take enough medicine to remove the pain, put me to sleep or make me forget what I had seen. I landed myself in the hospital of course. A very STUPID move on my part, this I know. Here I was crying myself to sleep, missing him with every fiber of my being, unable to BE with out him next to me; and there he was laughing, smiling playing and taking pictures as if 'we' had never existed.. as if i was nothing more than a fly by night, if that. This sweet woman, who Ive spoken to since, thought we had been done for a long while.. she had no idea he had just left me here waiting... but like me, she has been in love with him for years.. so I cannot very well be upset with her for welcoming him back with open arms. But boy am I broken... there has never been a greater pain than this, and I am no stranger to heartache... but this takes the cake the wedding and the honeymoon of pain. Trouble is.. I still love him and against the very sound advice of my friends and family.. I want him back. Capricorn women dont fall in love easily, but when we do we fall hard; we fall forever... I have no idea what to do about this. Not sure how to stop the pain, not sure how to move on, or even worse, if i even want to. This scorpio man has completely taken my fiercely guarded world and pulled it completely out from under my feet... I just had to share with somebody...

Wow capricorn, I created an account just to respond to you because I am a Capricorn in love with a Scorpio and the almost exact same story happened with me .....I am devastated and I feel pathetic for still loving him but for some reason I cannot forget this man ...

Wow, this brought me to tears, and also made me realize many things. You can't bundle any man or women under a category only b/c of their sign. It took many years of many people screaming at me. I am a stubborn bull. I have not given people chances just because of the day they were born. How foolish of me to cut out so many and further more prejudge their character before truly getting to know them. I began seeing a Scorpio man. I am so afraid of being hurt that I may be self sabotaging a beautiful thing. Your story is beautiful, and gives me hope. Thank you for sharing.

I am a Virgo woman and i think this is TOO real especially the ICE one. I would like to ask a favor, if you are going to post a continuation to this, I hope you can give advice on how to make a Scorpio man breakout of that ice. It makes it hard for me to not be a nagger with him at times, or is it because I'm a Virgo?

You're right in that it is essential to learn how to argue, especially for a Scorpio. Especially as I married a Virgo and the carefree nature of Virgo often cannot understand the passion and zeal of Scorpio. She often wonders why I get so worked up a times, so it's important that I know how to communicate at her level.

Hi. Back in high school, im sure I met the love of my life, a scorpio. We definetly connected from day one. We went on to dating here and there. Never fully commited but somehow always found ourselves in each others arms. Lost contact after high school. When we did re connect I was In a serious relastionship. He respected it Nd drifted away. For one reasonor another we ended up in bed together. To c how he felt about me....I td him I was pregnant which eventuly I was. Not by him. I eventuallu told him.... havent heard from him since :(? I cry all the time.

Wow! God bless you and your family. Thank you for sharing. I'm a cancer woman in love with a Scorpio male and although I feel like I should walk away because I am a bit needy, I trust him and after a marriage where the trust was lost, it's very important to me.

So, thank you for providing me with some insight. I know he loves me but I'm realizing I'm not going to get all the things I feel I need from him but I've survived with him for over a year now and can't imagine life without him.

Beautiful Love Story.Truly Amazing.Your a Great Dad! I Believe your an EMPATH.I have a page called bEMPATH LIFESTYLE" on Facebook.I spoke about Scorpios last week because I met an interesting one.I've been stung.Lets see what happens.

I am a 16 year old Scorpio, I have a fire in me at times when I see a cute girl or have an extreme interest In what is going around me, I like to he aware of my surroundings, but when not in public I am isolated and center at myself. I am proud for who I am but I am the Pheonix resurrected, I do not approve of violence but if I feel threatened or hurt in a way.

itconsultantjess, very profound. We share the same birthday, by the way. I think the emphasis on the transformative aspect of Scorpio is dead on. Scorpios tend to live in a state of constant self-reflection that can either drag them down or lift them up. We realize how hard it is to transform ourselves because we see our own darkness so clearly. So, we either choose to commit to struggle through the process of elevating ourselves towards the light, or we decide to stay in the darkness. However, a higher realization is to accept the darkness as the backdrop that allows the light to shine forth, which is a higher form of struggle that an evolved Scorpion takes on.

Also, peace to the author. This was very moving, and I can't imagine how hard it was to lose a love.

so sorry for the loss of your wife. thanks for sharing this story, all the best,

Omg. I just read your follow up post. So sorry for the loss of your beloved wife.

I just had a Scorpio man break up with me and freeze me out. He was very mean about it, and he was acting from his worst place (which means he was incredibly hurt and vulnerable). Left me because I wanted a commitment, and he is a commitment phobe. I was very honest from the get go, but when I wanted to move forward, he wouldn't break his past ties. So that was that. It is a shame because we loved each other so (me a Cancer, him a Scorpio). He won't let go of any of his former past dysfunctions, but he let go of me to keep them. It is so weird. It seems he will only pursue what he can't have and hold what he can control. And, he has become so out of control with this dynamic, he has lost all control. That is the real irony.

