How I Seduced My Lecturer

I was a university student few years back n i was popular as i was vibrant and sexy. I was also known for being a big flirt. My dressing was very revealing. Girls were jealous and Guys used to go crazy over me.

I used to wear tight dresses n tops which were low without a bra. Men will oogle at my breasts n make jokes out it. I did not have a boyfriend then so i used to flirt. Most guys just wanted to have  a peek at my breasts. So they will follow me to the dark stairway one by one. when i pulled my top, ill seduce them by playing with my breasts. most guys just get a hard one. The more daring ones come n touch it n some even give it a good suck.

I had this particular lecterur. He was not very old. I was 22 and he was around 37. He was extremely good looking but very stern. I went for his classes but he thought microeconomics and it was one of my worst subjects. I was beggining to fail. He was concerned. He called me asideone day after class and said that he wanted to see me to see how he could help me improve my grads.

I was going to see him the next day. My friends all challnged me that i could not seduce him but i told them ill prove them wrong. I know i needed to plan my strategy well.

I wore a tight blue knit dress. It was see through n i wore a sheer black bra underneath. I wore high heels. I knocked and went into his room. When he looked up i know he was impresssed with my dressing but not turned on yet. We got to talking for a while. Then he said he will show me what to do. So i had to go over to his side and look at the pc. After a while my legs were starting to hurt from standing and i just took a risk n sat on his lap. He contined teachim me but i knew he was turned on. While he was teaching, ill turn to face him and ask questions n my breasts will be righ tat his face. I could feel him getting really hard. his voice started to change. So i turned towards him n slowly kissed him.  He kissed me back n started to grop me. He was a good kisser. He laid me on his desk and went to lock his room door. He came over to me and pulled my dress down. he unclasped my bra and he kissed me all over my body. He sucked my breasts and i started to moan in pleasure. He asked if i wanted more and i said yes. We made love and we fell in love with each other. We went out for 2 years till he got transfered to another town. Seducing him was worth it.


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See here is a classic example of people's ignorance and low self-esteem on EP my friends.No one who has actually done something like this would be proud of it, they would most likely be kicked out of the university altogether. So you think word doesn't get around in the university?: Wrong. I know all about the university, it is a very bad place for a number of reasons... but this is NOT one of them. So, Comita how about you build up your actually non-existence self worth somewhere else. Bragging is such an unattractive trait.

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Being that professor I would not comment on this story but ymmmmmmm

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ooh!! i just read your post and ur my hero....seriosly, i have a lecture who teachs pure can i seduce tips...

I do get crush on a particular lecture. Wanted to seduce him but he has engaged to another female lecture. T.T Even though he is single, I don't think I will dare to seduce him. I am a bit shy....

Hey, I had that same Professor! On the last day of the semester, I wore this little skirt with no panties. Well, let's just say that I was not as successful as you were in seducing him. But I did get an A!

Doubt it :)