I am anger.
a quiet controlled you will never know how angry I am kind of anger.
The type that makes you feel as tho everythings fine, and then blows up in your face anger.
The one who understands that you don't control your life and wishes you would anger.
but then again.....
you do control your life.

I watch. i listen...
Today at work someone called me a "stupid hoar"....
It has been noted.
One day they may regret that...
or maybe not.

Luckily I do a whole lot of watching, listening, noticing and plotting,
but I don't really want to hurt anyone.
I'm a nice person, I think.
except when i want to wrap them neck down
with a plastic wrap machine.

SweeetKiester SweeetKiester
41-45, F
1 Response Aug 16, 2014

Just breath.... Deeeeeeppppp breathssss
Trust in karma, and find away to release your anger...
Anger makes the body and soul turn to stone and course sickness in the mind and body....
That person who called you a stupid ***** should have been delt with right away, never give a bully power! It's no wonder your angry at that, it would have better served you to have it out with them there and then or reported the abuse!

lol.... I take plenty of deep breaths... and I'm not often angry... altho I used to be.
I trust in God, not Karma, and have plenty of physical release for my anger. (work)
As for the person.... I understand that we all have moments of stupidity that we should be forgiven.
He had his..... *grins*