I Am a Seer of Spirits.

Dictionary Definition:




One that sees: an inverterate seer of sights.

  1. A clairvoyant.
  2. A prophet.




A woman who acts as a prophet or clairvoyant.


WarriorMom WarriorMom
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8 Responses Dec 5, 2008

I have meditated off an on for several years but I have never gotten to you level. I would like to though.

What is it like to see them....do they just walk past you or do they sit and stare at you ? Are they friendly ?

What are the three portals you talked about ? Where are they ? What makes something a portal ?

I have lots of questions........lol

Many thanks !

The ones I typically see passing through my place I ignore. I'm not capable of having a conversation with them, as well as my loved ones who have passed. I do believe they want help, but I can't solve their problems without knowing what they are. There are some who are very persistent in getting my attention & I tell them I can't hear them. I also tell them about going to the light. There has been a few that would try to do things to scare me or are jokers. Those I just dismiss. At times my place will be filled with so much "energy" that I would need to do a cleansing with sage. I had a portal in my living room, bathroom & bedroom. I ended up moving because it became too big of a deal in my life. If you would like to learn more, there are plenty of books out there. Just give some thought first to if you want to be subjected to unwanted attention. Good Luck.

Hi WarriorMom,<br />
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I too am a seer of spirits and have been for many years. I have a few stories to tell as well. It's a true gift isn't it. Nice to meet others like yourself.<br />
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Have a Great day!

Your sure good motivation to get going on some new ones.<br />
Actually, I just got done burning some sage. By place is on an old Indian reservation and a lot of spirits seem to pass right through my place. I feel like I'm the hiway for the other side. I've got 3 portals and I'm a medium by nature, not by choice. I have to keep calm and my home calm otherwise it's like their coming to party or something. The air gets so thick it's uncomfortable.<br />
Even talking about it now is like opening a door. I need to wait for when it's less likely to get going.

I am intrigued myself!, i love reading your stories! :-)

Thanks :)

ive always seen spirits even from a young age, i am going to a story that will turn some heads im sure

I am so going to go there now!

There's a lot of stories in the group I Am An Empath. You can find it on my page.

Hi, I recently found out I am one too, it sure explains a lot in my life :) it is nice too, to be able to meet others as well and be able to relate.
Thanks for sharing.

Tell me more about this... I am fascinated!!!!