I'm A Hypocrite

It is so much easier to encourage others to stop harming themselves. I love to feel like I'm helping someone take a step towards stopping. But in reality, no one is listening. Are they? It breaks my heart to learn others hurt themselves as I do. I want to protect everyone from all their pain but I can't even handle my own. I'm just a hypocrite. How can any thing I say help anyone. I want to help so bad but I've failed from the start. If I can't help anyone my life is pointless. I guess that means I have to fix myself or die. I don't want to die, I want to help. How the hell do I fix myself?! :(
ginger1776 ginger1776
18-21, F
1 Response May 9, 2012

Just as you said, I can't advice you because I'm the same as you. However, if you feel such a need to help someone, just look at yourself from above. You should feel the same for yourself as for others, so as you said try to make yourself metter first. But if it is too hard, I think that while you really want to help another person with the same problem, maybe that person also could help you. Don't be a hypocrite and just say honestly "i know what you are going through, so I think we sould help eachother". I really think that together you can do much more, than just pitying one another. <br />
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Good luck. Cheers*