When small, I would lose myself during church just watching the white around the pastor and the waves of streaks he would leave as moving his hand about.  I call them the "white fuzzies".  Everyone had them , some were more outward then others.  I only saw one person without them.  dunno what was wrong with him...wierd.  I mentioned this to my grandparents and they immediately took me to the eye docter who said my eyesight was far above normal.  Often I would have conversations with my invisible friend I often called God.  the voice was masculine and would watch over me.  often would help me in what to say.  I recall once when I heard a HUGE party in the living room in the middle of the night! It was a lot of fun and talking, laughing...just was going great!  It had awaken me.  I snuck downstairs.  all the lights were on.  I peered around the wall and saw many dressed well and interacting with each other.  was a gala!  then suddenly the livingroom was dark and empty.  I was shocked!  Then scared I called out!  they said I was sleepwalking.  i know i was not.  As an older teen upon my nightly prayers, I felt something behind me and looked there.  I saw my plastic valentines vase slide across the desk and fall into the trash.  i was unphased and continued my prayers.  shortly after i awoke feeling shaken by the legs.  this was nothing new to me, but this time i saw someone standing next to me.  i VERY quickly clicked on my light.  it was a dark figure..arms, neck everything human!  His chest was convoluted..and oddly the top of his head was flat!  i called out and demanded the figure to leave in the name of jesus christ.    it was still there!  i screamed for my grandma.  i again ordred it in the name of jesus christ to leave!  then screamed to grandma.  Yet again I did this and my door burst open and both grandparents were there.  the thing disappeared.    i explained everything emphatically, but again was dismissed.  but i noticed my grandmother never emptied the trashcan...i did a month later (ws the only thing in it).  many things have happened since.  even my sons have seen some.  pretty cool huh?

typoquene typoquene
41-45, F
Feb 17, 2010