Fly Away

Sitting in my room,
alone at night,
thoughts in my head,
blood on a knife.

So many bad names,
my heart fills with pain,
nothing can look more depressing,
not even a cold night with rain.

I don't just listen to a song,
I understand the words,
the lyrics sung slowly,
the soft sound of guitars.

The hate never leaves my body,
Lonely every night and day,
I wish I could pick up my wings,
and just fly away.

I know the hurt won't leave,
anytime soon,
but we have to hold on,
it'll be worth it if we do.

Your children unborn,
and their children too,
generations lost,
but it's up to you.

Your future husband or wife,
will be alone at night,
your parents blame themselves,
for the rest of their lives.

People will miss you,
they do actually care!
the bullies will grow up,
and realise what they did wasn't fair.

By then you'll be happy,
with the ones that you love,
you can die of old age,
and then fly like a dove.
AbbieEva AbbieEva
18-21, F
Jan 23, 2013