I was his best friend, and light in his light. When I went to pick up my things, all the color was gone from the house, as I was the one who put up all the color and photos and little extras. It was just grey. He was full of gloom and heaviness when we met, when we were together, it seemed he floated and he was so happy. And, then, he made me an enemy when I wanted to pursue something real and wouldn't let go of the very things that have been a slow torture for years. Nothing for me to do but go.

You sound like an amazing man who moved forward in true love with your wife. May you meet again and dance in eternity in the stars :)

You truly sound like a beautiful Scorpio man. So very sorry for your loss. Your wife was a beautiful person too.
I thought I would be with my Scorpio man forever but after 35 years, one day he told me he didn't love me anymore and loved a woman he hadn't seen or been in touch with for 40 years since childhood. In the blink of an eye, he dumped me and our son and daughter and didn't see anything wrong in what he was doing. My life fell apart and half of me died. Our son and daughter I fear will never recover. We were a kind loving family and he showed no remorse.

I am sorry for your and your children's loss. I have nothing to offer to explain why anyone would leave it all after so much time. Is he still gone, or did he recognize his error?

I just cried so hard. Wow!! All so informing about Scorpio man, but the end when she told you about her wedding dress; it just hit my heart so hard. That had never happened before, but I can only see all that love, faith, and togetherness; all that time she had with you made her feel so loved til death:-)

Thank you

I am a Scorpio female November 22. I am sorry for you’re lost not alone raising 2 young girls. Your wife replied about the clothing she wanted be buried in her wedding dress that was beautiful. The love shared by both of you forever remains with her even in her death is inseparatible. Its brought tears to my eyes death do you guys apart. Life is short not many of us appreciate life or worst know how to lived a whole life. You both learned hardship and strengthen your bond and the love you have for each others. Even she passed away. There is a part of her always with you the children are a symbolic created by both of you. Cherish that and keep your spirit up. Your kids need you knowing you will be there for them to teach them about life and loving unselfishly. We shouldn't worry about death as apart of life. Our energy is about living the most of our lives for death happened so fast we wouldn't noticed, we'll be death. As they said, Scorpios are passionate being. Yes indeed we are and our love is unshakeable. My advice for less evolved Scorpios. Choice your battle wisely, we are our friends well as our enemy. Its may take some time for self mastery and sooner or later it will be done.

Otherwise we are stuck in our low phase. The choices are your.

Having the psychological courage to face any crisis or what would scared many people and to find a way to transmute that into something constructive or a learning experience.

We reach ours highest potential as an individual who is constantly examining oneself, striving to become more aware and to transform negative habits into positive characteristics. Such people view all blockages as challenges and to some is the ultimate survivor. We will survive, no matter what it takes. Our loyalty is un-shakable and our depth of feeling is sometime frightening to others. We are people who will have a profound impact upon others, upon the world, and upon their own. We are catalysts and transformers. The highest form of Scorpio the evolved soul who is an exemplar to all of us for the best that humanity can become. An example of Martin Luther King who challenged equality and many more who make great impact and changed history.

You might enjoy reading St. Augustine of Hippo's works on "Freedom Of Choice". Therein lies the path to being an evolved Scorpio, or any other evolved anyone.

i have a ? my scorpio just got caught by me in bed naked with another woman. at first he tried 2 shift the blame n say it's because i had mad him angry because a ex had contacted me n he said he thinks we have feelings 4 each other even though i cut that ex off in front of him n told him that we can't have any contact or see each other. i did it in front of him so he could trust me. so many things happened within our relationship but this 3 months has been rough. we had a huge argument i packed up to leave the city n go back to my hometown, my car broke down, i told him about it he didn't ask if i was okay or anything i still had the house keys so he wasn't gonna b able 2 get in so he said he was going 2 a friends house. after waiting on a tow truck i was towed back 2 the house i used my key went in n he was there with a girl naked. he told me to leave n pushed me out. now he's blowing up my phone texting n putting songs on my fb page. at 1st he blamed me saying he only did it because of me running into my ex. then he said he's completely sorry n its time he stopped blaming me n accepted responsibility that he was wrong. he says he doesn't want 2 be without me n he loves me n she's nothing n he cut her off. he also says they didn't have sex. he cried n said he loves me n plz don't leave because he doesn't want a life without me n begged me to still spend christmas with him. i've been sticking to telling him no. someone plz help i'm lost and don't know what 2 do. scorpio men what's your opinion.

Don't be stupid. You caught him in bed with another woman already, then oyu catch him again after leaving you stranded. Once someone cheats on you they will do it again. The special bond is broken. For him to try to blame you for his cheating, even for a moment identifies him as a "low Scorpio". These are the ones who lie, cheat, and do whatever it takes get get what they want. They don't have what it takes to be a real person because they lack the moral fiber to be one.
The bottom line is very simple.If take him back he will cheat on you again. Period. You would allow him no responsibility for his actions and he certainly doesn't want to be held accountable.
Dump him in a heartbeat get your house keys back and kick him out of the house!

Your words spoken from your heart have helped me immensely tonight. I am now dating a Scorpio man, and yes, going through an ice phase. Thank you for being so candid about your life, your wife, and your beautiful family.

