Uncertainty About My Sexuality

Hey.. First of all it felt so good that i found out that im not the only one wgo struggles.. Im 16 years of age and i've struggled for the last few years since i was oriented into these homosexual temptations.. And its so hard.. Im still struggling to fight it.. Sometimes it just seems right for me to be gay.. But sometimes it just seems wrong. Voices keep speaking inside my head and im unsure if its the lord god or just the devil.. Sometimes followong these voices gets u to the right place but sometimes they dont.. Its so hard.there are times when im just losing my faith..
One time, a voice was mumblibg inside my head saying that God's will for me in this world is to make every christian in the world to stop their prejudice about people like me...homosexual people and erase the law of despising homosexual people in christianity... Although, i dont wanna follow this voice because, im uncertain of where its going to lead me, to christ or to the devil...
And also, sometimes i just think that this whole homosexual thing is not even my fault at all,, SO, why am i suffering right now? Im so confused.. Some nights back then, my pillow will just be so wet of me crying to God. But now i dont even cry to anything. Like im numb because ive cried it all. Everynight these days, i always ask the lord to approach me personally. Like what he did with Moses and just talk to me.. I have alot of questions for him to answer.
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4 Responses Jan 18, 2013

I struggle with accepting being gay as well, but in the end it is who i am, i cannot deny the feelings i have and the amazing feeling when i make love to another man, it makes me realize this too is spiritual, this too is a spiritual gift, it must be.

you don't need to try to fight your homosexuality. accept who you are and embrace it. there is absolutely nothing wrong with being gay.

You know that being a ****** is wrong and immoral and unnatural just like I do. It is just that the urges and needs are too strong for men to control.....

Hardly wrong or immoral. Doesn't hurt anyone. Besides, it's not like they even choose it. He certainly didn't. Free will in humans is just an illusion. They're all slaves to the chemicals in their brains, inflicting emotion on them.

And not as it was by one that sinned, so is the gift. For the judgment was by one to condemnation, but the free gift is of many offenses to justification. after you cry, accept that he has granted you your petitions look for the answer.