My Addiction

I am 19 years old and i have been self harming off and on for coming on seven years now. I no longer remember when i started or why, but all i remember that i was full on cutting by the 9th grade. When in the 10th grade , i made the descision that may , at the time seemed dumb, but in the end helped me in a way. one day i cut the inner part of my left arm with a pair infront of my friend , unintentionally scaring him. I guess a Teacher saw me, cause next thing i know i was being called out of my class and questioned by the principle and then sent to the nurse's office to get my arm bandaged since i was bleeding. Next i went to the guidence office where sherlock of the guidance had diagnosed me with deppression and a threat to myelf. So they called a officer and put in a cop car and driver to the hospital for a psych. eval. with my wrists handcuffed for my " protection" there i spent three hours for a Eval. and the best lunch ever with three of every thing, cookies meats and drinks. I finally got to go home with a referral to go to a counsler in manchester. i was properly diagnosed with anxiety and deppression and given sertraline to help . thus began my long and still happining journey with self injury and it is no where near over.
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Jan 20, 2013