I am a Scorpio November 7th. The second part about your wife and the wedding dress brought me to tears.

I am so touched by this: "I want to be buried in my wedding dress, so that when you pass away I will be dressed to marry you again" I am so sorry to hear that. With blessing from all higher sentient beings. Namo Amitabha.

I am a pisces woman I was dating a scorpio for 4 months I was very supportive, understanding, communicative, financially basically I wanted to be what he claimed he was looking for. soon after the 4 months he says " is not you is me your are perfect, I m just not sure if I am ready for all you have to offer" I told him that I understood, from his negative background and experiences I provided too much positive too fast. I would stand aside and give him his space. after a day he calls me to make sure I am ok. and after 3 days he calls again to reassure my well being. I repeated my feelings and added I would remain here for him whenever he was ready. Honestly I m devastated and I m looking for console would he come back?

Im a scorpio woman November 20th I can relate to him and how he feels he really doesn't want to use what you have he wants to be able to bring something to the table. if you have too much to give he feels inadequet and that may hurt his dominant side if he cares about you enough or not to bring it to the negative but it maybe a nice way to say your a nice person as a friend only either way he's thinking of your feeling by not "using" you because you offer more or by keeping the relationship going too long and letting it get too deep you may think 4 months is deep but if he's been through a lot itsnot long enough to break tthrough that scorpio shell but just enough to chip at least the outer surface

Finally, I guess I will have my say. I grew up one house over from my Scorpio man. I always had a crush on him as a child, 3 years his junior. We moved, they moved and I met, dated and married my high school sweetheart, who recently passed away in 2011. <br />
<br />
My Scorpio' brother had passed on year prior at the exact same time and was memorialized the same day as well. We saw each other at his brother's funeral, hugged and only spoke. In 1982, we someone how connected (I forget), and he asked me out. I was living with a man who would become my second husband at the time, and he had broken up with his one and only wife and was allowing a "close" girlfriend to live in their home at the time. For some reason, we met, had drinks and went our separate ways.<br />
<br />
We did not see each other again, until his brother's funeral and when my husband passed the year after, I was told by my cousin that he was desperately wanting my phone number and to call me. She told me that he wanted to change his life, and by then I had become a licensed Minister. This seemed odd because I did not know if he knew that my husband had passed, because I was very respectful of the man or any man that I am married to at the time. <br />
<br />
My husband and I remarried, after being divorced and marrying someone else; over a 25 year period of time. I agreed to see him and prepared to take him on as an assignment ( something to do instead of grieving). Of course I was wrong as all out doors; when we connected with this third time, it was as the saying goes, like a deer caught in the headlights. I was mesmerized and embarrassed at the attraction. Of course all the while, he was like steel magnolias, and this seem to turn me on even more. Well today, he and I are contemplating marriage, but as the astrologers say; with me being a Libra female, of course I was immensely attracted to him, and even my family was concerned, because they said they had never seen me act this way before.<br />
I found myself crying when I was not with him, because I had fallen in love with him and felt helpless to control anything, especially him.<br />
<br />
Today, he is in restoration after, being incarcerated, for over year, a while back; which at the time his wife died and he was not allowed to attend her funeral. He has been hurt considerably and I feel sometimes that he loves me, but is not in love with me. He tells me loves me, but I can't seem to feel the connection when we talk He says I am too romantic and he thinks my comments are like a fantasy. This offends me, because I am a realist, I like pure and real things and I write and am very creative.There was a time when I could not even think about us being apart or my living without him, however I have prayed my emotions into a more peaceable state and have talked myself into believing that if necessary I can get over him. Is there anyone, preferably a Scorpio male, who can enlighten me. <br />
<br />
I have a BA degree, have traveled to Africa and many other places, I am a minister, a writer, and even with all of that I love just being myself and down to earth. Always wanting to cause people to smile or laugh or just be at peace with life and themselves. He seems to delight in making me feel that he is holding back and sometimes plays head games with me. This is annoying to me and I sometimes want to break up with him, but I can't seem to let go. Help?

wow....I'd love a husband like that and to be a wife worthy of a husband lke that

thank you

Your response of a scorpion men are so TRUE. I am dating one for 1 year and 1 month now and he is awesome and totally worth it. His love is unconditional, so is mine. Your last story about your wife made me cry so much. What a beautiful story, I hope one day you guys will be together again.

