We May Be Great As a Whole But We Suck At L-o-v-e!

 Yeah that's right...we suck at love, we may be great at sex and conquering hearts but we can't (or at least I can't) stay "in love (if that can be called love) for a longer period of time. I am saying this from personal experience but when I read horoscopes etc (I usually don't believe them) they all say one thing: "Scorpios always try to dominate in a relationship and that's how they usually ruin it". I have to say that I totally agree with that. I don't know about you but that is so true about me, and the thing that most irritates me is that I cant seem to find a person who is strong enough to dominate over me! Not that I complain but I am kind of sick to always be the leading person in my relationships. Yeah it flatters me and makes me feel powerful and etc, things as we all know are essential to a Scorpio, but sometimes it is just way over the top. Are we too damn strong or the others are too damn week??!?!? I am just wondering, don't mean to hurt anyone, just stating my opinion. Of course, I could be wrong, I hope I am wrong, otherwise we are doomed ...

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I know exactly how you feel.This is how i make it work you are spot on about how it would be nice if our partner could take the lead once in a while. Sometimes we tire of always being the aggressor although that is our nature. Every now and then i let my wife know this. Nothing really changes but the fact that she lets me vent and pretends to sympathize with me which i find is very cute on her part helps me get re-energized to take the point position again not that i ever left it. Kind of fooling myself you might say we have been together twenty two years and i would not change a thing. BY the way she is an aquarius.

I met my first scorpio man a few months back. The first time we met we snuggled up on the couch and watched a few movies.... which led to the bedroom and so on. It was amazing to say at the least and felt a real connection. After that night we would msg each other all day every day and organise to meet up again. We tried to organise at least another 4-5 meet ups over about 3 weeks although something would always come up on his end. After a while I found this frustrating and thought he was playing games so I backed off and started seeing someone else. I was honest with him when he asked to meet up and told him I was seeing someone else, he told me he didnt like it although seemed to understand, although the next day, when talking to him online, he cracked it saying I was seeing someone else and deleted me. I left it as I see no point chasing someone who is not interested in.. why waste time? But now he has msg me 2x out of the blue asking how i am. I ave finally responded to him and now he wants to meet back up agian....... are all scorpios this hard to read?!?!?! does he like me?!?!?!? or just playing games!??!?!?! Im confused :/ Please Help!

yes I am strong and yes that comes through in relationships but I have no need to control and I love men who are or attempt to be as strong as I am ...I don't ruin my relationships but I don't take any crap from men either...they meet me half way or no way...

i cant LOVE, I get bored, need something new...even tho I know its not always better...need someone new to challenge me...havent found one to keep up with me yet...but I love being me....maybe too much...

Nice to meet people who understand. I'm married to a wonderfull woman who is my sub in the bedroom. Sommetimes I get tired of feeling like I'm the one who has to come up with new things.

ugh i understand im the same way its really tiring and annoying