I Am A Flaming Homosexual.

I hate homosexuals but I just love men so ******* much.  I keep trying to stop but its just so addicting.  I am such a weak person for not being able to control myself.  **** it, I LOVE MEN.

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Addiction of any kind is a pretty debilitating thing at times . The more you repress it , the stronger it gets . The only way to get over it is to first face it and come to terms with it

there was a man who stated his calamity to God, he said oh wretched man I am , who will deliver me from this body of death, I thank God through what Jesus has done for us,we can be made free, we are set free by accepting the blood of Jesus as the sacrifice for our bondages.

Do not hate yourself, or anyone else. Homosexuality has always been a normal thing, always been around, one of nature's beauties.
You are not weak. God made you for who you are, and do not hate homosexuals because no matter how much we differ, we are all created in God's image.
you might want to change your attitude. life is too short for you to hate yourself, and if you want the world to accept you then you must accept homosexuals.

hello, hans, yes we were created in God's class, but sin has doomed us, adam our first father bought this bondage upon all peoples, but god did not leave us he came in the flesh and dealt with all that power, and through his son, we can be set free, free to be come sons of god, read it in romans

some people are happy having little habits . i say if your liking what you are doing just go with it . do what you like and its up to you if you want any one in your life to know what you are in to . hugs mr there love enough for every one including your self

Obvious right-wing troll is obvious -_-

I don't understand- do you think that the author of this story is doing some kind of propaganda thing?

Don't hate yourself, embrace being a homosexual and get that D.I.C.K like the boss you are! ;)