I have known a several Scorpio men in my life...my dad and my son being Scorpios I can I absolutely see all the attributes you have mentioned. Also, my first love, whom I met in 5th grade and later dated for 4 yrs in HS is one. When we broke up in '78 and I graduated the spring of '79, (he was a grade younger than I ) I went away to college....He had several relationships in which one ended up with a pregnancy! He was 18 when the baby was born...anyway, I got wind that he was going to marry this girl and I freaked and panicked...calling him to please come and get me and not marry her. He came to where I was living...but due to my folks interference...they never liked him....I was not there when he arrived. I tried several times over the next several years to contact him but was always told he was "with " someone...Finally in May of '83 I married had 3 kids and have been married almost 30 years. Two years ago, my ex...the Scorpio....contacted me out of the blue! This began a series of events that for the last two years have been tumultuous at best! He blames me for his 3 failed marriages, the fact he never saw his 2 children from the one relationship..I should mention after we didnt meet up he found out the girl who had had his child was again pregnant..... and for his other misfortunes during the last 32 years. At first I was just dumb founded that he contacted me and for about a year he came on strong, saying he never got over me..still was in love with me and wanted a life with me. Needless to say my head was turned a bit...you never get over a first love..let alone one with the intensity we had! But, it seems like after he "had " me back where he wanted me...he unleashed hell on me....and thats when the accusations started. He keeps playing this game of its over..but I love you...so lets try again crap! He just seems to want what he knows he can't have. Finally, several days ago it came to a head...and I told him I didn't love him at ALL anymore! Since then he has texted a couple of times...I didn't want to hurt him..and I do love him..but I am not going to leave 30 years of a good thing for him....So, tell me what does he want?? Cause I keep reading that Scorpio men don't go back..but he seems to want to.....And God Bless you and your precious children..I will keep you in my prayers!

Love is so beautiful and strong, nothing else can replace love.<br />
<br />
(I am married to a scorpio.)

Im in tears...:( I totally forgot about the scorpio thing...god bless u<br />
<br />
Oan..I'm totally obsessed with scorpio's(I'm a capricorn..perfect match:)

Why are Cap sooooooooo intensed with Scorp???

I'm a Scorpio. I have also been diagnosed with Bipolar disorder - After researching, I think they are one in the same thing! My personality is extremely typical to that of a Scorpio. Thank-you for this post - and I'm so sorry about your late wife.

Simply beautiful. Thank you :)

Wow! Omg, this is such a beautiful story. Just wow!

My Dad is a Scorpio, and I hate his damn guts. (Im a scorpio)

I was floored by that last sentence she responded with, I have never seen or heard such powerful words in my life. Although I have never been married but I have fathered some children and love them all and support them with all my health, wealth and might. If there was ever a definition of love that was it. As a Black male Scorpio I can attest to the love that a male scorpio will shower the one he loves, his love is not not easily given but if you capture his attention and can hold it you will never want or desire to be loved again, the trick is keeping his attention. All to often the scorpio sexual awareness is flaunted in the news and media but never his caring and compassion side. scorpio's love for an eternity and 2 days hence after. Scorpios may have many loves in his lifetime and will love them all equally but yet individually. Complacated, complex and non too often a wondereror searching for that allusive love who can quench his lonely soul. Yeah that's me ...a scorpio.

RaisingWolves _ I enjoyed reading your post - What about this then, what do you reckon?<br />
<br />
We went on a small holiday last week taking my 2 kids with us (teenagers) they were bored and did nothing to make the holiday good. They spoilt it. me and my boyfriend still had a nice time but it was very tense and we both got angry, not with each other but with the kids. It was a difficult time for my boyfriend as the week held a sad anniversay for him so the holiday was also to help him get through it. We ended up coming home a day early, he was still very angry but not with me, with my kids. He has always thought a lot of them and saw them in a very different light. He paid for the holiday and felt very angry that they could spoil it like they did. We came home, me and him were still fine but he dropped us home and left straight away in a foul mood and said he would ring me the next day. He didn't. I have rung him and texted him a few times and even gone to his house but he has ignored everything. I am terrified that he has decided to end it all over this. This is the first time any thing like this has happened, he usually gets on fine with the kids. It has been 6 days without any contact at all. I am struggling here, how can I help to put things right if he shuts himself away from me. Does he just need longer to gather his thoughts? We have been together a year but have known each other much longer. I know he loves me and we were planning our next holiday on our own on our journey back home. I am a Scorpio too but I don't feel the need to cut him off when things get bad? Been one week now, nor response at all. I rang for the last time yesterday and nothing.

My Scorpio Fiancee (ex, he took his ring back a week ago) will not talk to me. He said he needs time. He is like an iceburg. He "hates" my best friend and told me it is not anything I did but what she did. My heart hurts so bad I just want to be with him. No one has ever treated me as good as he did. I have stopped in town 3 x and tried to get him to talk but he says we can't date right now that he will be my friend. I asked how he couild love me on Saturday and because I would not let him drop me off and pick me up from work by Sunday he wouldn't speak to me. Help! I love him and I can't eat or sleep. He told his best friend that he is scarred to death of my best friend and to tell me he just needs some time. He also told me he has never felt the way he felt about me (just yesterday) about anyone including his wife of 20 years who divorvced him after she cheated on him with her boss who was a pastor of a church.

@Scorpiosheart - how did all this pan out for you? I am going through a similar thing with my scorpio man :(

Very well put Mr Scorpio. The depth of our passion has no measure. No matter what area it is concerned with. I am saddened by your loss. Please accept my condolences. X

I am currently, for reasons unknown, being ICED by my scorpio male, who confessed his love to me only 2 days ago and said he wanted to have a baby with me.<br />
I don't get it. It makes me sad and angry and as though he's just tossed me to one side. I don't have the energy or spirit to keep wagging my tail like a puppy dog waiting for him to come out of these moods.<br />
What do you suggest? Wait for his mood to change again; coax him gently (or harshly); or bow out while I still have my heart intact?

very similar thing is happening with me and my Scorpio man - been iced out for 2 weeks now, won;t answer my texts, calls or the door :(

i'm a scorpio and all that you said is 100% true. We either love deeply or not at all. Nothing in the grey area.

