My story starts 17 years ago. I met a man that had just had his wife leave him for another man. We both had a child when we met and things were alot like a roller coaster. But weve made it. For 17 years I guess I always knew I wasnt her. Shes tall,thin and married to a man that has made her life rich. I dont go around her, but due to the child (adult now) our lives meet up every so often. And long story short, thats why I am reaching out now. My husband came back from our oldest sons basketball game, (hes the coach) and the look on his face was so heartbreaking. I saw in his eyes the dissappointment his life is to him. Now I am not sure how to fix things. I am the second wife... The one he settled for...... Help.. His ex wife was there and seeing her upset him, broke him I guess. But the look on his face showed me hes not happy so do I let him go, do I settle for second best, what do I do?

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1 Response Feb 25, 2009

You need to look at two things they were at one time best friends and proberly did a lot of stuff together, but your his best friend now so get involved with his life, let her be the one wanting in the marrige remember you have what she was not able to hold onto or decided the prize wasnt worth the journey