Im A Cutter..... Yes I Have A Story... But Who Gives A ****....

i started cutting again two nights ago... i was trying to stab myself... but i pussyed out so i started cutting... i don't know what brought me to this point. but it happened i'm 17 i havent cut since i was 15. i guess i could say i was happy for a bit. but i really don't know. i was broken two nights ago i started crying and so i ran a bath and grabbed a kitchen knife. i was ditermined. i sat there for hours and my mom started to worry she kept checking on me and i chickened out. so i cut my arm 7 time and the knife sucked i had no control i didn't draw any blood so i only had to close my eyes and pretend it did soking in all the pain. but when i opened my eyes it wasn't enough. there was no blood. just red marks. so i went to bed and the next day i found my knew tool. its kinda like a box cutter. and it works great i can finally draw blood. i cut my arm several times. and now i have thought wat an idiot i have a job where i where short sleeves so i started cutting my legs i don't wear shorts anyways so this should work. i feel relieved when i cut. im upset that i started again..... but a bigger part of me likes the pleasure of watching the blood ooze out.

- IMaCUTTER and i hate it..... but for now i need this
18-21, F
May 7, 2012