started cutting myself about a year ago and i can't stop now. i used to cut my wrists but that was to out in the open so i switched to my legs. i cut my calf first but again i got questions so i started with my thighs. no one sees them now and i can keep cutting with no problems with getting caught. i cut because i am under a lot of stress with school, my family, my friends, and how i look. my friend knows and she tries to stop me but i can't. the anxiety has reached a point where in school i will have anxiety attacks and they keep me up at night so now only the cutting helps me breath right. i also bruise myself. i use my brush and hit myself till it hurts. sometimes it is hard to hide and i have to make excuses, like i had this group of bruises on my wrist and my parents saw so i said i walked into a the time i had also given myself a blackeye i said i got hit in the eye with a baseball. they believed me , than my school counselor got involved and i had to keep making up more stories. they almost found out, but i held strong on my stories and they left me alone about them. i also like to slightly burn myself. i will go in the shower and turn the cold water off slowly till only the hot is on. a couple of times the water was hot enough that it blistered my back. i don't know is i can stop doing this stuff, but this is my story on my self injuries.
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Well i started self harm when i was in 5th grade and then i continued until 7th grade everyone found out in 5th grade and it was bad, i stopped because i realized that it dose not help anything or make anything better i really hope you stop! and you should find some other distraction

wow. ur just like me.

my parent found out they just said it was for attention and nothing else. it broke my heart to hear that they didnt care about my pain.

i am sorry your parents did that. mine would probably think i am nuts. i don't do mine for attention, it just helps me get through everything that is hard in my life. you didn't do it for attention, we just felt like we were trapped. thank you for commenting. <3

you are welcome

I use to cut. I burned myself occasionally to. Ialso use to bang my head off of walls. I know that you feel like you can't stop cause it is a comfort zone. You feel like you can leave all your worries somewhere else in that moment. I know what it's like to have family and school issues. feel free to inbox me if you ever want someone to talk to. Someone who has done the things you speak of and won't judge you.

thanks you, most people don't understand what i do.