I Grew Up Knowing The Seahawks In A Very Special Way...

My dad (step dad) played for the hawks during the second season of their existence 1977 to 1980, he was a running/full back and was the first person to use the supplemental draft. The funny thing is that his football numbers in Notre dame and the hawks are 25 and 24 and he met my mother when we were living at the street address of 2524...Ive known Al since I was 2 years old so hes much more like my father than even my real father could be...growing up we got to go to free seahawks games, and meet other alumni...I can remember going on these huge charter buses with other old players, and just having dinner and going to a game...I had the chance to meet players like steve largent and norm evans...we even got free tickets to the super bowl. The seahawks are awesome, but I think alumni and the players that came before deserve way more respect. Today an average nfl player makes at least a million a year...when my dad was playing he made about 80,000...players like my dad who played during the earlier years of nfl paved the way for the younger players of today, yet there really is little recognition unless your joe montana, or walter payton...and the fact of the matter is that football is a team sport, many times your only as good as your team mates allow you to be.. My dad is in so much pain from football days, hes had knee surgerey shoulder surgery and now he will be going in for hip surgery...and he still has to work...This is the case for must older players because the nfl doesnt do a good enough job at taking care of their own.. Regardless of the many faults within the system of the NFL I still love the seahawks, if it werent for the seahawks my dad would have never come to seattle...and he would have never met my mother...and I would have been raised in a single parent home...
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idlewatcher, folks those days pioneered the sport, and your lack of respect for the older pla<x>yers proves your not a true nfl fan...secondly why leave a negative comment for the sake of doing so? Just goes to show that there are ******** everywhere even experience project...

idlewatcher sounds like an idiot. He must be a raiders fan.<br />
Your step dad is Al Hunter? Thats awesome!

You are a whiner........folks of those days just didn't have the nuts to stand up to the establishment. Given they were "heros" of their day, they didn't have the wherewithal to cash in. So all this nonsense about "paving the way" for the football "heros" of today who push people around in a childs game - zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.<br />
<br />
Plus, the Seahawks blow :) And their coach is a cheater. But you sound like a nice person who respects loyalty so good for you.