Wow...beautiful. (((bless)))

We met 3 1/2 years ago. I hadn't been in a relationship for over 20 years and didn't realize many things about my now very adult self regarding them. He immediately let me know of his intentions and that scared me to death as I was just now "getting back in the game". Whew! This caused me to send very mixed signals, some intentional to protect myself from the unknown and others I was very nieve to. I immediately felt a strong magnaticism toward him that I knew was mutual. We dated a few times and basicly he let me know that I wasn't ready. Though he would pull away when I wanted to flirtatiously pursue him, he newvr let a month go be without checking in on me and how I was doing. Throughtout these years, if I ever needed him he showed up and was there to rescue/help me. Within the last 3 mos. we somehow have become close and talking daily and seeing each other a few times a week ( at least once a week with our work schedules). He admitted to being guarded over his emotions as he has been hurt with a past relationship that added to his gen. mistrust of women that stems from a rocky mom relationship... He unguardedly began to tell me that he loves being with me/around me and didn't know what he was going to do without me for a week while my fam and I went on vacation out of the country. The week befor that he began to use pet names for me (sweetheart, baby) and gave himself one for me to call him. I did openly confess how much I missed him when we were apart. Out of nowhere, he has "vanished" and hasn't responded to my texts or returned my 2 (unmessaged) calls over the past 3 days... Any suggestions or insight? Thanks, signed breaking-hearted aquarian...

Same here, 2 weeks now - been together over a year, everything was great then my kids really upset him. Seems like he is taking it out on me?

What a story, it made me weep as i felt your love! I am a pisces woman completely in love with my scorpio man. We are both passionate and emotional and have a deep connection on all levels. unfortunately i've had a tough year dealing with a lot of loss and other emotionally draining issues. he has been supportive and we have had fights where we've broken up and made up a few times within a matter of a few days. however we broke up a week ago after a year and 2 months together and i feel such a loss for him. i take responsibility for the break up as i have been waay too emotional and insecure loading it unfairly on him. we both couldn't handle it and he wanted out. i have been working on myself ever since with relationship and psycology programmes and relaxation to help me reconnect with the woman i truly am and who he fell in love with. i am finding it hard to accept that this is the end for us and am ready to fight for our love as always. i don't feel so lost in myself and feel i understand his needs and mine better. i have an understanding of what went wrong and feel it was mainly due to loosing sight of who i am, a mistake i do not want to make again. i have kept contact to a minimum as i do not wish to put pressure on him. he was angry with me at first but i feel he then became cold. does this mean it is really the end? should i trust in our love and wait for him? we are due to meet in 3 weeks to return our things to eachother. we had a long distance relationship as he is studying in another country for 3 more years but we see eachother about every 2-3 weeks. If there are any male scorpios with advise i would really appreciate it. i genuinely love him and have our best interests at heart. please help!

Similar situation to me - how have things worked out for you ?

Weve been together seven months, Im 21 his 18. Im virgo his scorpio and despite his age, his mature in that he doesn't ran away from our relationship fights, listens to me, and respects my decision in being married a virgin to my future husband. He regrets having sex in the past because believes in marriage and true honest unconditional love and wants to make love not just have sex with anyone. Today we cuddled and we get heated up sometimes I mean, it happens and out of nowhere he said 'I want to make love to you' and I replied 'I want you as well I want to be yours' and we kissed. So what do you think, scorpio man? Thank you for your time and insights :)

Weve been together seven months, Im 21 his 18. Im virgo his scorpio and despite his age, his mature in that he doesn't ran away from our relationship fights, listens to me, and respects my decision in being married a virgin to my future husband. He regrets having sex in the past because believes in marriage and true honest unconditional love and wants to make love not just have sex with anyone. Today we cuddled and we get heated up sometimes I mean, it happens and out of nowhere he said 'I want to make love to you' and I replied 'I want you as well I want to be yours' and we kissed. So what do you think, scorpio man? Thank you for your time and insights :)

Weve been together seven months, Im 21 his 18. Im virgo his scorpio and despite his age, his mature in that he doesn't ran away from our relationship fights, listens to me, and respects my decision in being married a virgin to my future husband. He regrets having sex in the past because believes in marriage and true honest unconditional love and wants to make love not just have sex with anyone. Today we cuddled and we get heated up sometimes I mean, it happens and out of nowhere he said 'I want to make love to you' and I replied 'I want you as well I want to be yours' and we kissed. So what do you think, scorpio man? Thank you for your time and insights :)

Beautiful & tragic story, hope your doing well & your two daughters :)

wowwwwwwwwww!! heart felt story!!!

