Scorpio Love, Justice, Wisdom

Ever since I can remember, I've always had a strong thirst for knowledge and understanding. This has brought me to everything from reading, writing, sports, fighting, sex, music, and food. As a scorp1o, I do everything to the extreme. Not that I'm incapable of the opposite of extreme, I just prefer to go hard or not at all. I like to try my hand at everything and master it if I like it enough. The 3 things I most want in my life is Love, Wisdom, and Justice. Before I get off subject, I'll get right back on. I started reading into astrology, specifically about the sign I was born under. I am a scorpio and this is the best and most in-depth site I have found describing what being a Scorpio is really all about. Hope this helps. Love you all. GONE
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cool i'm one too

This is a great link and one of the best and most accurate I have read. I am a Scorpio as well and this is dead on! Thanks for sharing :)