My Own Hell

I am 33 years old and for the last 2.5 years have been battling the urge to cut. I strted at the age of 4 biting myself and well as I got older I progressed to bitting, hitting, cutting and use erasers to burn my skin.

I had stoped for 10 years at least. In the last 2 years I have cut mysekf to the point that I am scard from head to toe. I was cutting up to 30 times a day, for over 1 year.  I now am feeling the urge to start again. I have slipped numerous times but have let it happen a couple of times in the last six months.

I understand it all to well what makes people do this however I do not have the support system to support me in getting the help I need.


I know the pain of this coping skill.

painwithin painwithin
31-35, F
Feb 8, 2009