Thanks To Physicist A Lesson Of Truth Is Metaphor To Other Beliefs

Thanks To Physicist A Lesson Of Truth Is Metaphor To Other Beliefs.

I watched a bit of the "UNIVERSE" Series that comes on the HISTORY CHANNEL.  It was an older episode I seen a few years before, but am always awaken to the information that I missed from it before.  The Series Title:  "The Big Bang Theory"

As I watched it, I was more attentive about what Albert Einstein thought.  He was so sure the Universe was always Static. Meaning Always Existing, Not Going Anywhere, Not Changing and Eternal. And As I heard the History as to what all the Physicist looked into, had actually proven this Theory wrong, but was supporting someone else's theory that the Universe began very small, Exploded and is expanding outward.  And that means it had a beginning.  And that Physicist up to today find the Universe is expanding and if the picture was ran backwards. The Universe would had been very small as actually being the Big Bang.

When I was in my teenage years in 1965 to 1975 and trying to learn Astronomy.  I had conceived the Universe was Static and Eternal also.  I Believed it to be like that, until I watch more science in the 1980's. I had a hard time with it at the time.  And that had made me have to Apostate from what I used to believe in, to this Big Bang explanation. And the more I am reminded of the Big Bang explanation, it appears that Science can find the more real truths when we investigate them.

We can not always assume what everything is as facts, until more investigation to things really does the Science. And there has been a lot of other things when I used to believe something was, that when learning to accept the Facts, would have us need to make us ... Apostate some of our previous beliefs.
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Aug 8, 2010