Second And Feel Like I Want To Be So Perfect And Nothing Like Her

I am 20y.o married at 19 on March 1st, 2012. We met October 2011. Quick marry, no big deal, we felt we were perfect for each other.
He was a single father of two girls 4 and 2, now 3 and 5.
Big take on with two young children and a new relationship....first wife didn't die, they divorced, she cheated and he was done.
She doesn't see her kids and hasn't for almost two years( her choice).

My wedding wasn't a wedding. Just a judge in front of three random people in a waiting room next to a courtroom, and my dad and his now ex-gf. Simple recited vows and 75bucks handed to the judge afterwards. And a lovely signed marriage license. Great right? Lol, but I didn't care, I was so happy!!

I find myself asking so many questions about her and of course he doesn't want to speak of her, and totally hates that one of his children looks like her. I don't want to do anything like her and of course I am way younger than her. My husband is 37y.o, and she is like 36. I am more adventurous better with the kids, cooks more than she did in two months in a week. Better at sex (so i am told). But he hadn't had sex away from his bed or the back of a car, missionary or a gal on top just rocking facing him..pathetic....I showed him..LMAO, sorry it was quite fun to be that person to show him so much more.
Still feel second..second place. even though he basically blanks that part of his life with her out....still mentally have put it in my head that I am second.
OutLawedThinker OutLawedThinker
18-21, F
Dec 12, 2012