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Scorpio Love, Justice, Wisdom

Ever since I can remember, I've always had a strong thirst for knowledge and understanding. This has brought me to everything from reading, writing, sports, fighting, sex, music, and food. As a scorp1o, I do everything to the extreme. Not that I'm incapable of the opposite of extreme, I just prefer to go hard or not at all. I like to try my hand at everything and master it if I like it enough. The 3 things I most want in my life is Love, Wisdom, and Justice. Before I get off subject, I'll get right back on. I started reading into astrology, specifically about the sign I was born under. I am a scorpio and this is the best and most in-depth site I have found describing what being a Scorpio is really all about. Hope this helps. Love you all. GONE
giphtid489 giphtid489 18-21, M 3 Responses Oct 18, 2008

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cool i'm one too

I'll check it out. Thanks. When I was young I studied under an astrologer and began casting natal scopes and buying and reading books, had tons of ephemeris lying around to cast the scope. My analysis of people based on their natal chart was incredibly accurate. Kind of scared me. I was dabbling in the occult as well, belonging to groups, studying. Then I came across a book that told how to determine the person's date of death. I burned it and all my other books, scared of this knowledge. I've stayed away from Astrology ever since and that's a long time. I don't want to try to talk anyone out of it but sometimes occult knowledge can lead you in wrong directions.

This is a great link and one of the best and most accurate I have read. I am a Scorpio as well and this is dead on! Thanks for sharing :)