We Are the Best

I am a sexy scorpio and i love to fight. I hate drama but once i am in it games are over. I am a very excellent friend and i have there backs through thick and thin. I am a quiet person but once i know you or i like you it is totallly different. When i see a boy i like i go after him. Sometimes that scare boys but if i like it i just gotta have it and best believe im gonna have it. I hate losing so if i loose at anything best believe im coming back . I love revenge and sometimes people tend to think i am a mean female but i know i am real and i speak it alot. But hey it is what it is and i could care less how a ***** think or how she  feel period!

RealLoveIsSoHardToFind RealLoveIsSoHardToFind
18-21, F
1 Response Feb 13, 2009

wow! That is soo close to me it's not even funny.....