My Girlfriend Is

My girlfriend really is sort of hating the fact that she's homosexual. Not because she doesn't like homosexuals or something. She just hates all the stereotypes that are sticked to her. And she hates women. She thinks women are more attractive, but in the end men are a lot easier to get along with and if she could have chosen she definitely wouldn't have chosen to be homosexual...
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I definitely agree on men being much easier to deal with than women. I have extreme social anxiety & can't really talk to anyone, but whenever I do it's always men. Women are just so (to me) nerve wracking, & judgemental. Guys are just soo much easier.

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sorry about that but let her out of homosexuality if she's noy comfortable any more ya! its good to be straught but feelings are so weired let her follow her heart

I totally understand your girlfriend. I'm in the same boat. It's because life is soooo much harder when you are not straight. Finding a mate for example, it's so difficult. Almost everyone is straight. I don't like the stereotypical ones. <br />
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Life is just soo much harder. If I had the choice, I would've chosen to be straight.