if a scorpian man loves his woman (libra), and he breaks it with her in a rage because they had a fight because I pissed him off when I told him how he acted like an assclown and dissed me, can SHE expect him to ever come back to her? and if I do, how long will it take? would he be concerned as to other mens intentions subce he let me go? I know he wants me back but he froze me out..what we had was so rare and what WE called TRUE LOVE..problem right now is this is long distance and so its not like we see eachother often...I love him and he knows it..Ive not contacted him in 2 weeks and we broke up 3 and a half weeks ago..any comments or suggestions? HE SAID he loved me more then once as I did to..hes 45 and Im 49..IVE NEVER HAD this FEELING with anyone and he said the same thing? what the hell, its so weak to break up if you have fights, everyone fights, but whatever happened to unconditional love?

jersey7 no disrespect to you at all but reading your post kinda pissed me off...if he was truely a how should I say a good man when you first met him all I can say is somehow you hurt him to the point where he now hates you and you can't or haven't tried to figure it out (now this may not be the case that's why i said no disrespect to you) one part of our sign is rebirth so i'm sure even if his family is crap he came out of it enough to marry you...what really happened..sometimes you gotta pry it out of us especially if your the cause of the hurt. I guess I just don't like the pitty part at the end if you want to stop that anger towards you figure out what happened and if its your fault the apology better be epic if it's his fault...don't cry about it make him see his wrongs!! That by the way will be the hardest task you'll ever come across...but get facts do not assume....

WOW! This thread is telling...<br />
<br />
My Scorpio husband of 9 years left on Sunday. He has been going through the dark, brooding mean thing for 4 years. On again, off again... at the worst possible times. He lies in wait until some chaos enters our home... the financial collapse of the brokerage house that I work for, my parents heart surgeries. And just when the stress, heartache and fear would bring me to my knees - he'd drop kick me as hard as he could with "I don't love you anymore" or "This just isn't working." I think he truly enjoyed witnessing the debilitating anxiety attacks. I would be reduced to an emotional zombie - and then he seemed satisfied with himself. Delusionally justifying his timing by saying. "Well, what time is good to be honest?"<br />
<br />
We have 3 beautiful children and everyone sees him as "Dad of the Year" - hopelessly devoted to the kids - yet behind closed doors he's cruel and heartless to his wife. Incapable of accepting any blame or responsibility for the relationship. None! I am 100% to blame. <br />
<br />
It's been 3 days since he left - the distance has empowered him and I fear that he will become meaner than he is - I can't even imagine how much darker that could be. I could never be so cruel to someone that I once loved and cared for.<br />
<br />
I am calm and oddly at peace. I look forward to the day when his dark side is focused on someone new - it is my sincere hope that he's only able to focus his hate on one person at a time. But from the odd way that his family interacts - I'm sure this is a permanent thing. So sad. So much hate, so much anger, so much sadness. So much drama.

When a scorpio man falls out of love, would they still visit you at your house and sleep with you? or they will tell it to your face that they dont love you anymore? need help badly.. <br />
<br />
BTW, to the author, my sincerest condolences.. be strong for the kids and pray..

They're pretty good at telling you they don't love you anymore - they're also very good at cutting people off - they rarely look back and they rarely feel forgiveness or empathy. IMHO

Dear raisingwolves,<br />
<br />
Thank you so much for sharing your insight and story with us, it was extremely touching and well written!<br />
<br />
I'm dating a Scorpio male myself and he is everything you've described in your post. I've noticed that as time passed (we're heading towards 3 years), i've noticed his feelings continue to grow stronger and stronger. They get to a point where I feel a bit smothered but I do my best to relax and just go with the flow. I did not understand then until I read your post how the Scorpio native puts a LOT of focus on their loved ones. I can't thank you enough for stating that!<br />
<br />
I guess I'm doing something right if his feelings for me grow every year. I don't do anything but exist and be myself whilst also taking in everything my Scorpio man is doing/going through. I love him dearly and wouldn't want him to change anything about him, even if his dark side scares me senseless.

This could be 'Heaven' or this could be 'Hell'.. With a Scorpio male you will experience it both, that's for sure. I'm an Aries, being in a relationship with my Scorpio for 7+ years, and still not having any idea where we're going with this.. He is EXTREMELY secretive, and I have to admit that I have trust issues in this relationship, the big trust issues. He left me alone during Holidays, and after not telling me where he was, I've found out that he in fact had spent his time with another woman, texting her on several occasions, but he did not find a time to contact me.. He was really annoyed by me trying to find out where he was during that time, and once I've found out, you can imagine a reaction of an Aries.... <br />
<br />
This relationship can bring the best and the worst out of me, most of the time. I'm being quite sensitive to his secrecy and I have a tendency not to trust him anymore. It would be nice if he would try to repair my trust issues, but for some reason he won't do a thing to resolve any difficult situation between us, he is unwilling to talk about our problems, future, and usually when I question longevity and direction of this relationship, he won't say a word or he would say that he doesn't see any problems. It is always my call how we will proceed, and where we will take this relationship. It often feels like he is taking me and this relationship for granted, unable to provide me with stability, security and happiness. I'm not sure why I keep fighting for this relationship, there is something magical between us, or at least I always thought there was something.... <br />
<br />
Any Aries out there willing to share a similar story?

