Proud to Be a Scouser Oh Yeah

I was born in liverpool, and still live here to this day, and it has to be said, liverpool is ace, we got the capital of culture and it just brought the city to life, just being a part of it makes you feel proud, and it has to be said the superlambanana's are boss and even though most of them have left there are still some scattered around, but the best part of liverpool has to be the people, friendly and willing to give a warm welcome to anyone, but i just love the city now,liverpool1 is ok but, nothing can beat the albert dock or the pier head and the ferries, but they all add up to make one great place. so proud of my heritage too right!!! 

once you meet a scouser you never forget them!!!!!

BlueColt79 BlueColt79
26-30, M
3 Responses Jan 30, 2009

I love Liverpool too but not born there.

thanks, everyone should be proud of there heritage, it helps to make you who you are!!!

hehe good on you :)