I have never given much thought about my sign but ever since I went on a date with a friend of mine in February and she mentioned it I have been interested in finding more about it. So, I did but a lot of the things that Scorpios are don't fit my personality. I remember reading that Scorpios are aggressive but I'm not. I am passive-aggressive though. I would consider myself to be an opposite Scorpio if that is even possible.
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well it depends on the date of your birthday as well. not all scorpios are aggressive.

Oh I didn't know that. Well its actually in 3 days.

really? I'll keep that in mind. :)

Yup ^_^ 24 years on this Earth come Wednesday night.

I'm 18 two days ago. :D

Oh nice. Happy belated birthday.


You're very welcome :)

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Astrology is complete nonsense. Many scientific researches have demonstrated this. It's ok to read or talk about it for fun but please don't make any important decisions based on star signs.

I mostly take it with a grain of salt.

Glad to hear it, you sounded so serious. You write well by the way, I look forward to reading you on some other subject. I am an ancient sagitterean incidentally, not that you can draw any conclusions from that. Best wishes.

Yeah I admit that I get a little too engrossed in what I am writing about but that is only for the moment. Thank you very much. Well I will be sharing some more stories this week so feel free to read those too. Okay, I hear you. I don't know what Sagittarians are about so you're right I can't draw any conclusions from that. In any case, thanks for the best wishes for me. :)

And a beer...don't forget the beer....

Well I don't really like beer. I like mixed drinks, some liquors, some margaritas and drinks like: Smirnoff, Angry Orchard and Boonesfarms.

Okay, I hear you. I don't take it that seriously, I just wanted to know a little bit about why I am the way I am.

Good man!

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I am scorpio, i am aggressive but passive when loved :)

Everything about a Scorpio is mysterious and they do nothing to dispel the sense of mystery they evoke, in fact they enhance it, because they enjoy a sense of secrecy and drama. While Scorpios are mysterious and secretive by nature, that doesn’t mean that they are deceptive, it’s simply part of their nature to keep things hidden. They like it that way.

This comes from their place in the heavens. Scorpio is the darkest of all the constellations, buried deep in the darkest part of the Milky Way. It’s seen as a Scorpion emerging from a crack in the starry night sky, just as a scorpion, Scorpio’s symbol, lives within dark cracks and crevices.

You’re not going to find Scorpios lurking in dark alleys though, they simply operate best when they keep much of what they’re thinking to themselves. They’ll share when they’re ready to share, but they enjoy being able to run free with their thoughts, without anything contaminating them, for it gives them a feeling of independence. The less someone knows what they're doing or thinking the less able they are to try and tell them what to do. If you’re close to a Scorpio, this could make you feel shut out at times, but it’s not deliberate, as they’ll share when they’re ready to.

Because of this love of darkness and intrigue, Scorpios make good detectives or investigators and they’ll love a good mystery. Scorpios are also known to be sexy and their mysterious ways add to this reputation, but it’s not the cause. They get this reputation because of their close association with Eos, goddess of the dawn and the goddess that rules sex and eroticism. In fact, this is such a powerful aspect of Scorpio energy that the area of all our charts that rules sexual passion, is ruled by Scorpio energy. So, this is why Scorpio is known as the sexy Sign.

Scorpios are also lovers of beauty, especially in a mate, for the constellation of Scorpio is one of the most beautiful and striking in the heavens. At its heart is a giant, brilliant red star, which is why red is also a colour associated with Scorpio and is also the colour of sex and passion. The red hearts that you see on Valentine’s Day and the red that you associate with passion, especially sexual passion comes from Scorpio and the bright red star, Antares, at its centre.

The scorpion, Scorpios’ symbol, is a symbol of wisdom and Scorpios are usually wise, old souls. They’re also the only animal able to self destruct. A scorpion will sting itself if faced with danger and when the Sun enters Scorpio, the ancients saw that the Sun was being devoured by its journey into Astrological winter. As a Sign, Scorpios have a reputation for being self destructive, often cutting off their nose to spite themselves.

Scorpio is also a Sign of passion, this is because of its co ruler and before 1930 its sole ruler, Mars. Since it's discovery in 1930 Scorpio has been ruled by Pluto, a planet so similar to Scorpio energy, that it was a logical choice. Far out in space, Pluto lives in the dark and has revealed so few of its mysteries, that we know almost nothing about it. We don’t even know if it’s a planet anymore.

In Scorpio we find one of the most mysterious and misunderstood of Signs. Scorpio doesn’t operate in the light, for everything about Scorpio is hidden or dark. From ancient times the scorpion has been associated with the hidden aspects of life. It is Scorpios’ job to see the things that the rest of us miss, delving into the shadows with night vision goggles.

Like all water Signs, Scorpions are ruled by their emotions.

Some light reading for ya lol

lol thanks I'll read it now

Thanks Sandy, I'm a scorpio as well, are you scorpio?

Ok sorry found your reply underneath, welcome to the Club!

I liked this. A lot of what it said is true. I certainly am ruled by my emotions and even one of my friends said that I am mysterious. Also that thing about self-destructing is true as well. I some times harm myself (not physically) because I feel the need to feel pain because of something I did or said. Also I certainly do keep some things to myself and I only share them when I want to. Thank you for sharing this with me Sandy287 I appreciate it

Your welcome. I liked it too when I read it , it describes us very well!!

Yeah it certainly does :)

The self-destructing part is bang on,like a lot of it too!!!

Yeah, so true. Although lately because of my current girlfriend I have begun to stray away from emotionally self-destructing myself.

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I'm a scorpio too. Most of the time I'm pretty easygoing, but **** me off and omg you better run lol.Hence the pasive-agressive,when our sting is rattled we are up for a fight,well I am.Some accounts written on scorpio's are close, some are just made up and I too are left thinking,eh?? I don't read to many I just stick to one,a weekly and read that and surprising it's usually close to what is happening at the time,the daily ones can be ok too.

Yeah same here. I am pretty passive-aggressive too. I haven't looked at any horoscopes lately though.