Is it normal if u have been seeing black orbs since age 4 with ur naked eye but recently you saw a huge black orb on a wall with 2 small white orbs appear in it as if they were its eyes
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1 Response May 23, 2012

Yes. It's perfectly normal. I've always been seeing orbs as well... However, anything black is usually (logically) not a very good sign. Perhaps you're developing your skill now that you are getting older.. which enables you to be aware of a higher level of beings (hence the orb that is not only a single entity). Just a thought - are you able to see ghosts, too? Or any other supernatural entity?

No, I have yet to see a ghost but , I did see a tall creature with dark grey skin, piercing red eyes, sharp fangs, and long sharp nails wearing a black cloak chase me and my babysitter all aroung my home in a nightmare I had at age 5-8
is that helpful?