My Drug

No one can understand why,
Why I want to rip and slice my flesh,
Why I want to feel the pain
That carries me out of myself.
People see pain as bad.
I see it as a drug,
A sweet, sweet drug
That carries away reality.
It makes me feel when I can’t.
It releases me from the prison of my mind.
It feels so damn good,
My heroin, my pot,
My liquor, and my cigarettes.
It makes me laugh.
I hunger for the blood and bite of the razor.
I crave a beating, someone hurt me please,
So I don’t do it myself.
I want to feel my heart-beat drumming in my ears
Like it does as my blood flows away,
From my veins,
I want the sting of raw flesh
Touching the air.
I don’t want my heart to hurt anymore,
Just my skin.
My skin can be flayed,
I can be a bloody mound.
Hurt me! Hurt me!
So my heart hurts no more.
ginger1776 ginger1776
18-21, F
May 9, 2012