Scorpio For Life

When i think about astrology and stuff, i can never match my friends with their sign, they just don't act that way. I'm an exception. I fit Scorpio almost to a tee. Jeleaous, stubborn, protective, deep and passionate, firey. That's me. Seductive? haha who knows.
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9 Responses Jan 24, 2007

I have a feeling that all astrology signs feel this way... that they're so in sync with their sign a heck a lot better than any other person a and their sign... ah well, Scorpio all the way :3

us scorpios are unique and intersting creatures, full of intrigue and good stuff :)

I find Scorpios to be truest to their sign than any other astrology sign. Its probably because we're so emotionally in tune with our body and mind compared to other signs. We're also the most intense of all the signs too. I love being a Scorpio.

Scorpio and proud to be one :)

hell yeah!!!

**** YOU

woot woot scorps!

SCORPIO rules! (Scorpio myself) :D

me too! i can always tell apart a scorpio! i fit it perfectly! i can sometimes tell pices and libra too though.

most scorps don't realize or they do but don't keep the thought in mind they are all those things I didn't realize it until i read it we are also very persuasive...