I'm in love with a scorpio and although we've known each other since our late teens (he was a friend of my brother's in hs) over the past year we've gotten to each other on a grown up level. <br />
I feel the attraction between us, but neither have acted on it. Been reading up on them and it's helped me to communicate with him better and to know when to be hands off and leave him be to work out his issues, mainly with himself. Like all scorps, he's a busy busy guy.<br />
We are both divorced - me - 5 years, him - 3years. We both have kids. Two of mine are grown and my youngest is between the ages of his two. I'm at a point in my life where I'd like to have a man around. I've worked hard the past 5 years and am almost to where I want to be in my life. I don't NEED a man, but I want one. We've talked a little about the dating thing and he was oh so sweetly honest and kind when he told me he wasn't ready...not yet. I respect that and since then, we've just been getting to know each other.<br />
I'm 110% gemini and he slows me down big time. I want to go deeper with this man. I want to know him and for him to know me inside and out. I'm willing to wait (unknown to him just how strongly I feel) to see what the future holds.<br />
He's a sun scorp with a taurus moon - it's going to happen, but very VERY sloooooooowly. This I'm learning. It's so hard for me who wants what she wants when she wants it. And now, I'm happily, yet forcingly being made to wait. <br />
He tells me to call him any time. But I don't want to be 'that girl' who calls and annoys him. How often is okay? He calls me, but it's rare. He sounds happy to hear from me when I do call. I try to space it out. <br />
When I see him, he's 100% there, with those eyes (mostly behind shades) and we talk and talk - its come a long way and doesn't feel forced like it did in the beginning. I'm pretty closed off when it comes to intimacy - something I need to learn. He makes me want to learn. I'm learning.<br />
When he says 'talk to you soon'....what does that mean? Does that mean he'd rather I not call him and let him reach out to me? He's terribly shy but is opening up about personal stuff. I know he trusts me and I trust him. Again, a very slow process.<br />
How do I unwrap this man from around my head and heart? I want this to happen, but I want it to be right and the timing has to be right as well. <br />
He has to make the moves. I'm okay with him having that control. He's the man. I do expect him to be a man. But I feel like my future is on hold and I'm not one for sitting around doing nothing while I wait for this man to realize I'm the woman he wants. He knows it, but the time isn't right yet....right?

I'm a sag girl. Dump him if I were you. He's not worthy of you. He's giving you mental abuse and you shouldn't allow it because you won't be respected by him. Find someone else because life is too short for his childish games. He don't deserve your attention, he's just very mean! You should walk away and dissappear out of his life without answereing his phone call, emails etc. He'll probably eventually come after you wondering what happened to you since he thinks he's Gods gift to you. I despise men like this they don't even have to be scorpio. Men like to chase you and if you're too kind to them for too long of a period, they can't handle it and will do something mean and cruel to hurt you. Keep your mind open to other prospects and when you find someone else then you should dump him, if you're having a hard time breaking up with him.

I'm a sag girl. Dump him if I were you. He's not worthy of you. He's giving you mental abuse and you shouldn't allow it because you won't be respected by him. Find someone else because life is too short for his childish games. He don't deserve your attention, he's just very mean! You should walk away and dissappear out of his life without answereing his phone call, emails etc. He'll probably eventually come after you wondering what happened to you since he thinks he's Gods gift to you. I despise men like this they don't even have to be scorpio. Men like to chase you and if you're too kind to them for too long of a period, they can't handle it and will do something mean and cruel to hurt you. Keep your mind open to other prospects and when you find someone else then you should dump him, if you're having a hard time breaking up with him.

