Secret Submissive W A Traditional, Conservative Vanilla Girlfriend

We have been dating for almost a year and recently moved in together.

I have experimented and dabble in most kinks imaginable but my sexuality always comes back to being submissive.

My gf is 10 years younger and has a 10th of my experience. We have a good girl bad boy attraction that goes both ways. She is a spoiled princess from childhood and deserves to be. Much about her personality suggests she would be a natural and wonderful Princess for my unusual devotion.

Despite repeating the same moves over and over for almost a year our sex life is above average....but I am dying to submit to her in and out of the bedroom.

She deserves it but might understand it because of her background. I am sure she wants me to be macho, tough alpha male and I can be! But I also want to pamper, serve and worship her!!!!! I want to do the housework. I want to obey her curfew when out w my boys or stay home all together if she desires! I will gladly accept her not being in the mood sexually! I will go to craft stores and fairs to display my affection. Our lives! her terms!

If i never confess I will do my best to secretly submit to her whims!
tonyecho tonyecho
41-45, M
Dec 5, 2012