Why Not?

If you read my other story in 'I hate my dad' you will kinda get why, Iat home I want feel something other than what my dad makes feel, I also get so frustrated with my self, I feel like I break he family apart, I only want to be exempted, I self harm and blame everything on me, I can't help it its just that my dad makes me feel so much pain that cutting my hands open actually isn't as painful, I just need someone to talk to, is anyone there?
AmberShute1 AmberShute1
18-21, F
2 Responses May 17, 2012

Hun of course there is someone to talk to... i have experienced cutting since the age of 12 and i still struggle with it...u are not alone...u have friends on here that understands...i do.

Yeah, there is always someone there. I will have to read your other story to understand what is going on. I use to cut so I know what you are going through.