Am I the only Scorpio who isn't mean? Everyone expects me to be a total ******* but I'm not it's not in me
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Actually, I expect a Scorpio-Sun woman to being slightly more sexual than others and secretive.

‚úč I'm not, an *** at times but not the total ******* lol

Nice to people

There is about 7 stages a scorpio goes through so you may have advanced we are also the most complex zodiac

So true I've noticed my daughter is the same as me I sometimes get frustrated because I had a hard time in school because I was so sensitive I didn't want her to have the same problem I worry about it a lot

Don't worry about her too much because on the inside we are a strong zodiac

Very true we really are

Yay! You and I share a birthday ! So now I know just how awesome you are!

Awesome :-D we are truly a pair of sweethearts