For The Past Few Years....

I have seen spirits for the past couple of years. I have just about pinpointed what activated this gift in me. It happened at a church ground at an outdoor sanctuary. It over looked a beautiful area filled with nature. It was late at night, and we had all been singing. The next thing I knew, everyone was looking around and whispering about feeling something. I felt nothing. It broke my heart that I felt nothing. As we walked away though, it was like something in me woke up. However at that time, I was the only one that sensed it at this time. I think that day, a gift was awoken inside of me. 
Since then, I have seen many things, some amazing, some sad, and some that were outright terrifying. When I am not seeing them, I am sensing them. I also seem to draw them. It fascinates those who are sensitive when the come into my room. I once had a night experimenting with another friend. I asked her what she saw in my room. Imagine my surprise when she begins describing a female figure that I had seem myself. I was awestruck and amazed.
I seem to have others who see spirits appear around me. It sometimes surprises me. Four people out of my personal circle of friends away from EP openly admitted to me that they have the gift to see spirits as well. It is an amazing gift, and I am trying to make the most of it.

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I see. How do you cope with all of this stupid paranormal crap? Not trying to be mean, but I'm sick of it! These stupid SP and other spirits are around me all the time, and I just burst out in random tears because I'm so scared all the time... I came to this site looking for someone who shares my ability to help me cope, or even use my ability to help people. Anyone know anyone here who can help me? Please?

It seems that the experience has been a positive one for you, and that's truly great. Although it can be a little tough at times, it is a incredible gift. I started sensing spirits when I was still very young. Then in my teens it became clear to me I was a medium. I worked with a mentor to help develop my gift but I became overwhelmed. He helped me block it, so to speak, so I could try to have a "normal" life. It didn't fully work because my heart ached to help others heal and I know my gift needed to be utilized. I had various mentors over the past 10 years but it was only recently that my third eye totally opened up, since I started working with a shaman. Recently I was able to see that I had "rocks" inside my body (it turned out I had gallstones), and many other interesting things started to happen. I'm so ecstatic that I"m finally going to do what I came on this earth to do: heal. I wish you the best of luck. Remember, always pray/meditate and focus on positive/light/good energy before attempting to "connect" with spirits. Strenghten and educate yourself and get ready for the ride. :)

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I am sure that you know that you are not alone in your journey. There will always be others out there, even in your personal circle of friends, that have a special 'gift. They usually come and go in your life after leaving an imprint in your heart. Especially in the awakening stage, others will help and or guide you in a particular direction till you are able to get back on your feet. <br />
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Truly it is an amazing gift you have been given... I wish you the best on your journey.<br />
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Blessings,<br />