Self Harming At 15. Why Did I Do This.

I can't describe in words my inner pain. I can't express my emotions well. My parents divorced 3 times by the time I was 12. It didn't hit me until last year. I felt depressed and alone and frightened of everything in the world, literally everything. Whenever I feel majorly depressed I get moody and stressed. This is often the time me and my mum will fall out. Whenever she mentions "you're moody and selfish" I break down. Run to my bathroom, drown in my own tears and cut my arm so hard until the pain is so bad, it's numb. I'm 15, how has my life gotten like this. Everything was so perfect. I just feel so alone, I don't know how I can get through this. If anyone needs anyone to talk to, as do I, please message me. I need support, someone else does too. Preferably my age and in my situation
BlairGilbert BlairGilbert
13-15, F
1 Response Jan 5, 2013

I cut myself when I was 15. Between the ages of 13-17 I cut myself or thought about cutting myself. It took therapy and change on my part to heal. I had to learn my emotions were okay and how to deal with them. Good luck.