"Evolve already" as someone said. I laughed out loud at that. One of the main reasons why scorpions act so contrary is this, we are always at war with ourselves, often being unsure of who we are. This would explain the change in behaviour or mood swings so commonly associated with the scorpio. Only when we've evolved do we learn to control our emotions, think retrospectively and respond not in anger but verbally, articulately and and clealry without bias or malice. For a scorpio to evolve is no easy task, especially in this world which caters so much to everything "bad". Remember, scorpio does not do half measures. So if he/she will choose the darker path, he/she will dive right into it with a two and a half twist double pike. And as scorpio does most things well, he will be very good at being bad. Remember, no half measures.<br />
<br />
Because scorpio sees much more in life than most, often being aware of some spiritual forces at work. It may or may not have anything to do with religion. He has to choose how he will define himself. Understand this. For scorpio to enjoy life he must go in one direction or the other. If he lingers in limbo, undecided between good or evil, this creates a conflict in his soul. Something which he will wrestle with until he decides to remain as the dangerous scorpio, or evolve into the majestic eagle. It must however still be noted that even as an unevovled sign, the scorpio still posesses great power, however this power is more destructive than constructive.<br />
<br />
Once scorpio decides or tries to evolve, this is a struggle between his desires, what he wants and who he wants to become, the ascendency from scorpio to eagle. Certain things in him must die,which examplifies the characteristic of the phoenix. This is a painful ripping apart of all things unholy, all things that lead the scorpio male or female towards darkness, death and debauchery. He must turn to light, life and purity instead. It's no surprise that scorpios end up at one end of the scale or the other, but most will often display both the dark, morbid side as well as the lighter more helpful healing side. Thus the contrasting behaviour. They are neither dark nor light but possibly stagnant or in ascendency. You may meet one of these at any stage of their evolution. <br />
<br />
It must be noted that ascended scorpio's are few and far between, so are the lowest bottom dwellers. But when a scorpio decides to ascend he will soar high above the clouds. Using his superior powers of intellect, passion, strength, determomation, singleness of mind to fight for what he believes in and what he loves. It must be noted that a scorpio may be ascended but misguided or mis-directed. And even after ascendency, the eagle has not gotten rid of the old scorpio traits for good, they remain ever lingering. A beast to constantly be crucified. In this way, the scorpio continues its evolution throughout its entire life. It has been said that the scorpio is the most capable of all the signs to love unconditionally. Interestingly enough, many scholars that do not believe in astrology believe that Jesus Christ was most likely born in late October early November, which would make him a scorpio. <br />
<br />
Once the scorpio becomes an eagle. He soars above the clouds. The eagle is the only creature that can soar at such great heights, soaring above the earths troubles but still being able to see all it needs to see. The eagle however flies on its own. This is the price the scorpio must pay for its ascendency. The eagle may find but one true mate with which he will spend the rest of his days with. The scorpio has a great need to bond and form meaningful relationships, if he so chooses, he will most likely stay with his partner till death seperates them. <br />
<br />
The road to ascendency is but a lonely one. The scorpio has the power within himself to change himself and only he can initiate this change. No one can change him. When he ascends he will be a healer, teacher, philosopher, lover of sorts, artist, musician, writer, activist (political, religius, environmental etc). He may or may not be a leader. The truth is, no matter what path he chooses, he will be a leader to those around him who look for help, inspiration and comfort from him. Titles mean nothing to this sign. He knows that to have influence is to have power. Once he has achieved this influence, he will hopefully use it for good.<br />
<br />
The pendulum can only swing as far to the left as it can swing to the right. A pendulum that does not swing is somewhat malfunctional.

Ah yes, and you sure put that on the map. I'm a SCORPION woman, ooh and so creepy, 10/30, my b-day.I I've been called everything from men who seem so scorned by me, psycho or crazy, no, I'm scorpio, and I warned them what they were getting into. I don't need a man, usually a toy but I like the attention and fuels my ego and then I get rid of them, they lash out, apologetic and I tell it's the ice, complete ignorance, I don't speak to them ever or they reappear after years of me not speaking, they come back for me, I guess they like for me just to do it all over again. I have realized I should just be by myself although I like being in a relationship but I put that hard shell up, I indulge that individual, be passionate, and that passion is so overwhelming for them, consuming, they love it. I was once told I was too intense, really, he was scared, oh wow, I couldn't believe that, he was in the Navy and was scared that when he deployed I would feel the need to be with someone else, I just told him I'll be devoted to you, scorpios are loyal to the fall, we won't cheat unless provoked, and I told him, no, I won't it will not happen. He jumped to conclusions on my intensity, there's a few men I've felt intense chemistry with, he was one, another was a fellow scorpio and a taurus. But watch out for those ones like you, a scorpion man, explosive arguments, you might as well shut down the block, one of them will draw blood, that stinger will do something. It's extreme, but then the make-up is cosmic, epic, and downright the most intense. I'm now raising my scorpion child and boy our personalities together is well, I'm waiting to see how she is as a preteen, hum, we'll see. We should come with instructions on how to deal with a scorpion, we can be quite dangerous (wink)....

Fortunately for me, none of my girls are Scorpios

im a female, im currently dating a scropio and we've already talked about marriage and living together eventhough we've been together for a very short time.. Now, i am madly inlove with him but sometimes, i feel like he doesnt want to speak or talk to me.. would a scorpiro man promise a woman marriage even if he doesnt mean it?? or would he even say I love you even if he doesnt?

Ok, plz I need advice for my scorpio male friend. Ok so I know him from him from high school. Just met up with him after so many years on facebook. Lol. And he continously tried to get with me. So we would chill and I instantly fell for hin so hard. Our talks were soooo good. Hangin out i loved. He seemed alil jealous. He told me everything bout his day and problems and made sure I knew that I was the only one he talked to like that. Then he started drifting away. Started flirting which doesn't bother me til I start seeing very intimate replies. Then he would disappear. Come back stronger then evet towards me then back off again! He finally told me he would've made me his girlfriend but because of his situation(no car) he didn't feel good doin so!!! Told him I didn't care. He said he did. Now we barely speak and from what I hear and see he doin very good now. Continously flirting with others! Then when he does tries to talk to me he seem to be down on his luck and needs to talk, he needs my company. I'm the only one he wants to see. At first I used to go running like alil puppy! Now its like DAMN. Do u care??? I mean what??? Reading this I feel stupid but Idk I want him and I've told him how I felt. Idk if he doesn't believe it or what. I deleted him from facebook and I'm goin crazy!!! Tell me someone some advice good or bad. Something.:-( I'm also a leo woman. No I'm not hot headed or stubborn...... anymore. Lol. I'm a matured leo. :-)