I know...a lot of people who are afraid of earthquakes. But the degree to which I am afraid of them is literally a phobia. The slightest vibration, whether it's the neighbor's garage opening (we live in a condo so we can feel everything), or my phone vibrating on my bed, maybe even someone knocking on the door. I have bells all over my room, not just because I love bells normally, but also because they shake easily. At night I can't relax because I'm scared an earthquake will hit while I'm sleeping. I've woken up half in a nightmare and ran with a yell down the stairs before I catch myself and realize that there is no earthquake.
And the funny thing? I've never even been in a large earthquake. A few small ones. Usually the phobia gets really bad whenever there is one or I hear about one. In between they usually fade....and then comeback next time. But it's tiring and irrational...
GoldLikeAutumn GoldLikeAutumn
May 13, 2012