Because It Feels Good.

I don't do it because I can't feel, I can feel everything in this world. I do it because it feels good. Every drop of blood seems to release stress. After I am burnt or cut I let out a sign of relief and think, 'this is the life.' Sometimes I'm bored and I just do it to watch the blood flow. I don't hurt myself because I am depressed. I don't do it for attention, this is my first time ever bringing it up. I don't do it because I can't feel anything and I most certainly don't do it to fit in with anyone. I personally think that a little scratch or burn isn't bad for you, I'm not dying. My mental state is perfectly fine, who is to say if I'm crazy or not? If it's my mind I should be the one to make that decision. I don't want to be a medicated zombie that thinks the same as everyone else. I am an artist, a philosopher, an individual. I have scars, mentally too, but who doesn't have things that scar or traumatize them? I know I've got my share. People think I starve myself because I want to be like a model. In all honesty, I don't give a flying **** what the models look like, they could be obese for all I care. I do it because it feels right. I hate how society looks at someone that's not exactly like them and say, "you're a mental basket case and should be in an institution for your own health." Who are they to tell ME what's good for my OWN health? People really just need to shove their ignorance up their *** and suck it, because I'm done with hearing people say such things about the "mental people." Who hasn't thought,' I wish I was dead.' ? If you haven't then you're a liar. 
LonelyWaterfall LonelyWaterfall
13-15, F
Dec 6, 2012